DKC – Chapter 521

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Chapter 521 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (10)

“The fighting arena.” Su Jingyu subconsciously replied. After replying, he immediately realized that he had ruined things.

Sure enough, Su Luo took out a piece of paper from her sleeves, and waved it around towards the audience under the stage: “Look at it clearly, this is a life-and-death agreement. The person that made this appointment to fight, the last name is Su, first name Qing, presumably, you also recognize this.”

The implication in the life-and-death agreement, was that life and death was dependent on one’s fate. No one should mention family relations or have pity, because these were stupid words! If you were to truly speak of family relations and affection, then this life-and-death duel simply could not have appeared.

Su Jingyu’s complexion flushed red from embarrassment. He choked for a long time before forcing out a sentence: “In the end, she is still your older sister!”

“Do you mean to say that an older sister can kill a younger sister, while the younger sister can’t reverse the order to kill the older sister because of self-defense? What kind of logic is this? The logic from your Su family?” Su Luo smiled with not quite a smile.

“You!” Su Jingyu’s wrathful gaze stared fixedly at Su Luo. He had no leg to stand on, but still stubbornly condemned Su Luo as before: “In short, you are in the wrong!”

“Then, may I ask a sentence, if the defeated person now was me, you tell me, will she let me go?” Su Luo leisurely tossed out this sentence.

How could that be possible?! Su Jingyu secretly replied in his heart. He stiffened his neck to say: “Naturally she will let you go, no matter what is said, you are also her younger sister. Don’t you know by now her temper?”

“Her temper? What kind of temper of hers? If it is really like what you said, then, why didn’t she issue a simple fighting notice, rather than an invitation to a life-and-death duel?”

Su Luo’s words were light as a feather but were like a slap to the face, with the truth heavily slapping Su Jingyu in the face. It was really without sentiment and not leaving him any face.

That’s right, if at the start, Su Qing had planned to let Su Luo go, if Su Qing cared a trace about family affection, why would she drop an invitation to a life-and-death duel with Su Luo?

Everyone under the stage now leaned toward Su Luo’s side, after all, to say nothing else, in this battle, regardless if it was her or her spirit pet, both were so very brilliant that they bowled everyone over.

Su Jingyu rigidly stood below the stage with an ashen face, glaring at Su Luo in rage.

And Su Luo also hardly took it lying down, welcoming his regard that was like fiery rancor.

Just at this moment.

“Awoo——” Suddenly, the sky darkened, a band of lightning split across mid-air, attracting everyone’s gaze.

After that scorching, thunderous lightning passed, the sky was once again restored to a serene and peaceful state.

“Not good!” Su Luo felt that this sound of thunder was too strange. When she once again looked towards the ground where Su Qing was, she discovered that Su Qing’s figure had already disappeared completely.

How could it be like this?

In the end, who was it? Who was secretly helping Su Qing?

Momentarily, the people below the stage flared up.

In this split second, Su Qing actually disappeared? How could she just disappear out of the blue?

“In the end, which great expert took action?”

“Is there a powerful supporter backing Su Qing?”

“To chop the grass without eliminating the roots, the spring wind blows and once again, it lives. In the future, Su Luo is done for….”

Countless voices whispered and commented below the stage, everyone’s gaze looked at Su Luo, carrying a touch of pity and sympathy.

Su Luo frowned and stood at her original spot, her gaze fixed on the spot where Su Qing vanished…

Could it be Su Qing’s teacher’s sect that acted?

If it was not them, then who else could it be?

Su Luo felt as if behind the scenes, there was an unseen hand that was manipulating everything. It seemed as if there was a huge net in the sky, slowly enveloping towards her, whereas she had nowhere to flee.

The three high level judges were now relatively speechless.

They, having lived for so long, this low-level fight really was unable to enter their sight. But everything went contrary to expectations, time and time again, it ignited a high tide, making it a feast for their eyes.

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