DKC – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – To save people from calamity (2)

“What? Can’t pay out for that amount?” The wealthy young noble laughed maliciously while casting sidelong glances at the old man.

The elderly man grimaced in response.” Young master Zhao, I beseech you. Please be magnanimous ah… Even if you were to sell both grandparent and grandchild, I still wouldn’t have 50 taels.”

“Don’t have it? Hey, hey.” That young master Zhao began to make a groping motion towards the girl’s face, “This girl looks pretty good. White and tender soft. Hmmm… after growing up a little more she will probably be an incredible beauty. Well, since this is the case, then just let this girl stand in for the 50 tael. Seeing that you are so poor, we’ll just let it pass and take a little loss.”

Young master Zhao was clearly taking convenient advantage of the situation, and yet, in speech, he still tried to flaunt how well-behaved he was. He nauseatingly emphasized his own charitable kindness.

Su Luo’s gaze become cold. Seeing the elderly man’s expression and the surrounding people’s reactions, this young master Zhao must be the number-one, local tyrant. There must have been a frighteningly powerful man behind him.

Su Luo’s thin eyebrows wrinkled. However she did not plan to take action and come to their aid at this time.

At this moment, from the corner of the lobby, a loud shout suddenly rang out. The sound of a lovable voice seemed to arise throughout the floor.

“You guys are these shameless and disrespectful to the elderly. All you do is specialize in bullying and humiliating the small and weak. Forcefully snatching woman from ordinary families. You are all truly extremely vile!” In the wake of the young master’s exploits, the voice barley just dropped in like a splash of cold water. A slender silhouette stood up from its seat and came out. A young lady, in the prime of her youth, was holding the shaft of a flexible double-edged sword in her hand. The sword blade glittered like frost and snow, issuing cold, austere energy.

This young lady was about fifteen to sixteen years old. Her upper body covered in blue with green jade and a smoky colored jacket with open slits. The bottom was a light-blue, pleated skirt patterned with flowery water and mist.

The skin on her small face was like a clear, crystalized amber. The snow-white complexion revealed a trace of pink still carrying a little baby fat. It was offset by a pair of a large, pea-sized dimples, a refreshingly clean look that was capable of charming any person it was directed at.

On the table behind her, sat five to six young men and young ladies of the same age. They gave off an image of an organized group from a school that was sent out to learn from experience.

Moreover, Su Luo felt that the young lady in front of her eyes seemed a bit familiar. Her surname should be Liu.

She appeared to have played very well with Su Xi. Before with Su Xi she had even acted jointly to cause her harm.

Su Luo, with one hand supporting her chin, was full of interest, as she watched the development of the play below. She actually didn’t expect that Miss Liu, with the same character as Su Xi, could be so willing to perform such a good show as to save a person.

This, after all…what reason could there be for this?

Young master Zhao stroking his lower jaw and full of interest, began sizing up the young lady in front of his eyes. “Oi, little beauty, are you demanding to throw yourself into my arms?”

“Shameless!” Miss Liu shouted, and with one thrust of her long double-edged sword she whooshed over.

Miss Liu gracefully displayed her long, double-edged sword dance naturally, causing it to glitter like frost and snow. The sword thrusts appeared like blooming flowers in all directions with a vigorous and strength-born presence. This aura seemed to be teeming with the desire to kill.

Young master Zhao’s originally teasing expression very quickly became motionless. A serious expression began to appear on his face. The two people intertwined to fight, unable to distinguish who’s better.

Even though downstairs was bustling with noise and excitement, Nangong Liuyun’s gaze had, since the beginning, always been locked onto Su Luo. Smiling and tweeting like he was singing a song, “You see? now the limelight was snatched by someone else.”

He could see Su Luo’s sympathy towards that granddaughter, and this was the reason why his comment carried a teasing air to it.

“Nangong Liuyun, in your eyes, am I just an idiot?” Su Luo exasperatedly rolled her eyes.

“Whatever do you mean?” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of bright, resplendent diamond-like eyes were fixed on Su Luo.

“That young master Zhao… With one look you could already determine that he was the local gang leader. That Miss Liu may be able to save them once, but what about a second time or a third time? She can not protect them, once she leaves. So, when she does leave, those thugs will bring more people to tear down this restaurant. This is not called rescuing people but to bring them more harm.

Su Luo’s beautiful eyes roamed around, with an indifferent expression, the corner of her mouth hooked into a distinct cold arc, like the splendidly gorgeous firework fading faintly into nothingness.

Pausing a bit, she once again sneered. “Besides, even more so, when looking at her current status; it would be pretty good, if she end up not inviting more trouble for that pair of kinsfolk.

Nangong Liuyun humorously watched Su Luo, and an expression full of appreciation flashed across the depth of his eyes.

His Luo girl definitely does not know that her manner of speaking, frankly and with assurance, was so radiant it illuminated her entire persons with a colorfully splendid light.

Also only with such a clever mind as hers, could at the moment of rescuing someone, thoughtfully consider the entire situation. Only then will a person truly succeed in helping another in solving their trouble, rather than bring about a more difficult problem.

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