DKC – Chapter 472

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Chapter 472 – Mountain of flames (7)

How great was the rapport and agreement between the little divine dragon and Su Luo?

Without waiting for Su Luo to explain, he jumped really high and sprayed out a mouthful of dragon’s breath towards Li Aotian’s head.

The dragon’s breath contained the strange third kind of true fire. Whatever the fire encountered, it could burn, not leaving even dust behind. What kind of formidable power was that?

Although Li Aotian once again condensed frost to use to protect his head, however, without waiting for him to finish condensing the frost, the little divine dragon had already puffed out a dragon’s breath.

Once this mouthful of dragon’s breath descended, the protective layer of frost above Li Aotian’s head was immediately blasted into fine powder. At the same time, his hair was also set on fire by the blast.

“Ah–!!!” A loud, ghostly and miserable howl was produced by Li Aotian’s mouth, as he used a strong frost to smashed towards his own head.

But, how could the third kind of true fire be so easy to extinguish?

With regards to the third kind of true fire time and time again crossing swords with the protective frost, when Li Aotian’s hair was almost burned with practically nothing left, only then was Li Aotian finally able to extinguish the fire on his hair.

Although it seemed like a long time, however, it only happened in the blink of an eye.

Li Aotina was so infuriated he wailed like a child.

The him right now cut such a sorry figure, like an old demon from the fields at the bottom of a mountain cliff.

His hair was burned until nothing was left, with a face filled with uneven pot-holes. He was also missing an eye, the clothing on his body was bloodstained, damaged and tattered. Even the most dejected beggar looked better than him.

One in front and another in the back, Su Luo and the little divine dragon attacked from both the front and rear side. Both of them were experts at mounting high speed sneak attacks. As a result, Li Aotian at this point of time was simply weary from dealing with this.

However, Li Aotian had already decided that no matter how the little puppy sneak attacked him, as long as he first killed Su Luo, this loathsome girl, then it would be fine.

Now, both of Su Luo’s eyes were closed tightly. One by one, she formed hand seals with her hands, and the temperature surrounding Li Aotian suddenly rose.

“Loathsome girl, you think this way, you can win against me? Dream on!” Li Aotian angrily shouted out loud.

“If you have the ability, then bring it on, why waste words.” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into a ridiculing smiling expression.

Li Aotian had a gloomy expression. Suddenly, his arm extended as his fingers changed into steel reinforced sharp claws. When he brandished it about, it was so strong as if it could rip apart the atmosphere.

It issued “Sssss,ssss,sss——” acute noises.

Su Luo’s heart trembled with cold.

Li Aotian was worthy of being called the Jade Lake Palace’s second young master. Sure enough, when pressured to the bottom line, he indeed had lots of treasures.

Su Luo’s wrist shook slightly, and a huge dimensional handprint slapped towards Li Aotian’s pair of sharp claws.

The corner of Li Aotian’s mouth hooked into a taunting sneer: “You overestimate your abilities!”

With one wave of his hand, immediately after, he ripped Su Luo’s huge dimensional handprints into pieces.

Afterwards, his pair of sharp claws, lacking any compassion, swept towards Su Luo’s face!

Su Luo did not avoid or dodge it, she merely stood there, coldly smiling at him.

Li Aotian’s heart thus shivered with cold, he still wasn’t clear what had just happened, when suddenly, he felt his calf hurting!

He lowered his head to look, and discovered that that white-colored little puppy he had long ago lost track of actually had taken a bit out of the flesh on his calf!

It was not a small piece, but rather, it was a wound as large as a bowl-sized mouthful!

A kind of acute pain passed through, and Li Aotian only felt a burst of dizziness in his head.

Li Aotian’s sharp claws did not slap towards Su Luo, rather, it turned to attack the little puppy hanging from his calf!

This little bastard was simply too hateful, repeatedly spoiling his important events, if it was not for his destructive interference time and time again, the loathsome girl would have been smashed into a meat patty by him long ago.

One could only see Li Aotian slap his palms towards his own calf without the least bit of mercy, just like a person would ordinarily slap at a mosquito.

But, it was a pity that Li Aotian’s IQ was clearly destroyed by his fury, he completely underestimated the little puppy’s speed.

Just at the time when that sharp claw slapped down——

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