DKC – Chapter 532

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Chapter 532 – Interrogation (8)

“This daughter doesn’t dare.” Su Luo just straightly stood there, the corner of her mouth curled up into a smile yet not a smile. Her clear eyes which knew right from wrong remained motionless as she smilingly looked at Su Zian.

Even though her mouth said she didn’t not dare, a clear arrogance which didn’t soften a single bit remained in her posture.

Su Zian’s heart was extremely furious, but reason told him that while his anger was effective on others, it was completely ineffective towards this loathsome girl in front of his eyes.

Deeply inhaling in a few breaths, Su Zian repressed his mood that was on the verge of exploding.

“All right, this matter will end here.” Su Zian impatiently stopped Su Luo, then frowningly asked, “What’s with the little puppy?”

Su Luo’s heart understood, and the corner of her mouth raised up a cynical curve.

The important point had come.

Su Zian’s original objective was here.

He first reproached her, and after the accusation was laid on her head, he accordingly let out his demand. This way, she won’t be able to refuse easily.

Good scheme, good methods, if it was a girl who had not seen the world before, she would have been knocked dazed by Su Zian’s methods.

Unfortunately, no matter how good his methods were, meeting this master who did not mix oil with salt, he was unable to find a way out.

Su Luo indifferently smiled: “Little puppy? Oh. Father is referring to this daughter’s spirit pet?”

“Yes, where did it come from?” Su Zian stiffened his face, wrinkled his eyebrows, as though he wasn’t paying attention, with an appearance as if not minding anything.

Deep inside Su Luo’s heart, she felt it was funny. He appeared to not care, yet why did he say so many excess things in the beginning?

“It’s only a little puppy, I just randomly picked it up from the streets.” Su Luo voluntarily laughed.

Su Zian’s complexion sunk, almost unable keep his act together.

He brushed his sleeves and angrily spoke: “Rubbish, this kind of spirit pet, how can it be randomly picked up from the streets? Towards this father you can still lie, Su Luo, you have guts!”

If you actually care, then care. To insist on not caring, look, your true face has been revealed.

Su Luo’s expression did not change and remained indifferent like the wind, calm and composedly: “Honorable father, since you don’t believe in this daughter’s words, then is there a need to ask?”

Su Zian immediately stopped being angry and impatiently waved: “Enough, bring out that little thing and let father have a look.”

“What are your intentions father?” Su Luo stared at him, with discerning eyes , deeply looking at Su Zian’s irritable and greedy appearance. His image reflected in the depths of her eyes.

“You are still young and understand nothing, how can you properly raise it? This kind of precious thing, let this father substitute and take care of it for you.” Su Zian earnestly reasoned.

Substitute with her and raise it? Su Luo’s heart coldly smiled continuously.

If his eyes did not show that obvious greedy desire, if he wasn’t this self-righteous and confident in asking her to hand it over, Su Luo would have kindly let him see the little divine dragon. However, with his current appearance…

Su Luo’s clear and cold sight unwavering looked at Su Zian: “How could honorable father not know that if the contract is forcefully removed, the owner would receive a life threatening danger, and the spirit pet would return to its primary state.”

Su Zian’s complexion immediately became ashen.

How could he not understand the meaning behind Su Luo’s words?

His fists relaxed and clenched.

Su Luo looked at him with a smile yet not a smile: “Honorable father forcefully asking this daughter to give the spirit beast, could it be you fancy it?”

Having hit the worry in his heart, Su Zian’s complexion turned red. He forced himself to remain calm, his expression became dignified. With a bang, he slammed on the table and angrily roared: “Loathsome girl, unreservedly babbling nonsense! How could this father have any intentions towards your little spirit pet! Simply ridiculous!”

Su Luo’s gaze was clear as she smiled indifferently: “Since that is so, then I thank father for his renouncing grace. If there is no other matter, this daughter asks to be excused.”

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