DKC – Chapter 559

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Chapter 559 – Relationship Crisis (5)

This dull murmuring, had a hard-to-suppress sorrow.

This time, he was clearly informed that he was insignificant in her heart.

All those great efforts he made in wooing her, seemed absurd and laughable.

Nangong Liuyun’s heart was unprecedentedly tranquil, like the tranquility before the approach of a tempest.

Nangong Liuyun indifferently looked at Su Luo’s delicate, refined and exquisite features, in the next moment, he turned and left.

His pace was fast and urgent.

His rear view was determined and firm.

Seeing Nangong Liuyun’s determined leaving back, Su Luo stared blankly, afterwards, she foolishly watched as his figure became indistinct.

He actually walked away? Just like that, leaving her behind here?

Su Luo’s heart suddenly welled up with a kind of indescribable feeling of being wronged.

Moreover, her heart had a faint and very bad premonition.

“Nangong Liuyun, you stop there.”

She yelled loudly towards his back, Su Luo had an urge to impulsively tell him everything.

Su Luo told herself: As long as he stops, she will tell him.

However, Nangong Liuyun didn’t stop his footsteps the slightest bit, his pace became even faster.

How could he stop, also, how could he dare to stop?

He clearly knew his own temperament, if he didn’t go right now, he didn’t know what excessive things he would do to her.

Nangong Liuyun’s walking away figure, in an instant, had vanished, only leaving Su Luo alone, standing inside the wide hall.

The ice-cold night wind, in a flash, poured in. Su Luo only felt her back hair tremble from the cold. Her entire body felt chilled.

Su Luo didn’t know, in the end, how she returned to Su Manor.

She only remembered that last time, there was a huge rainstorm.

The howling wind and torrential rain poured down, the entire night was filled with the sound of rain falling to the ground. It was so noisy that she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.

It also made her heart jittery for the entire night.

Having two huge, black circles around her eyes, Su Luo listlessly sat at the dining table.

Ever since Su Luo defeated Su Qing, revealing her talent, and after Nangong Liuyun, because of her, had a falling out with Jade Lake’s Li family, Su Luo’s days at Su Manor became increasingly easier.

Didn’t know if it was because Su Zian’s heart felt guilty or was trying to curry favor, in short, now, Su Luo could be considered the number one favored person in Su Manor.

As long as there were good stuff, it would absolutely first be delivered to her Wisteria Courtyard. Moreover, there weren’t any servants that hadn’t grown eyes to dare bully them.

“Miss, have a taste of this snow lotus fruit, it was rushed here from the north about one hundred fifty kilometers away. It’s really fresh.”

Lu Luo sliced the snow pear-sized snow lotus fruit neatly into smaller pieces. Every piece had a thin bamboo stick stuck in it, making it convenient for Su Luo to eat.

The snow lotus fruit shone with a lovely flavor, the most important thing was that it could strengthen a person’s physique, raising the efficiency of a person’s cultivation. Every single snow lotus fruit was worth thousands in gold, and could only be found by chance.

This time, it was bestowed by the emperor. Su Zian only had two of them, he heroically gave one of them to Su Luo. Su Luo’s current favored position could clearly be seen.

“Miss, quickly try a taste, before, we couldn’t even sniff it.” The current living conditions, Lu Luo was very satisfied with.

But Su Luo sat in front of the dining table with her chin rested on both hands, both eyes blank, her entire person listless. She seemed to be declining to the point of decay.

She was often lost in thought in a daze, didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Miss….” Lu Luo sensed that the Miss, since returning last night, afterwards, her entire person seemed strange.

The original her, although didn’t have smiles of exaltation, she was still bursting with life and full of vitality. But the her from last night was like a frosted over eggplant, her entire person was withered and listless.

Su Luo waved her hand: “You eat it, don’t worry about me.”

Su Luo’s pair of eyes was empty, staring at the rain outside the window, lost in thought.

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52 Responses to DKC – Chapter 559

  1. Ebu says:

    I like cheese, June and Dkc….and drugs……

  2. Moridain says:

    No bet is 100%, so I kind of see the Princes point here.

