DKC – Chapter 501

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Chapter 501 – Life and death duel (8)

They could see to the distant horizon, it was vast without boundary. The azure horizon seemed to send out dazzling rays of light.

Just at this moment, two small, black dots suddenly appeared at a distant place in the sky. Soon after, the small black dots grew larger and larger, until you were ultimately able to vaguely distinguish the figures of two individual.

The two individual shadows came, appearing to tread on the waves.

The man’s sleeves danced lightly, outstanding and extraordinary; the woman’s skirt flew upwards, with jade bones and an immortal beauty.

One was handsome like this, one was fresh, clean and clever. The two people were holding each other’s hands firmly, treading on air, like immortals arriving surrounded in a faint mist.

This was absolutely, that everyone had ever seen in their whole lives, the most well-matched, most perfect couple, like a pair of jade annulus that made their hearts beat with eagerness!

At present, everyone was looking up, foolishly gazing at the two extremely beautiful figures that arrived from far away.

“Slowly.” Nangong Liuyun was holding Su Luo’s hand while leading her, flying fast as they gently floated down onto the enormous fighting stage.

With a casual wave of his hand, those tide-like voices of the audience counting backward immediately stopped. It was as if the entire world, at this moment, completely stopped.

Everyone held their breath with rapt attention, quietly watching that unique and matchless juvenile on stage, just like facing the ruler of all under heaven.

Now, within this giant fighting arena, sat a full house of a hundred thousand people or more. They were all like the woman sitting in the second floor private room, their whole body was stiff like iron, unwaveringly staring at that handsome, bright and extraordinary man on the stage.

Jin-His Highness Prince Jin?

How was this possible! This was irrational!

How could His Highness Prince Jin appear on the stage of the fighting arena? Moreover, he actually appeared holding hands with a woman? What did this show?

Immediately, everyone in the audience was emotionally stirred up! Madness! Riots!

“Look! That is His Highness Prince Jin, it really is His Highness Prince Jin, aaaaaahhhh!!!” This woman in the prime of her youth was so excited that she nearly collapsed.

“How is this possible! Why would His Highness Prince Jin even come here! Isn’t this a duel between the two Misses from the Su Manor? Why would he come?”

“Don’t tell me the rumors are true? The two Misses from the Su Manor are truly dueling over His Highness Prince Jin?”

“Who is that girl His Highness Prince Jin is holding hands with? Why would His Highness hold her hand like this? For what reason?!”

The countless women were emotionally stirred up, they were shouting, jealous and frantic. Those sounds of their shouts were practically howls tearing from their throats, nearly boiling over the entire fighting arena.

A stream of gazes that harbored malicious intentions shot towards Su Luo and exploded onto her body. Even if Su Luo’s manner remained unperturbed like the wind, it was also inevitable that she would have some difficulty holding onto her calm.

She tried to throw him off slightly, but Nangong Liuyun’s hand was like an iron clamp that held on firmly, motionlessly clenching hers, not allowing her to escape.

Nangong Liuyun gazed at the rioting audience, and frowned faintly. He lifted his right hand up, and pressed down slightly.

Immediately, the impassioned audience like the boiling water in a pot, suddenly became absolutely silent, terrifyingly quiet.

Seeing this, those several big shots that were invited to be judges, one after another, forced a bitter smile and shook their heads.

The law-enforcing elder of the Imperial capital’s Elder Group, the Venerable president of the Imperial Capital’s number one school, the honorary elder of the Mercenary Union…… These important figures, with a mere stamp of their feet, could shake the entire Imperial Capital three times. They could only exchange a bitter smile with each other.

Regarding martial arts cultivation, Nangong Liuyun was not necessarily their opponent. However, regarding his power to control the arena, the three of them added together would also fall short of his influence that was shown just by raising his hand.

Nangong Liuyun looked at the spread of flushed faces in the audience, those shining, twinkling eyes. The space between his eyebrows knitted slightly. He turned to the judges, his voice was indifferent, negligent and cold: “Can we start?”

The judges were frightened by Nangong Liuyun’s gaze, for a moment, they couldn’t respond.

Su Luo pursed her lips into a smile as she gave them direction with good intentions: “Excuse me, may I ask if the fight can begin now?”

Without waiting for the judges to respond, Su Qing condescendingly lifted the corner of her mouth: “Su Luo, you arrived too late.”

Su Luo was all smiles as she sized up Su Qing in front of her.

Haven’t seen her for many days, compared to before, Su Qing’s temperament had unexpectedly changed somewhat.

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