DKC – Chapter 508

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Chapter 508 – Life and death agreement (7)

Su Qing’s ice-cold eyes unwaveringly stared at Su Luo, the hatred in her eyes was just that obvious!

For what reason?! That was her biggest trump card!

She had cultivated this for a very long time at her teacher’s sect, painstakingly practicing to produce this single trump card, didn’t expect Su Luo to be able to decipher it.

Su Qing’s heart was extremely annoyed and furious. She was so furious that her entire person almost went insane!

Su Luo indifferently cast her a sidelong glance: “Su Qing, prepare yourself well, very soon, you are about to die.”

“Bullshit! The one who should be prepared to die is you!” Su Qing appeared malevolent, glaring at Su Luo with scarlet and murderous-looking eyes!

“Then, wait and see.” Su Luo indifferently shot her a glance. Immediately, she attacked, a violently surging blaze shooting out from Su Luo’s hands!

“Swoosh——” a sharp sound echoed, A snake of flames streaked across Su Qing’s arm, leaving behind a streak of charred black flesh.

“Courting death!” provoked by Su Luo, Su Qing’s face immediately became angry.

Seeing Su Luo turn around and just about to run again, Su Qing’s heart became sullen like a stifled pit of fire.

The loathsome girl continuously avoided fighting with her head-on, always using her advantage in speed to flee, simply not giving her a favorable position to use her skills.

Su Qing chased behind Su Luo. Suddenly, a lightbulb lit up in her head. When Su Luo was about to turn the corner, Su Qing’s body became like an eagle, properly calculating the angle and heavily ramming towards Su Luo!


After a violent sound, the sudden ramming made Su Luo stagger twice, and a thread of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

However, just this short moment of her standing still gave Su Qing a chance to take advantage of. At this moment, she again pounced towards Su Luo like a poisonous viper.

Taking advantage of your illness, I’ll take your life! Since Su Luo was already wounded, then she definitely would not let this opportunity go.

At an angle that Su Qing was unable to see, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up into a sly sneer.

When Su Qing pounced towards her in mid-air, Su Luo’s sleeves raised up, and three cold blades shot out towards Su Qing.

The three cold tips of the blades were each aimed at the point between Su Qing’s eyebrows, her throat and her heart, all these places were vital to life and death.

In mid-air, even if Su Qing wanted to change her posture, it was too late. Flustered, she condensed out a row of ice blades in order to smash the three tips of the cold blades from Su Luo into pieces.

However, just at this moment, Su Qing’s complexion changed greatly.

At this moment, Su Luo had already quietly returned to Su Qing’s back, a sharp dagger fiercely thrusting towards her heart’s position.

“Puchi——” The dagger accurately and unmistakably pierced through, with blood violently surging forth.

“You………. Intentionally did it!” the corner of Su Qing’s mouth contained a thread of blood, her palm shot towards Su Luo who was behind her.

But, Su Luo, having succeeded with one move, already took the opportunity to retreat. Su Qing’s palm strike was powerless towards her.

Su Qing’s heart was slanted to the right, Su Luo did not know this from before. Therefore, this time, she was unable to directly kill Su Qing.

A pity …….. Su Luo shook her head with some regret.

Originally, she thought of aiming for the opponent’s throat, but there was no time, so she could only search for another opportunity next time.

On Su Qing’s back, fresh blood continuously and madly surged forth. It soaked her skirt, drop by drop falling to the ground. In the wake of her walking about, she left behind one bloody footprint after another on the stone stage.

Now, Su Qing looked battered and exhausted, yet also malevolent and twisted.

Everyone in the audience under the stage seeing this couldn’t bear to watch.

“Didn’t expect, the one under the winds of defeat is actually Su Qing, truly too unexpected.”

“Isn’t Su Luo too vicious and merciless? After all, she is her older sister, yet she was still able to do it?”

“That was the heart, to directly stab inside, simply too ruthless.”

“Su Qing is so pitiful, however, her luck is also very bad, to actually have this kind of younger sister.”

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  3. Ebu says:

    “Isn’t Su Luo too vicious and merciless? After all, she is her older sister, yet she was still able to do it?”

    “That was the heart, to directly stab inside, simply too ruthless.”

    “Su Qing is so pitiful, however, her luck is also very bad, to actually have this kind of younger sister.”


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      Do they want a death-match or not?

      Yup, Humans are assholes.

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