DKC – Chapter 455

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Chapter 455 – Meeting one’s foe (7)

Speaking of Li Aotian.

With great difficulty, he locked onto Su Luo’s location, and rushed to the pool at the side of the waterfall. When he got there, once again, he lost her trace.

Li Aotian was so furious, he almost went mad.

He never would have imagined, that he who had already entered the seventh rank, would still be toyed with and under the complete control of a third rank like Su Luo.

This was like an ant toying with an elephant, nearly making him furious enough to vomit blood.

Li Aotian didn’t know whether Nangong Liuyun was wounded or not, but he was more inclined to think Nangong Liuyun wasn’t wounded.

Because on this earth, very, very few could injure Nangong Liuyun.

Therefore, Li Aotian’s heart was very worried.

He was worried that Su Luo had turned around and slipped away to return to meet with Nangong Liuyun again. According to Nangong Liuyun’s attitude, he would certainly protect that loathsome girl.

Out of the question, he must find this loathsome girl before Nangong Liuyun. If he didn’t avenge his hatred, how could he have the face to continue living in this world?

But when all was said and done, what place was this loathsome girl hiding in?

Li Aotian started to search piece by piece in the surrounding area, this way was the most wasteful use of the strength of his consciousness, but he hardly cared a bit.

Even though it was like this, he still hadn’t found a bit of Su Luo’s trace, it was as if she had completely disappeared from this earth.

This was impossible!

Li Aotian silently stood in front of the waterfall, his expression was coldly detached, like frosty ice, as he gazed at the waterfall.

All of a sudden, he remembered the waterfall behind his own family’s mountain, where a cave was hidden behind the waterfall. It was obstructed by a water screen, if not told, no one would know.

But after passing through the waterfall, over there was the treasure storehouse for Jade Lake Palace.

Li Aotian’s features turned cold, he gave a cold snort and his figure rose from the ground. Suddenly and with fast speed, he rushed towards the waterfall.

From over three hundred meters high, the waterfall was rushing down, how great ought that water’s impact be?

Even if it was Li Aotian, he also would find it difficult to manage.

But hatred made a person strong.

All of Li Aotian’s hatred was attracted to Su Luo, he was itching to tear her into pieces, how could he let her go so easily?

Li Aotian rushed in under the huge water pressure, he searched the cliff wall inch by inch behind the waterfall, not letting any suspicious points slip by.

An inch by inch search, with time passing by in minutes and seconds. Li Aotian felt it was an extremely strenuous task.

Because he had used his consciousness to search too much, he felt somewhat dizzy and light-headed. But, he tossed his head and continued to persist in his search.

However, what made him extremely disappointed was that this cliff wall actually didn’t have any mystery. It didn’t even have a small hole, let alone a cave.

Li Aotian was so furious that his fist smashed in it, immediately, the rumbling, drum-like sounds echoed, with rocks flying in the air.

A five meter deep, small cave appeared in front of him.

However, it was quite unfortunate that this small cave was smashed by him.

In the end, where was that loathsome girl hiding!

Li Aotian covered his head that was in pain and pondered non-stop.

Suddenly, his gaze looked downwards, and it just so happened to catch sight of a piece of floating wood that was being pushed forward with a very fast speed.

All of a sudden, a light turned on in his head!

It might really be possible!

A haughty, cold and severe smile appeared on Li Aotian’s face. He very quickly flew down and landed on top of a very small piece of floating wood.

Like a small, lonely boat on the sea surface.

Both feet on the floating wood, he stretched out his breathing, making the weight of his body almost negligible. Not only that, he also continuously used the wind power to press forward and accelerate its speed.

Just like this, he followed the river, moving forward with flying speed. His speed, when compared to Su Luo’s heavy, dead tree’s speed, didn’t know how many times greater it was.

But speaking of Su Luo who had jumped on the dead tree, since fleeing outside of Li Aotian’s mind searches, she had therefore relaxed her mental guard by a lot.

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