    Even with her eyes, she has no guarantee that someone wouldn’t have tampered with the results somehow, perhaps using an illusion, item or foreign expert to change the results.

    No one likes to be an item…

    • Richard Po says:

      Not true. Lets take a hypothetical case:
      I bet you that tomorrow, I will still be alive.
      You see, whether I win or lose the bet, it doesn’t matter.
      With my death, the bet becomes worthless.
      With me being alive, my bet is still valid and I win.
      A 100% bet.

      Lets take another case:
      I bet you 1+1=2.
      This is a 100% bet, because it’s a conceptual idea that cant be changed. The definition of the concept of the addition of 1 and 1 is two. So yes, there can be 100% bets. I don’t know why anyone would bet this, but yeah.

  3. AO says:

    SL is definitely in the wrong this time. I wonder how they’re going to mend this crack… I’m guessing it’s going to be like 20 chapters later or something (-___-)

    • June says:

      Yep your estimate is on the ball park…. but the arc after should be more fun 🙂

      • AO says:

        Thank goodness. I don’t really like cliche and I’m thinking there is going to be A LOT of it. Also I’m guessing everyone will figure somethings up and target SL all over again.

      • Eunie says:

        Omg can you please please please give me hints of around what chapter or like around how many more chapters before the whole lover’s spat is over?😆

    • Geddoe says:

      No, NL Is definitely in the wrong. As per usual.

      He abusively harms and forces stuff on her. He says he trusts her, but obviously does not.

      If somebody tried tampering with the results(which would be impossible because nobody else sees what she does) they are as likely to give her a good source stone as a bad one because nobody can tell source stones for 100% accuracy aside from Meng Meng. SL is not in the wrong here. If you can mark all the cards, but nobody else knows that card marking even exists, then it isn’t really gambling.

      • chocholate says:

        Let me say this.. If this in a real life… You really love her…
        Suddenly in front of you makes a bet…
        Who the hell is not mad?
        Do you think relationship is trivial matter or not?
        If you couldnt understand change it to your relationship with your family!
        You maybe sure will win… But, do the thing you bet is npt mad?

        If you becoming someone bet, do you will think you wont be mad?
        You are stupid if you like being that cheap!

        • greedxviii says:

          If he trusted her, and let her explain how it wasn’t even possible to lose in the first place then this whole thing wouldn’t blow up.

          But the real question is why are people arguing about a scripted event in a book? It happened this way because the author wanted it to.

        • Geddoe says:

          He has never seen her lose a bet except to him. He knows she is like him. If she can lose, she does not make the bet.

          He may not know the method of cheating, but he should know that she has a way.

      • jaelaun says:

        If there was anything she did ‘wrong’, I think it was not accurately taking in NL’s feelings into account. To put it crudely (and I don’t say this as insult to NL, as I can somewhat understand the source of his anger minus the yandere tendencies), she didn’t realize he’d be that butthurt. All in all it’s just a big misunderstanding made by the two not looking through the others’ perspective.

        SL didn’t take into account that NL didn’t know that she had an omnipotent trump. To him there was a chance she’d lose and yet she made the promise anyway. NL’s mistake was not that she had a reason for her absolute confidence in himself. That and not giving her 2 seconds to explain herself. Granted, he felt like he’d rip her to pieces if he stayed any longer (WHICH IS WHOLE DIFFERENT PROBLEM IF YOU AIN’T INTO YANDERES).

        • jaelaun says:

          GDI I WENT DERP

          ** NL’s mistake was not believing that she had a reason for her absolute confidence in herself.

    • Kia says:

      this is inadvertant revenge for the boat scene with the fairy if u asked me. he pretended just to get her jealous. doesnt feel so good now does it?

  4. Eunie says:

    I know that Su Luo is being unreasonable because first of all she hasn’t even said anything about Meng Meng to NL and that she hasn’t shown much appreciation towards NL but still I did somehow hope that NL could at least hear her out…gaaah…it really sucks to see one of my favorite OP couples having this Lovers’ spat😭😭😭 And here I though we’ll get to see the two of them getting more lovely dovey since they did have the whole 3 months promise…Between THANK YOU SO much for the updates…

  5. RoflCat says:

    I wonder if Liuyun will remember that time she risked her life for 7 days and night to lure Li Aotian away for his sake?

