DKC – Chapter 471

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Chapter 471 – Mountain of flames (6)

Quickly, he opened up his little mouth and a huge fireball immediately shot out from his mouth and smashed heavily towards Li Aotian’s head!

The fire attribute was only one of the many attributes that the little divine dragon had.

Moreover, as a proud member of the dragon race, his body’s fire attribute was a lot more superior when compared to the human race’s fire attribute.

This mouthful of dragon’s breath puffed out a third type of true fire. It was one that Su Luo would need to cultivate with great effort unceasingly to attain while the little divine dragon’s fire attribute at birth was already naturally the third type of true fire. As long as he wanted to use it, it would be all right.

This was also one of the countless times that Su Luo admired and envied the little divine dragon’s gift as a member of the dragon race. The dragon race was truly mother earth’s favorite darlings.

The huge fireball which contained a trace of the third type of true fire, abruptly smashed towards Li Aotian’s head.

All of Li Aotian’s attention was placed on Su Luo’s body, momentarily, he didn’t check until he sensed an approaching danger. He then subconsciously tried to dodge the danger while falling down towards the right side.

That huge dangerous fireball swept by his left shoulder.

It deserved to be called the third kind of true fire of the dragon race, Li Aotian’s left shoulder had been swept a little by it, and the frost in that area was thawed in a flash. It also left behind a subtle scar in that spot on his left shoulder.

His defense was actually damaged?!

Moreover, his defense was broken by a puppy that could spit out a fireball?!

Li Aotian stared with wide eyes at that little puppy jumping around among the forest of rocks, betraying an unimaginably incredulous expression.

This little puppy in front of his eyes was definitely an unusual object.

The fireball’s killing power that it puffed out, compared to all the fire system experts he fought before, was much more formidable.

Li Aotian reacted instantly without taking time to think, he pushed using both legs and jumped up. Both of his palms at the same time released an inexhaustible force that was awe-inspiring, energetic and also very threatening.

Li Aotian finally saw things clearly, in this valley of flames, his ice attribute was very seriously suppressed. Even though he could use it with great difficulty, its strength was also decreased tremendously.

The little divine dragon let out a sharp, long howl, one could only see him spring left and right on top of the rocks, jumping about nimbly and changing directions non-stop. Li Aotian stared distractedly with powerful palms, completely lacking a way to catch him.

Li Aotian was teased by the little divine dragon until he nearly directly wailed out loud.

Now, Su Luo had already climbed out of the pile of flames, with her head and face covered in grime.

Fortunately, when she rolled in, she had used the power from her wood system to wrap up her entire body. In addition, with her own body’s fire attribute, therefore, she only suffered minor wounds.

Su Luo noiselessly appeared at Li Aotian’s back.

The corner of her mouth was evoked into a cold smile.

Suddenly, one could only see a huge dimensional handprint hovering over Li Aotian’s head, similar to a huge towering rock.

“Smash——” Su Luo shouted.

Simultaneously, the huge dimensional handprint ruthlessly smashed down upon Li Aotian’s head.

Li Aotian, right now, was busy attacking the little divine dragon who had a speed that was fast and was nimble to a strange extent. Wherefore would he have time to attend to Su Luo, even more so when he had never felt that Su Luo’s strength was worth paying any attention to.

The huge dimensional handprint smashed down from the sky.

It was too late for Li Aotian to avoid, one could only hear the echo of a heavy ‘thump’ sound, as the huge dimensional handprint ruthlessly smashed on top of Li Aotian’s head.

It was a pity Su Luo’s strength differed too much from Li Aotian’s strength, therefore, the huge dimensional handprint essentially didn’t do much harm to Li Aotian.

Only the piece of frost on top of Li Aotian’s head was ruthlessly shattered by Su Luo.

Without the protection of the frost over his body, the heat swept in all at once.

Li Aotian was infuriated until his complexion was ashen.

He turned around and once again placed all his attention on Su Luo’s body.

First, he decided to let that little puppy off for now and focus all his strength on getting rid of Su Luo, this flea.

Unexpectedly, he had just turned around to deal with Su Luo when the little divine dragon that was concealed in the small cracks among the rocks, appeared, leaping out in an impressive and lively manner.

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