DKC – Chapter 454

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Chapter 454 – Meeting one’s foe (6)

Su Luo immediately jumped from fright, her limbs were all ice-cold.

This chunk of shitty stone! Really knew how to ruin things!

With great difficulty, she had found a small cave to hide in, but now, with its yell, how could she still stay in this cave?

Very likely, in less time than it takes to take a breath, Li Aotian would float here.

Su Luo was so furious that she slapped that fiery red-colored stone once, directly sending it into her chest pocket. She pried apart the underbrush at the cave entrance, then rapidly ran towards the deepest part of the jungle.

As expected, in less than few breaths’ time, Li Aotian’s tall and straight figure appeared in front of the little cave’s entrance.

Now, he was covered from head to toe in a black robe. Under the hazy moonlight, the scars on his face seemed even more malevolent and terrifying. It made the heart of people who gazed at him become fearful.

Li Aotian smashed his fist heavily into the wall of the mountain!

Immediately, a huge, deep hole was made in the mountain wall, and the rocks fragmented into fine powder all at once.

Li Aotian was so infuriated that he looked to the sky and loudly cursed: “Loathsome girl! Don’t let me, your daddy, find you! Otherwise, just wait to suffer all the kinds of bitter pain under the heavens!”

That malevolent face, under the hazy moonlight and in the darkness of the mountain forest, seemed especially ghastly. He looked like a devil that had emerged from the spirit world.

Su Luo hadn’t escaped that far, and Li Aotian’s words had clearly transmitted to her ears.

Su Luo stood at the summit of the mountain, facing the direction where Li Aotian was, she coldly snorted repeatedly and said: “Want to catch this young lady? If you have the ability, then come.”

Su Luo turned around, ran away with both legs and rapidly squeezed into the jungle. She darted with full speed into the deep mountains and old forest.

After all, Li Aotian was already seventh rank. in contrast to Su Luo. even if she had the spirit dance step technique, in terms of speed, his nevertheless far surpassed hers.

As a result, after Li Aotian, through good luck, selected the correct path, he very quickly locked on to the place where Su Luo was.

Now, Su Luo was sitting right next to a waterfall, panting for breath.

All around her, the surroundings were pitch-black, so much so that she couldn’t even see her fingers in front of her.

At this point of time, it was the darkest period of the night before dawn.

It was dreadfully quiet all around, only the splashing sounds of the water striking down could be heard.

All of a sudden, Su Luo discovered that her consciousness hurt.

Su Luo let out a curse secretly in her heart.

She had just rested for less than the time it took to burn a stick of incense, how could she be locked on again?

Simply like a patch of traditional medication on dogskin, even if you wanted to toss it aside, you couldn’t!

Su Luo angrily let out a heavy sigh and thought deeply about a method to escape.

To use the methods in line with the local environment, this direction was a good idea.

Su Luo’s gaze sized up her surroundings non-stop.

Up ahead was the huge waterfall, from the top of the mountain wall, it was about three hundred meters high. It looked like a white moving screen, the splashing water rushed down into the river here and rapidly followed along this waterfall to rush forward.

Maybe it was related to the torrential rain that just fell a few days ago, the splashing speed of the water was fast and urgent.

Su Luo looked on helplessly as a piece of floating wood, in a blink of the eye, was carried very far away.

Suddenly, a dead tree tumbled down from the direction of the top of the waterfall.

On top of the dead tree, there were still some green leaves, clearly, the river had uprooted it.

Now, the river was approximately thirty meters wide, and this dead tree was at the center of the river. It was pushed forward very fast by the strength of the waterfall’s flow.

The lightbulb in Su Luo’s head suddenly flashed, there was not enough time to think it through more thoroughly. With a huge jump, her body was like a legendary large bird spreading its wings, as she leaped rapidly and suddenly towards that dead tree.

Su Luo already took the speed of the river, air resistance and other similar factors into her calculation. Therefore, her body steadily landed on that dead tree.

She hid in the gap between branches, so that even if Li Aotian stood in front of her, he might not necessarily be able to spot her.

The dead tree’s speed was very fast, so fast as to pass in the blink of an eye.

Su Luo was able to sense that searching consciousness fade away, she knew that she was once again safe for the time being.

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