DKC – Chapter 453

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Chapter 453 – Meeting one’s foe (5)

Making time, allowing Nangong Liuyun enough time to recover. As long as he recovered, then wasn’t killing Li Aotian a matter that would take minutes?

But could it be that this, with regards to Su Luo, was too huge?

If her strength exceeded Li Aotian’s, then fine, but quite clearly, in front of Li Aotian, she was practically an ant-like, puny existence.

Su Luo’s heart was extremely mournful.

But, no matter how plaintive the things she needed to do was, she still must do it.

Su Luo ran at lightning speed, the trees on both sides continue to recede, and her ears were biting cold from the freezing wind.

Su Luo used the spirit dance steps to the pinnacle, but even though her speed was fast, still, every step she took was made with caution. As much as possible, she didn’t want to leave behind a trace of herself.

Li Aotian madly chased after Su Luo.

Originally, he thought that chasing after and killing a puny third rank would certainly be an easy matter, as simple as stretching out a hand.

However, until he truly met up with Su Luo in a head-to-head chase, he finally found out how cunning this loathsome girl was. She was like a slippery mudfish that kept escaping, before his hand could touch her, she would slip away, extremely nimbly.

But the more it was like this, the more Li Aotian relentlessly pursued, unwilling to let go.

The him right now had completely overlooked Nangong Liuyun and set him aside.

The jungle in the deserted mountain had many paths but were jumbled, this gave Su Luo, who was escaping, an extra opportunity to live.

She picked the especially difficult road to flee, however, with spirit dance steps assisting her, her speed was therefore still at its peak.

Very quickly, nightfall come.

This night, Su Luo did not light a fire, instead, she picked a small cave to hide herself in.

The cave was very small, it was barely able to hold Su Luo only after she curled herself up.

Tonight, the night was especially endless.

Outside the cave, the wind was biting cold, whistling and blowing.

In the sky, the moon was obstructed by clouds, leaving behind only a hazy shadow.

However, this kind of atmosphere, as far as Su Luo was concerned, was a small advantage that was given to her.

The wind’s howls could blow away any trace of her breathing that remained behind, then the difficulty for Li Aotian in pursuing her would only increase.

Suddenly, Su Luo felt some movements in her space, and she subconsciously entered inside to investigate.

What gave her a nice surprise was that inside her space, there were indications that the little divine dragon, that had originally been trapped in a coma-like state due to swallowing a huge amount of crystal stones, was starting to regain consciousness.

At the same time, Su Luo’s gaze looked towards the other side.

She saw that piece of fiery red stone.

At that time, in the Amethyst Fish Palace, her foot had kicked this stone, then her mind was almost taken away, and it had really left her with a lingering fear.

Su Luo took out that piece of fiery red stone from her space, turning it in her hands, she carefully examined it.

In the end, what was this piece of stone? What kind of mysterious past did it have?

Su Luo had always felt that this chunk of stone was not at all ordinary, it looked like it had a long and old story.

All of a sudden, Su Luo felt her finger hurting slightly. She discovered that when her fingertips were rubbing the fiery red stone, it left traces of blood.

And those traces of blood very quickly were absorbed by the fiery red stone, in a flash, all traces of blood was gone.

This stone could still swallow blood? Su Luo was immediately very curious.

She thought about it, then she punctured her finger, her scarlet blood, drop by drop, tumbled onto the fiery red stone.

“Hiss, sssss——” She seemed to be able to clearly hear the sound of the the fiery red stone absorbing a fair amount of blood.

This…how could it be possible?

Su Luo somewhat curiously turned this chunk of stone around while sizing it up, and didn’t supply it with more blood.

Suddenly, it seemed that the fiery red-colored stone was unhappy, and issued a penetrating sound: “Meow——”

Similar to the cries of a cat, an intense and ear-piercing sound resonated in the quiet mountain top.

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