    Well, at least this time Su Luo get to sit on the other side of the relationship? Last time she trusted that guy and got betrayed, this time she’s essentially the one who betrayed him (especially so since she didn’t explain to him earlier about Meng Meng)

    • Mangochic says:

      How did she betray him? She thought he trusted her 100% and he didn’t even give her time to explain. Plus he has been with her for months and knows just hoe incredibly lucky she is. He needs to do some emotional maturing

    • Geddoe says:

      She betrayed nothing. He said he trusted her, but it was a lie and he was an abusive asshole because of it.

      If you mark all the cards, it isn’t gambling. She basically can collect all the aces and face cards while leaving the scraps for the Stone King.

      • MK_MewMew says:

        well… it’s true that for her, it was not gambling and I do see your standpoint of him being to impulsive and not believing her (or hearing her out).

        But on the other hand, (expect for the fact that he was violent towards her) i think it can be understanable why he feels betrayed, because he doesn’t have an all-mighty third-person storyteller like we do (don’t know what the correct term for this kind of storytelling would be…):
        Someone, whose the first person you’ve ever been interested in and who can be considered as your one-sided love, because this person never really said that she belongs to you, agrees on a bet with your relationship as a stake. And even thiough you’ve witnessed all her lucky encounters and think that she might be the daughter of fortune, in the end, the only thing that could ensure her winning the bet, in your eyes, is luck.
        Being lucky has can’t always guarantee one to be 100% succesfull. What’s more, it doesn’t help if your act looks as though you would randomly snatch everything that you can grab ^^;
        So, in this moment, I would say that even if you want to trust someone, there are way too many odds for a human’s way of thinking as to be able to not doubt the person who would stake your relationship.
        And after being thrown into a storm of feeling hurt, betrayal, doubt, the hope that it’s not true, the wish to not doubt the one you love and so on, it is rather difficult to be calm enough to listen wholeheartly to the other’s explanation.

        I hope that my comment is not too messed up as I’m not so good at English and the fact that I need some sleep (4 AM xD)

  6. Cloud says:

    If I were Su Luo I would try to meditate and expell NL from my heart. Maybe breathing techniques and every exhale she lets go of him a litte more

    • June says:

      Nangong Liuyun is not that bad… he is always thinking of protecting Su Luo…. The problem is he just want her to show she also care about him…this was definitely not a good way to do so

      • Geddoe says:

        Except when you know. He tries to force himself on her or starts to physically hurt her because his feelings got hurt.

        Remember that time he started to strangle her because she joked about her previous relationship in her past life.

        I just want Su Luo to become strong enough that she doesn’t need to rely on him and that when he tries stuff like that she can stop him instead of relying on his “mercy”.

        • just leave says:

          Then dont read this novel.
          It has over 7000 chapters and they will be together throughout all of it. Nangong is a yandere, if you dont like that then stop complaining and read something else.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s really funny how the evil guys never hold their promises but the mc always does.

  8. Mr. Demon says:

    OMG now i hope that something happen to her and the guilty eating him
    Thanks soooooo much for the chapters, from Brazil 🙂

    Ps: Is my english bad? if it is, sorry, english is not my first language… dont even my second one HAHAHHAHA

  9. Ioriten says:

    I think in the end they are both wrong and both stubborn but we readers lean towards our favorite character.. ahem, i mean- su lou how could you do that to NL GAAGh-:p I hope the rest of the arc has some interesting stuff~ bonding through hardships yay!

  10. libraryrocker says:

    Awwwww, I hope they make up ;_; Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

  11. Jhime85 says:

    This Sou luo was completely wrong for this. She should have told him NL was completely within reason to be so hurt. I agree he was wrong for touching her in anger but at least this time he stopped himself before he went to far

  12. chocholate says:

    Su lou wrong this time…
    She just couldnt understand, even if she said about meng2 and said she will win… Even i will be mad at her,

    NL believe her… But what she bet is something he hold dear and nucture hardly…
    You guys should know what is his real face in front of others? But he keeps trying to calm down and not hurt her…

    Haaahhh… They have to talk to each other to say what is both of their bottom line is…

  13. silvanis says:

    Poor NL.

