DKC – Chapter 549

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Chapter 549 – Operation to divide the loot (12)

Li Aoqiong was also unaware of this, he was still there, disdainfully looking down on Su Luo.

Very quickly, after going through Su Luo’s frantic plundering, the high grade source stones on Wang Zhongkui’s side were all forcibly taken with none left.

At the same time, the ability the little divine dragon gave her was also nearly used up. In a flash, Su Luo was unable to see the red dot markings.

Su Luo directly withdrew her body and collapsed into the back of the red sandalwood chair. Both of her hands were carelessly looped behind her head with her mouth hooked up slightly. She had a smile that was not quite one as she looked at Wang Zhongkui inspect the pile of source stones in front of her.

Such a pitiful guy, she had already taken all the good stuff, what could he possibly be able to pick out?

But Wang Zhongkui, this new King of Crystal Stones, did not know, and his head continued to be buried within the pile of source stones. He was diligently and with rapid attention, single-mindedly choosing source stones.

Beichen Ying finally was unable to bear Su Luo’s carelessness, with resentment and helplessness, he said: “Who spoiled her to create such a temperament?”

Where could you see that in a competition, someone would have both hands behind their head? So carelessly watching the opponent’s actions? This simply…made them unable to describe it.

How could he know that Nangong Liuyun, this bastard, did not think this glory was a disgrace. He leisurely said a sentence: “This king spoiled her, do you have an objection?”

Beichen Ying’s temple burst about, he simply did not dare to speak with Nangong Liuyun again.

At this moment, he cherished the memory of Nangong Liuyun from before, who was dismissive, coldly arrogant and not interested in females. The Nangong Liuyun of that time would lift a chin and look in all directions, thinking: Women? What kind of thing was that? Get the f*ck away from this king!

That was what kind of impressive appearance, disdainfully looking down on the world from the corner of his eyes!

And now? He still hadn’t even married her and already spoiled her to this degree. After marrying her, didn’t know to what degree he would spoil her even more…The hard times were still in the future, Beichen Ying complained a lot in his heart.

Su Luo didn’t understand Beichen Ying’s grief, now, she was merely smilingly watching Wang Zhongkui who was facing her.

Wang Zhongkui continued to pick. Finally, he picked all the source stones in front of her that she didn’t want. This made Su Luo, who originally had high expectations for him, immediately lower her impression of him by a level.

You must know that all of the source stones in front of her weren’t marked with a red dot, not a dust of a crystal stone existed inside of them.

Consequently, Su Luo kind-heartedly stepped forward to remind him: “Hey, you don’t need to move the pile in front of me, the ones with crystal stones have already been picked out, the remaining ones are all trash. Are you taking it to use as a stool?”

Once Su Luo said this, immediately, the entire audience was in an uproar.

The few of them with Beichen Ying were stupefied.

Li Aoqiong’s expression was even more obvious as he stared at Su Luo, as if looking at an idiot: “Was this girl’s brain broken from being squeezed by a door?”

“Court death?” Nangong Liuyun gave a cold snort, casting sidelong glances at Li Aoqiong. If he said another sentence to slander Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun would immediately make him regret it.

“No, these words of hers…Do you believe it?” Li Aoqiong felt that this world was too mysterious, he would never believe it.

“Of course I believe it, my family’s Luo girl’s words are absolutely not false.” Nangong Liuyun proudly said.

Li Aoqiong observed a moment of silence for Li Yaoyao in his heart: Useless, this kind of man, do you really need to set your heart on???

Li Aoqiong withdrew his gaze, he knew if he continued to bicker with Nangong Liuyun, the one that lost would definitely be him, Li Aoqiong. Rather than that, it was better to ignore him.

Seeing that both sides had finished selecting, Li Aoqiong advanced forward a few steps. He swept a contemptuous gaze at Su Luo’s full chest of stones and coldly said: “The match is over.”

Beichen Ying approached and took a glance, his expression especially complicated.

If only based on quantity, his side would absolutely win. This was without a doubt.

Because after going through Su Luo’s tyrant-like plundering from before, the absolute majority of source stones had entered her chest. But, the amount inside that had crystal stones…

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