DKC – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 – Sunset Mountain Range (7)

“Not fair?” Nangong Liuyun’s red lips raised slightly into a nefariously charming smile. His pair of star-shaped eyes contained an intense killing intent, as he stared at her scornfully with icey cold eyes. “Fair? What kind of thing is that?”

He doted on little Luo Luo because she will be a part of his family. Who needed others to make thoughtless remarks? Was it because these people were tired of living?

Liu Weiming threw at Liu Ruohua a harsh glare and said in a stern voice. “What nonsense are you saying? If it weren’t for his highness Prince Jin lending a hand, we would have already been completely wiped out. You still think that you can take the spoils of war for free?”

Su Luo secretly pondered: This Liu Weiming was actually not so foolish. He was able to *judge the hour and size up the situation*. Also his words left some leeway.

If he didn’t think of taking it for free, then was he going to use some means to exchange for it?

Su Luo was shaking the inner core inside the jade box, with a smile yet not a smiling expression that contained some self-evident meaning.

Liu Weiming with a cajoling smile, asked. “ Miss Su, this inner core is something that we have a reason to acquire and must insist on obtaining it. I don’t know if you would be willing to be parted from it?”

However, before even waiting for Su Luo to reply, Nangong Liuyun directly seized the jade box. Then he picked up the sparkling and translucent inner core that could shone through flesh or bones and placed it into his mouth.

“Huh….” At that moment, everybody was unable to make sense of what they were seeing and also, what was the intent behind his highness Prince Jin’s act.

However in the next moment, Nangong Liuyun’s unyieldingly powerful palm took hold of the back of Su Luo’s head. His other hand was wrapped around her slender waist. A dense and heavy shadow started to loom ever closer to Su Luo.


In the next instant Su Luo was being kissed, the type that was like an electric shock that rendered her limp and numbed her limbs when it swept through her entire body.

The kiss had came too suddenly, it also seemed to have been timed perfectly.

The surrounding area had become silent with only the gentle sound of the wind. Only the roars of dragons and whistles of the tigers sounded from afar, could be heard.

Liu Ruohua had almost chewed her lips to a pulp.

Li Wan’s meaningful glare was about to bore a hole through Su Luo.

With His highness Prince Jin…How could this be possible!

His highness Prince Jin was a matchless noble existence, he was liken to the gods of heaven in their nine pagoda palace. How could Su Luo this slut, be worthy of him!?

Everyone had their eyes opened wide in disbelief.

Yet at this moment, Nangong Liuyun was kissing Su Luo with reverence and was dragging it on lingeringly, unruffled by their sentiment.

Thus the inner core of the Wild Serpent was delivered directly into Su Luo’s mouth.

Su Luo was choking on it and she started to cough, in a panic she pushed Nangong Liuyun away.

Nangong Liuyun did not try to prevent her from doing it, he only heart-warmingly and tenderly watched the slightly panicked Su Luo.

His mouth had hooked into a smugg and toying with someone for amusement kind of smiling expression.

His star shaped eyes, below his sword like eyebrows held a devilish enchanting charm and seemed to be covered with a layer of haze. It was hard to make out, but it was still glistening and dazzling in a way that brightens up a room.

Su Luo very fiercely glared at Nangong Liuyun, but those eyes gave off a beautiful mist: making people who see them founding it to be clever, and to give them a special feeling.

Nangong Liuyun’s wicked hands stroked toward the side of his own lips, wishing to use his fingers to continue caressing her abdomen.

Su Luo had lifted her skirt and heavily stepped on his foot.

Nangong Liuyun was loudly begging for mercy. His face brimming with a resplendent and careless smile. His bright and clear laughter was echoing around.

Su Luo heard his laugh and was even more humiliated into anger.

“Luo girl, this time you are mistaken about this king’s action.” Nangong Liuyun immediately lifted up his hands in surrender, showing off his obedience and said. “The Wild Serpent’s inner core’s poisonous nature is extremely fierce, only by using this method will you be prevented from being harmed by it.”

It seemed somewhat reasonable, Su Luo’s beautiful eyes was moving around. She menacingly arched her eyebrows. “This time I’ll let you go! Next time I’ll pay more attention and take note of it!”

Between the two of them, they seemed to be at *swords drawn and bows bent*. However in another’s eyes it seemed as if they were having a flirtatious exchange, this scene was extremely ambiguous.

Liu Weiming with an extremely disappointed look gazed at Su Luo.

The inner core was already swallowed by her, it could never be taken back.

In fact, how could he have known, that Nangong Liuyun since the beginning had calculated and planned for getting his hand on the Wild Serpent’s inner core. Otherwise with regards to his personality why would he have let those people follow behind him?

So till the end, no matter what, this inner core would eventually be delivered into Su Luo’s mouth.

Just at this time, from the distant horizon, waves of melodious heavenly music could be heard.



*judge the hour and size up the situation* – figuratively meaning: to take stock of the situation.

*swords drawn and bows bent* – figuratively meaning state of mutual hostility or at daggers drawn

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