DKC – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 – To save people from calamity (1)

The Dragon Scaled Horse was really worthy of its accolades. The entire way it traveled at lightning speed, so what originally would have been a ten day journey, unexpectedly ended when they arrived within two days instead.

The Sunset Mountain Range was the Eastern Ling Empire’s largest forest containing magical beasts. It was located in the northwest part of Eastern Ling Empire, and covered an area approximately as large as the size of a province.

Inside the forest, trees have undergone countless years of nourishment. These ancient trees were not only lush and flourishing, they also reached high into the sky. The magical beasts roamed this land, without fear, and people without martial art skills would not dare to enter inside.

But the Sunset Mountain Range’s arteries were not completely devoid of life. Inevitably there were martial artists who went inside. Perhaps to learn through experience and cultivate, or maybe even to hunt magical beast or to forage for medicinal herbs.

The extravagantly gorgeous horse carriage slowly came to a halt. Stopping at a small village on the northern edge of the Sunset Mountain Range called Bridgehead village.

Normally people who wanted to enter the Sunset Mountain Range would rest for a night in Bridgehead village. Here they could replenish and prepare the supplies necessary to enter Sunset Mountain Range.

“Eat more green vegetables, because once we go in, there will only be roasted meat .” In a private room, Nangong Liuyun’s chopstick picked up slices of chicken and placed it in Su Luo’s bowl. Inside his eyes, they were nearly overflowing with a dazzling smile.

The argument from two days ago, as far as he was concerned, already seemed like a puff of wind. Once it had been blown then it was gone like a puff of smoke. After the events of that day, he quickly returned to acting the way he was before, scheming about the hunting trip, such that Su Luo could not lift her face.

Su Luo glanced at him and said, “ you should also eat.”

“If you get it for me, then I will eat it.” Nangong Liuyun leaned close to her, with a shameless smile on his face.

However in that very moment, a noisy scuffling sound came through from the outside. Among the noise was also accompanied along with the yells and cryings of a little girl, who seem to have lost her head out of fear.

Su Luo looked down from the open window.

At that time a dispute was breaking out on the first floor lobby.

One could only see a thirteen to fourteen year old girl really crying miserably. And at her side, her white-bearded grandfather had just been grabbed by the collar and hoisted high into the air.

“You guys let go of my grandpa. You guys quickly release my grandpa. Grandpa will quickly be strangled to death by you guys…waaaa….” The little girl was crying so hard that she almost was unable to breath.

Yet the person choking her old grandpa was a wealthy young noble. Though his entire body clothed in splendid brocade garment, it was a pity he had been born a sharp beak and monkey cheeks on his face.

He dragged on the final sound of a syllable, and leisurely sneered. With a face that held a very ferocious appearance, “Dead old man, you see clearly right? Our plate of food has a fly in it. Come now, tell me, how will you deal with this?”

That elderly man being strangled was already around 70 to 80 years old. His hair white as frost, and he had a face full of wrinkles. With his eyelids drooping, his answer did not come quickly.

Misery filling his eyes, he trembled, swayed, while he entreated the man, “ My lords, our inn is always clean, how could we have flies? This…this surely was a mistake somewhere.”

“ A mistake? Is this not a fly? Speak you! How are you going to deal with this?” That wealthy young noble, with one foot on top of the bench was still grasping the old man’s collar with one hand.

Behind him was a row of hired thugs, each and every one of them with a dragon’s vitality and a tiger’s ferociousness. Their gazes opened wide as a circle. They were extremely formidable. So much so that they gave off a powerfully deterring aura.

“These dishes….just regard it as this little old man’s gifts to all of you, free of charge. What do you think?” The old man’s face had an unspeakable sadness.

“Gifted to me free of charge? What do you mean? Is this not acting as if we are freeloading?” That wealthy young noble was very dissatisfied. “You see clearly it’s your house’s dish that has a fly! Ah, See? Did you see it?”

He lifted the elderly man’s head and pressed it down onto the table, almost burying his entire face into the dish full of food.

Misery filling the elder man’s eyes. “Yes, yes, yes, you lords say how it should be handled, and it will be done in that way…”

The frequent sound of the wealthy young noble’s cold laughter could be heard as it resounded. “You know, this is not because we deliberately extorted you. It’s because your food had a problem. So, upon seeing that you provide 50 tael* of silver, then this matter will end from this point on.”

“50 taels?” An expression of such shock flashed across the elderly man’s entire face that it was almost hard to believe.

*1 tael = 50 grams (very heavy)

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