DKC – Chapter 520

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Chapter 520 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (9)

Su Qing felt an unbearable pain spread from her calf to the hundreds of bones in her four limbs, the pain made the tears in the rim of her eyes roll about.

Painful, extremely painful!

Su Qing felt her right calf had almost snapped from being bitten, her mind was somewhat delirious from being stabbed by the intense pain. In a daze, she lowered her head to look at her calf, this glance nearly made her faint immediately.

That was originally her imagination, but the tragedy became a reality!

Her right calf, had actually really broken off from being directly bitten by the little puppy!

Furthermore, he was actually disdainful of her calf, after a ‘pah’ sound, the small length of leg that had been bitten off actually tumbled towards the audience in the seats. It immediately caused a round of shrieks.

At this moment, Su Qing’s mind was in extreme chaos. She didn’t know what she ought to do and how to do it, who she ought to hate and who to blame.

The pain had already taken up her complete attention.

Even though she had stopped to stare blankly, the hard-working little divine dragon hadn’t ceased his actions. He was still diligently and tirelessly trying to bite off her other leg.

Seeing the little divine dragon about to puff out another mouthful of dragon breath towards her left calf, Su Qing was so frightened that her liver and guts nearly spilled out.

A “swish——” sounded and again a “whoosh——” sounded. Su Qing had already withdrawn the layer of ice on her body long ago and with flying speed, she ran forward.

Thus, the little divine dragon’s mouthful of ice attributed dragon’s breath……was wasted in vain.

The little divine dragon immediately jumped on top of the Lindworm’s head, commanding it: “Awoo, awoo, awoo——”Quickly chase, quickly chase!

The Lindworm understood, spreading open its claws to rapidly chase after her.

As a result, a strange scene appeared.

Su Qing, with a calf that had been broken off, ran rapidly up ahead. Behind, the little divine dragon sat on top of the Lindworm’s head, continuously chasing after her.

At this moment, Su Qing’s mind was unprecedentedly clear.

No, out of the question—— she could not just die like this.

Absolutely out of the question!

What must be done?

Su Qing’s eyes that cried out for help constantly swept below, where her teacher’s uncle and her fellow students from the same sect sat. They would absolutely save her!

Because of her survival instinct, Su Qing didn’t even think and directly rushed off the stage.

Su Qing actually ran off the stage? What kind of rhythm was this?

Everyone was rigidly staring at Su Qing, for a moment, everyone boiled over!

Where was the sense in her, to run off the stage in a life-and-death duel? Was this still a life-and-death duel? You must know, if you didn’t fight and instead ran away, your name would be on the wanted list on the mainland with a bounty.

However, Su Qing didn’t care. It was only until this moment did she know that nothing was more important than her life, as long as there were green hills, she’s not afraid there wouldn’t be firewood to burn. She hadn’t avenged her hatred, so she still couldn’t die.

When Su Qing’s body was just one step away from the audience under the stage, all of a sudden, Su Qing felt something was amiss.

Suddenly, a gigantic, dark shadow appeared above Su Qing’s head.

This Great Dimensional Imprint wasn’t that large, but its speed was surprisingly fast. It smashed directly onto Su Qing’s head.

“Bang——” a loud noise sounded.

The Great Dimensional Imprint firmly smashed down on Su Qing’s head. It smashed her until she became dizzy, her eyes immediately were spinning like a hypnotic spiral.

“Su Luo, stop! No matter what, she is still your older sister, this is a fact that will never change. This is you about to murder your own older sister?!”

Su Jingyu was unable to bear it anymore, as he stood up to loudly roar at Su Luo.

Su Xi, who was also unwilling to fall behind, started to directly curse at Su Luo: “How could you be like this! Don’t tell me you really want to kill second older sister? Su Luo, you are simply too vicious, could your heart be so sinister?!”

The surroundings immediately became silent.

This was the Su Manor’s family matter, it was not good for them, as the ones watching this spectacle, to meddle.

Faced with the denouncement of her two siblings, Su Luo crossed her arms at her chest, and indifferently pointed at the stage: “Where is this?”

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