DKC – Chapter 558

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Chapter 558 – Relationship Crisis (4)

Every word that he stressed was through gritted teeth, wishing to pinch her neck together, his tone was coldly stiff and ruthless: “You used this king as a stake in a bet, you, such a woman who dares to do something like this….abominable!”

His hand gripped her wrist extremely painfully, but she didn’t dare to issue a thread of sound.

The consequences of further infuriating him was hard for her to imagine.

“Can you be a little more reasonable, okay? At that time, I was actually being forced and I also know that I certainly won’t lose, therefore, it turned out like this…I already told you, I absolutely would win.”

Su Luo tried to explain.

But Nangong Liuyun suddenly pressed her down upon the table on the side. Su Luo’s petite body was lying down on top of that long table, whereas his body abruptly pressed down on hers.

Nangong Liuyun’s finger, with clearly discernable bones, pinched her chin and intimately approached her lips. With a fierce and cruel appearance, every word was a threat as he said: “There is always a risk associated with gambling. You are just this certain you will win? Su Luo, in fact inside your heart you must be really annoyed at me, right? You really want to lose me to another, and afterwards, leave in a justifiable manner, right?”

Even though he was matchlessly strong and overbearing, with his entire body emitting a dangerous aura that was deadly.

But Su Luo could clearly see, his tone carried a strong self-mockery, his eyes were full of heartbreak of having been discarded.

“Even if I were to die, I would never use you as a stake in a bet, but you! You!” Nangong Liuyun coldly and deeply stared fixedly at her, itching to to tear her apart and eat her.

A voice in his heart unceasingly repeated: This is your Luo girl, therefore, by all means, don’t injure her, by all means, you must not.

Rational reasoning continued to remind him.

But, as long as he recalled her unconcern for him, the fury would unceasingly gather in his chest, making his fingertips tremble. The furious desire grew and became overflowing, making it hard to control.

In a sudden split second, Nangong Liuyun pressed down on her, lifted up the back of her head, and strongly seized the edge of her soft lips.

It seemed as if he had gone mad, wantonly ravaging the inside of her mouth, without the least bit of tenderness from before. It was rough, wild, and ardent.

“Hurts——”The corner of Su Luo’s mouth started to bleed from his bite.

Su Luo’s voice finally stopped Nangong Liuyun who had gone mad. He released her slightly, with a finger lifting up her delicate chin, and forced her to face him.

His face was coldly stiff and bloodthirsty, his pair of eyes lacked any trace of heat, face expressionless. His entire face was cold.

“Use this king as a gambling stake? Want to lose this king to someone else? You just loathe me this much? Me getting close to you made you loathe me this much?” Nangong Liuyun was extremely furious. His entire appearance was sinister and cruel, the hand pinching her chin also increased its strength by thirty percent.

“Cough, cough, cough——” Su Luo felt that her own chin was about to be pinched into pieces, she couldn’t restrain it any longer and started to loudly cough.

Su Luo moved her lips.

His accusation was unreasonable, she only used him as a gambling stake under the circumstances that she was certain of winning. Could it be that even this was not allowed?

Su Luo calmly returned his cruel and vengeful gaze, with an indifferent tone, she said: “Right now, you need to calm down a bit, so emotional, basically would not solve the problem.”

“Calm down a bit? You said this king must calm down a bit?” Nangong Liuyun felt that this was extremely laughable and exceedingly absurd.

After she had treated him like this, she still told him to calm down a bit?

Nangong Liuyun was extremely angry but smiled instead.

All of a sudden, he felt he was extremely wretched, and extremely stupid.

He, because of her, racked his brains for ideas, because of her, unhesitantly had a falling out with Jade Lake’s Li family, renounced his principles and perseverance. He didn’t expect that she simply had no heart!

He suddenly started to smile, a strong self-mockery flashing through his eyes.

In the quietness of the empty room, Nangong Liuyun’s tone was as soft and gentle as before: “Luo Luo, you are too cruel….”

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  1. Eunie says:

    Waaaaah a misunderstanding!! No😭😭😭

  2. Mangochic says:

    Jeez so impatient and violent! Can’t wait for Su Luo to get as strong as me so he would think twice before taking physical advantage of her

  3. Geddoe says:

    I just want Su Luo to become stronger so she doesn’t have to put up with his abusive bs.

  4. Yuuki says:

    first time gonna comment here…

    i think its only natural that NL reacted like that since he doesnt know about Meng Meng

    i mean, if you give your heartfelt affection then was use as a stake for a bet, anyone will naturally get heartbroken right? right?

    • Megan says:

      Thanks for the the chapter! And I kind of agree with you, but he shouldn’t resort to violence like that. :/

      • Hime-sama says:

        And he should at least wait for an explanation before becoming like that.. 😅

        • Ron Dobbels says:

          Maybe if the bitch would get to the point and say “My dragon can see the crystals.” instead of this ‘I win because I win’ bullshit, I mean, how long is she gonna talk without getting to the meaning?

    • tsuki_hana says:

      I also agree! Especially when NL loves SL that much but was instead used as a stake. It’s only natural that NL shows his bottomline which gives the story a more realistic feel.

  5. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Su Luo is so dumb….in the matters of the heart

  6. Midori says:

    poor guy—! but it’s his just desserts for trying to make su luo jealous using the jade lake’s fairy. now, it is clear!

  7. Som says:

    Heh, sounds like a lead-up to role reversal: Rebellios good-for-nothing chases the demonic king

  8. Myross says:

    Waaaahhhh T.T please don’t misunderstand and listen to her :'(

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nl and Su Luo has got to be one my top two most annoying couples and here why.
    First Su Luo get betrayed my her lover dies and reincarnate she says she not going trust anyone so right now she in rebound mode even if she doesn’t think she is. She weak and she knows she has to get stronger. Here come Nl falls for her because of the little trick she plays on her sisters and because of here abilities that she will have later on. Remember when he first met her she had no cultivation skill yet he bring her to a dangerous place where she almost get killed and then proceeds to reprimand her because she didn’t stay in one spot and toys with her emotions. Yes he did get hurt but that’s not her fault she felt really bad even got those damn crystal for him so he can be heal from his injuries but not only did he heal he rank up. He abuses his power and force himself on her and one time she refuse his advances she almost got strangled to death and there one time he even threaten to paralyzed her to keep her with him if she refuses WTF!!! He always seem to place the blame on her for something and when she finally start to warm up to him and i don’t know why. He become a big jerk just because oh how could you bet on our relationship you know I can understand him if she was the one that brought it up but she didn’t man he such a little bitch and Luo like an abuse wife “Oh it my fault that he “accidentally” push me down the stairs I didn’t make what he wanted for dinner.” Yet I’m still reading this hoping it will get better.

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