DKC – Chapter 507

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Chapter 507 – Life and death agreement (6)

However, without a doubt, all of the ice blades were warded off by Su Luo.

The protective cover was removed, and Su Luo indifferently shot Su Qing a glance: “Still think your attacks are formidable. Looks like you are also only at this level.”

Being looked down by Su Luo made Su Qing extremely furious, and a malevolent sneer flashed across her face: “Just now was merely the starter, now this is the real main course!”

She had just finished speaking, when one could see her hands flip over and immediately, spirit force burst out explosively. Her hands formed many complicated seals, afterwards condensing out a countless number of handprints attacking towards Su Luo!

A countless number of shadowy fists mixed together with and icy cold air enveloping towards Su Luo.

Among these shadowy fists, Su Luo felt her heart being apprehensive.

It was as if a viper was concealed among the crowd, and at any time would pounce on her to strike a fatal blow on her.

Su Luo immediately realized, most of these shadowy fists were fake tricks, only one among them was the real killing move!

Since this was Su Qing’s most powerful killing move, if she was unable to guard against it, today, what awaited her would inevitably be a crushing defeat.

Su Luo sucked in a deep breath and concentrated all of her mental strength. Her pair of eyes was as clear as water as they unwaveringly stared at those rapidly attacking shadowy fists.

It was silent in the surroundings, so quiet, it was as if between heaven and earth, she was the only one remaining.

Finally, Su Luo slowly closed both of her eyes.

Unexpectedly, why would she close both of her eyes at this critical juncture? Wasn’t this the tempo of voluntarily courting death?

All the spectators under the stage were staring at Su Luo in stunned surprise, without exception, they felt she was insane.

His Highness Prince Jin was sitting in the most center and respected position in the first row, and his hands tightened slightly. His gaze was like a torch shining radiantly as he watched Su Luo fixedly.

He knew, if at this moment Su Luo was able to comprehend it, then her mental strength would certainly advance by leaps and bounds. If she couldn’t comprehend it, what awaited her was an endless stream of injuries.

In Nangong Liuyun’s mind, the image of Su Luo smiling with a flowery dimple from days ago appeared. She was looking at him, earnestly and gravely asking him, do you trust me?

Do you trust me?

Nangong Liuyun’s tense hands were clenched into fists, right in the middle of hesitating, suddenly, from Su Luo’s own body, a stream of mental powers emitted out in wave-like motions.

Nangong Liuyun smiled in satisfaction and adjusted his body’s position, allowing himself to sit more comfortably. But, his gaze was still as sharp as he unblinkingly looked upon the stage.

Now, the smile on Su Qing’s face had already blossomed, like the goddess of victory, contemptuously looking at the ant in front of her.

Su Luo, you are about to die! You are finally about to die! If this world doesn’t have you, how beautiful will it be~~Su Qing was already imagining her blissful life afterwards.


Very quickly, the smiling expression stiffened at the corner of her mouth.

In the split second when the shadowy fists were about to reach Su Luo’s forehead, Su Luo’s tightly closed eyes abruptly flipped open!

That pair of eyes which was as deep as water burned radiantly, like the vast body of seawater, deep, profoundly mysterious and ink black. It was also like the unsheathed, double-edged sword, showing off one’s ability.

One could only see the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hook into a negligent, cold smile.

“Sure enough, the desire to commit murder is concealed deeply.” Su Luo gave a cold snort.

Nobody would have expected, that now, Su Luo would actually ignore those hiding-the- sky-and-covering-the-earth shadowy fists smashing towards her body. She directly attacked with her dagger, firmly thrusting towards that real killing move mixed in among the fake shadowy fists!

She actually could exactly and without mistake, find the only killer move among countless false shadows! This ability to make discerning judgements, amazed everyone!

“Bang——” A violent collision, and Su Luo felt a portion of bone-chilling, icy cold enveloping towards her.

In a flash, Su Luo condensed out flames and was able to withstand that ice-cold killing move.

When Su Luo striked with her dagger,her dagger broke apart into fragments, while that killing move also vanished without a trace.

“Bang, bang, bang——” Su Luo suddenly fell back more than ten steps, unloading that heavy pressure from the colliding strikes.

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