DKC – Chapter 497

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Chapter 497 – Life and death duel (4)

A black dot could be seen in the distance.

As it came closer, Su Luo noticed that it was a yacht. It was currently heading towards their current position at full speed.

“Heavens, it’s actually your luxurious yacht!” Su Luo finally recognized it. This was the luxurious yacht that had carried them to the Amethyst Thorned Island to catch Amethyst Thorned Fish that day.

Su Luo was looking at Nangong Liuyun mystically.

How could he have known that this luxurious yacht was nearby?

She felt as if there really wasn’t anything that would stump him, as long as she suggested it, he could accomplish it with a wave of his hand, easily and simply.

This man, in the end, how many more methods did he still have, how many more skills, that he hadn’t revealed? How many more mysterious things were still waiting for her to unearth?

The luxurious yacht just so happened to stop right in front of them. On the deck, Beichen Ying quickly jumped out, throwing himself towards Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo. He was so emotional that his eyes were nearly filled to the brim with tears of excitement.

“These days, where did you guys run off to! You guys almost worried us to death! We sailed the yacht everywhere in the nearby seas to look for you guys!” Beichen Ying hadn’t even physically arrived yet before loudly complaining and reproaching them.

Nangong Liuyun held onto Su Luo’s slender waist and quickly jumped to the top of the deck.

He indifferently swept Beichen Ying a glance, throwing down a sentence for him without batting an eye: “Foolishly worrying about nothing.”

Beichen Ying stiffened his neck and humphed twice: “I know you have nine lives, so definitely not worried about you. We were worried about Sister-in-law! You don’t know, that day, we all fell into a trap, the only people remaining at the scene were Sister-on-law and Li Aotian, these two people. At that time, the more we thought, the more fearful we were and itching to fly up immediately. It was unfortunate that no matter what, we were unable to escape from the trap.”

Beichen Ying patted his chest from lingering fear.

They were definitely not fools, naturally, they could see Aotian and his sister’s enmity towards Su Luo.

With the few of them present, Li Aotian naturally wouldn’t dare do anything, but unfortunately, only Su Luo remained, so it was hard to fathom whether she would live or die.

Su Luo shallowly smiled: “Look here, aren’t I healthy and active? Don’t have even a bit of problem.”

“Just knew that Sister-in-law’s flood of good fortune fills the heavens, and the heavens help the worthy.” Beichen Ying foolishly smiled while stroking his head, “Oh, that’s right, all the people from the Li family are trying to find Li Aotian, has Sister-in-law seen him?”

Li Aotian?

This tragic man would always remain behind on the barren hill of the isolated island. Even his bones were swallowed up by the cave of flames until nothing was left, not even a little trace remained.

Su Luo’s complexion was calm and collected without a single ripple, her eyes turned back to gaze at Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun shot a faint glance at Beichen Ying, not batting an eyelid, he said: “Since there is a person whose flood of good fortune fills the heavens, naturally, there is a person whose luck is bad through and through. Maybe he is buried beneath the ocean floor, who knows?”

Beichen Ying was immediately speechless.

Daring to speak this way about Li Aotian, very likely, there was only Nangong, this individual. If other people dared to speak this way, the Li family would have already pounced on them and beaten them up.

Su Luo spread out both hands and helplessly shrugged her shoulders: “At that time, the Amethyst Fish Palace was about to disappear, everyone looked after their own lives to escape, taking care of themselves was good enough. Who had the ability to care about others?”

Beichen Ying was being swayed by Nangong and Su Luo, these two big liars whose eyes didn’t even blink. Immediately, he felt that what they said was reasonable and nodded in approval: “Precisely, everyone is responsible for their own life, whether Li Aotian is alive or dead has nothing to do with us.”

Nangong Liuyun had an expression as if teaching a child, and nodded his head: “These matters, you needn’t care too much about.”

Beichen Ying smiled bitterly: “I also don’t want to care about it, however, since Li Aotian disappeared, the Li family sent Li Yaoxiang over this time. It’s not like you don’t know that person’s temperament, right?”

Li Yaoxiang, within the Li family’s second generation, he was only second to Li Aotian’s father’s existence, at the peak of eighth rank in strength. His behavior was extremely haughty, arrogant and narrow-minded. He was also the most likely to cover up the Li family’s mistakes.

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