DKC – Chapter 550

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Chapter 550 – Operation to divide the loot (13)

Beichen Ying really didn’t dare to guess, maybe, inside this huge pile, there wasn’t a single crystal stone.

“Sister-in-law…are you certain there are crystal stones inside here?” Beichen Ying looked at these source stones that were piled up high, suddenly, he really wanted to cry.

Su Luo heroically waved her hand: “Of course, Beichen, I’ll tell you. In this chest ah, it’s completely packed full of crystal stones, there isn’t a single empty piece of source stone.”

Su Luo had abnormal self-confidence!

She, however, had little divine dragon’s eyes as a guarantee!

Seeing Beichen Ying revealing a bitter smile full of meaning, Su Luo immediately recalled her savage manner when choosing the source stones. As a result, the corner of her mouth hooked into a crafty smile: “You don’t believe me? Then, let’s do this, if the ratio of crystal stones inside the source stones exceeds ninety percent, then all the crystal stones here will belong to me. If not, they will all belong to you, how about it?”

“Ninety percent?” Beichen Ying cried out in alarm, his eyes were staring, wide open in a perfect circular shape.

Lan Xuan also took the opportunity to approach, picking up a piece of source stone and tossing it up and down playfully: “Sister-in-law, don’t make it difficult for yourself, else, how about this. If the ratio of crystal stones to source stones exceeds ten percent, then it’s considered your win, how about it?”

Ten percent? Underestimating her too much.

Su Luo insisted on with self-confidence: “Don’t need to throw the game for me, just set it at ninety percent. If you want to bet, then bet, really talk too much.”

This ninety percent ratio, was still a modest way of Su Luo speaking, in fact, the proportion of source stones that had crystal stones inside them was absolutely at one hundred percent.

“Good! It’s a bet!” With Nangong Liuyun present, Su Luo was overflowing with fat riches. If she didn’t consume these riches, then she would meet the wrath of the heavens. Today, these few brothers of yours will beat this little Sister-in-law once to teach her a lesson so she could grow.

“Okay, then it’s decided like this.” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose into a crafty arc, both of her eyes had a smile. She watched Beichen with an overflowing smiling expression until Beichen became scared from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing this side start to have ‘internal strife’, Li Aoqiong had a pretty good mood. He cast a few icily arrogant glances at Su Luo: “Merely a small ant, overestimating its own abilities.”

Su Luo cast a glance at Wang Zhongkui and glared at Li Aoqiong, hardly taking it lying down. Her mouth hooked into a cod smile: “Fishing for compliments, believing oneself to be infallible.”

These two expressions, directly criticized Li Aoqiong and also reprimanded Wang Zhongkui.

“Loathsome girl, your courage is not small, aren’t you afraid I will kill you?” Li Aoqiong discovered that if he must find a merit on this girl’s body, then it would be her little bit of completely unjustifiable courage.

Nangong Liuyun, in a timely manner, appeared at Su Luo’s side, his phoenix eyes narrowed, staring dangerously at Li Aoqiong. “You dare?”

The smiling expression on Li Aoqiong’s face stiffened, sending an indignant glance at Nangong Liuyun with a rage from having been betrayed.

Su Luo smiled: “Since you are unconvinced, then we can also set up a bet, how about it?”

Setting aside the bet set up by Nangong Liuyun alone? This actually hit upon his intent.

“What’s the betting method?” Li Aoqiong’s gaze slowly swept pass Nangong Liuyun, finally stopped on Su Luo’s face. His gaze once again regained its icy arrogance.

“The same way of betting as with Beichen’s group.” Su Luo’s eyes were full of smiles, her smile was profoundly mysterious: “Just bet on the portion of crystal stones in the source stones. If it exceeds ninety percent, then I win, if it is less, then consider it my loss, how about it?”

Wasn’t this rushing up to lose?

Not only limited to Li Aoqiong, even Beichen Ying and them also thought this way.

If they didn’t know Su Luo’s manner of choosing source stones then fine, but just a moment ago, they had all seen it. Wherefore was this girl picking source stones, she was simply blindly guessing with her eyes closed.

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