    He’s one of those guys who would move heaven and earth for his partner. It is really sad to see people like him be betrayed like that. Su Luo never trusted him, kept far too many secrets and now a price must be payed for her heartlessness.

    • Geddoe says:

      Wait. The jealous, abusive, attempted rapist is the good guy.

      And the person who made a bet that they were guaranteed to win for the purposes of angering a common enemy is the bad guy?

      • If your mom bet you in poker even though you knew she is lucky and in the end she won wouldnt you be mad aswell?
        You have no idea how humans work do you?
        Besides, nangong is said to be a cruel bloodthirsty person that you dont wanna mess with. I say hes been holding himself back quite a lot in front of su lou. And honestly i like how he is, it makes the show special and interesting. I dont wanna read about another perfect guy again.

        • Paladin says:

          True True.
          I like this kind of hero with flaw.
          He’s feeling insecure because their relationship is not truly cemented yet.
          If he’s too calm and reasonable all the time, it will be too boring.

  14. SnowyFeffe says:

    Gah! I hate these types of misunderstandings….

  15. Mireu says:

    As Yandere as NL is he’s totally right about this though. Tbh even Su Luo wasn’t sure that the dots she was seeing were an indication of real treasure. I mean MM is pretty unreliable sometimes. But bet aside I think the real issue is SL often takes NL for granted. This entire time she’s been on the fence with her feelings about him while he pledged to be with her for a lifetime. She tries so hard to seem distant with him to protect her own feelings that she often hurts him. Yes NL also overreacts sometimes but SL def needs to decide whether or not she actually wants to be with him forever.

  16. midnightsonata says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    I think both have fault in this situation. Well we have to consider the circumstance of their relationship first.

    1 – despite the relationship both of them has not be together for a long time… if i’m right it’s not even more than a year since they first met. so basically = their relationship is still new and unexplored….
    2 – Trust Issues = as i have mentioned above, since their relationship is still new, even if you say they have gone to life and death together they are still trying to reserve some leeway on trust… If Su Luo trusted NL then she should have told him about her pet’s ability. Same with NL, he has definitely trust issues but since it’s the first relationship ever he is building thought he wants to believe he is insecure, especially he knew deep inside that SL has not come to like him as much as he think he does not her.

    ~ this said, I believe they needed more time to solidify their foundation and this will be done thru trial and error in their new relationship. This trial will be one of those events needed to do this…

  17. snowbell says:

    boo how many chapters will it take for mc to be forgiven ? 🙁

  18. Rin says:

    Thank you for the translation! Couldn’t bear the misunderstanding so decided to read the summaries…ah don’t worry guys, they’ll make up soon (maybe 3-4 days/2 chapters per day) but I am realizing that the story itself is a super long way to go….

  19. YoungMind says:

    Cool ! Now that’s her turn to woo him xD. It’s always been kind of one sided so she probably took his love and trust for granted. I really hope she will just tell him everything and be done with it.

  20. Reign says:

    I don’t really care whether she was wrong or if it was ok to make the bet. I just want to see how they make up! Thank you for the chapters! I bet she will have to reveal her feelings! I need more!!!!! XD

  21. Midori says:

    too bad he didn’t stop—!hahaha! oh well!
    an arc i like is coming up though, yay—!

  22. Auntie says:

    This story has this kind of abusive hero.
    Possesive, easily erupted and unreasonable.
    But he loves her to the point of madness.
    It’s acceptable the way he acted because we usually being unreasonable and insecure towards the person we loved. And since SL never admits anything, NL (who is proud and arrogant) must feel hurt being the betting target.
    The people who keeps bashing NL, should stay away from this story. Read other stories with gentle scholarly and calm type of hero.
    P/S: I think NL is still tamer compared to the MC of A Naive Short Tempered Girl and Beloved Little Treasure.

  23. Anna Tong says:

    well, if the male lead didn’t go away, how could second male lead came and steal su luo away.. sigh..
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  24. Anonymous says:

    For the first time i cried reading this matter of the heart always complicated😭😭😭

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