DKC – Chapter 710

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Chapter 710 – The matter of accepting a disciple (10)

And from beginning to end, Su Luo’s expression was always indifferent, with an unconcerned appearance.

Grandmaster Rong Yun stood up.

Jade Lake Fairy hurriedly stepped forward to serve.

The crowd of people, one by one, knelt down to respectfully send off Grandmaster Rong Yun.

Since everyone had already been eliminated, then, the Jade Lake’s fairy was the sole candidate.

Just when everybody was waiting to congratulate the Jade Lake’s Li family, as Grandmaster Rong Yun passed by Su Luo, he clearly said a sentence: “After ten days, you should gather all the stuff together, otherwise, you will lose the first round.”

Saying this, he tossed a rolled up piece of white paper to Su Luo, then left without turning around.

Jade Lake’s fairy followed closely behind Grandmaster Rong Yun.

Originally, she had wanted to seize the opportunity to taunt Su Luo with some words, but after hearing what Grandmaster Rong Yun had said, she was momentarily stupefied. Her entire body froze rigidly on the spot.

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s words meant: Su Luo got past the qualifying round?

How could an Elementary Apothecary even compete with her? Hateful!

A thread of hatred flashed in the Jade Lake’s fairy’s eyes. In the end, where had the mistake occurred? Or was it that, Apothecary Leng truly had a huge influence on Grandmaster Rong Yun?

At an angle others could not see, Jade Lake’s fairy sent a fierce glare at Apothecary Leng, she thoroughly hated Apothecary Leng.

And at this moment, Su Luo just so happened to look at her, the cynicalness that flashed in her eyes made the fury in the Jade Lake’s fairy’s heart soar even more.

“Then,, I’ll first congratulate you in advance, hope you won’t lose in the first round will be good.” Jade Lake Fairy smiled insincerely.

“I won’t lose, then, the person who will lose is you. The Jade Lake’s fairy is truly magnanimous, you want to let me have this opportunity?” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth held a smile, her tone light.

The Jade Lake’s fairy angrily squeezed her clenched fists, but her face still maintained a touch of a clear, cold smile: “Su Luo, in fact, why should I? You are only an Elementary Apothecary oh. Spending such a huge price to fawn on Apothecary Leng, what kind of outcome could there be?”

Jade Lake’s fairy proved herself to be called the Jade Lake’s fairy. Before, Apothecary Leng had directly supported Su Luo, thus, she immediately splashed dirty water onto Su Luo, hinting that Su Luo had fawned on Apothecary Leng to get here.

“What’s wrong with being an Elementary Apothecary? Even though I’m an Elementary Apothecary, I can also beat you.” Su Luo said with all smiles.

“Beat me?” It seemed as if the Jade Lake’s fairy had heard the funniest joke on earth, her eyes contained a smile and said to the surrounding people with a laugh, “She said she can beat me, do you guys believe it?”

All the civil and military ministers in court burst into loud laughter.

“What’s called overestimating one’s abilities, I finally experienced it today.”

“This Su Zian ah, how did he bring up such a shameless daughter? Saying these kinds of words and not knowing how embarrassing it is. I even feel ashamed for her!”

“That’s right, as an Elementary Apothecary, she thought she was an Advanced Apothecary? Grandmaster Rong Yun is such a noble existence, how could he accept an Elementary Apothecary to be his disciple?”

Jade Lake’s fairy heard the court ministers’ words and was full of satisfaction. She complacently cast a sidelong glance at Su Luo. She coldly and arrogantly passed by Su Luo’s side, shook her sleeves and left.

Su Luo’s voice sounded behind her: “It appears quite a lot of Advanced level Apothecaries didn’t get past the qualifying round. And yet I, this very small and lowly Elementary Apothecary, passed oh.”

Jade Lake Fairy squeezed her clenched fists, added more strength to her feet and turned around to walk away quickly! When all was said and done, the Jade Lake’s fairy had suffered too many losses under Su Luo, therefore, she still avoided Su Luo like the plague.

At this moment, the entire hall was nearly absolutely silent. Almost everyone’s gazes were concentrated on Su Luo’s body.

No matter how much they thought, they could not understand. She was clearly an Elementary Apothecary, why was she chosen by Grandmaster Rong Yun?

Among these, the most jealous would be those seven court apothecaries.

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    • Sibyl says:

      Mmm.. so are you patient or impatient? Sorry but this confuses me so much that I just had to ask…

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  4. Nimroth says:

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      I wonder why no one question ed the fact that she has the dual element of wood and fire… btw btwi btw I think once she starts starts to work on her wood element her power will rise greatly don’t you rink so? Remember when she did the spiritual power test there was more wood than fire element surrounding her?

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