DKC – Chapter 449

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Chapter 449 – Meeting one’s foe (1)

“In the end, where did you hide Yaoyao?” Li Aotian, in a flustered manner and discomfitingly, yelled loudly towards Nangong Liuyun.

The latter merely arrogantly stood there with his hands behind his back, unhurriedly cast him a glance and once again turned his face away.

In the end, Li Aotian suddenly got angry.

But Nangong Liuyun had accumulated prestige for a long time, the many years of prestige wasn’t something he wanted to ignore and could just ignore.

Li Aotian glared at him furiously, lifted his foot and immediately rushed inside. He searched everywhere once inside, but there wasn’t a trace of Li Yaoyao.

“Nangong Liuyun! Where’s Yaoyao!” That was the younger sister he doted on the most, he absolutely wouldn’t allow her to meet with a mishap!

Nangong Liuyun cast him an indifferent glance: “You ask this king, who will this king ask?”

“Wasn’t Yaoyao locked in the Joyous Conjugal Room together with you? How can you not know?” Li Aotian shouted at Nangong Liuyun in chagrin.

Nangong Liuyun however, calmly said: “This king indeed was locked in there, she may not necessarily be.”

Li Aotian’s heart was startled.

Worthy of being Nangong Liuyun, to actually see what’s wrong so quickly.

“No matter what, you must hand over Yaoyao!” Li Aotian furiously said.

“Li Aotian, your courage got a lot fatter.” Nangong Liuyun calmly said, while standing with his hands behind his back. His phoenix eyes narrowed, as he gave a smile that was not quite one towards Li Aotian.

His gaze was as light as a feather, with a tone that was soft as a dandelion dancing in the breeze. So soft and relaxed, but full of a murderous aura.

Li Aotian immediately stared blankly as an alarmed color then appeared in his eyes.

From very young, he had known Nangong Liuyun. He had unsurpassed talent, then fine, but it so happened that his willpower was even more astonishing. Therefore, his strength had always far surpassed everyone else.

Frankly, Li Aotian had really been beaten into fearing Nangong Liuyun, therefore, whenever he faced Nangong Liuyun, Li Aotian would inevitably lack some confidence.

Now, Su Luo stood by Nangong Liuyun’s side, silently cursing unceasingly in her heart.

Nangong Liuyun could really act.

Obviously, at this time, he was so weak that he nearly lost consciousness, but only relying on a few sentences, he was able to deter Li Aotian.

Nangong Liuyun once again coldly smiled: “If you insist on finding Li Yaoyao, then return to your Li Manor, you won’t find her here.”

Having heard what was said, Li Aotian immediately let go of his worry.

Even though Nangong Liuyun didn’t explicitly say it, but his meaning was very obvious, Yaoyao was safe.

Li Aotian released a breath in relief, only now did he coldly look towards Su Luo: “Loathsome girl! Give me your life!”

Li Aotian gave a loud shout and was just about to rush towards Su Luo.

But Nangong Liuyun merely lifted his foot to stand in front of Su Luo.

If it was an ordinary person, assuredly, he would cry to the sky, rush to the ground and beg for forgiveness. But our His Highness Prince Jin took the opposite path to walk on.

One could only see him coldly stare fixedly at Li Aotian: “You want to die, then this king will help you accomplish this. But don’t blame this king for not remembering the two families’ friendship.”

“Nangong Liuyun, don’t you interfere in these muddled waters!” Li Aotian aggressively yelled towards him.

Nangong Liuyun shot him an indifferent glance, and arrogantly raised an eyebrow: “This king’s princess, if this king doesn’t protect her, then who am I to protect?”

“You——” Li Aotian was furious and anxious at the same time. He speechlessly glared at Nangong Liuyun and then very fiercely said: “Nangong Liuyun, this time, are you determined to interfere?”

Even though Nangong Liuyun and Yaoyao’s matter was empty with no fixed time set in the future, but as Li Yaoyao’s older brother, he didn’t want to be in a deadlock with Nangong Liuyun. He didn’t want to make an enemy of such an expert.

If he was to act, then Li Aotian would only lose.

Li Aotian very fiercely glared once at Su Luo: “Fine,, this time, taking Nangong Liuyun into consideration, then I’ll let you live an extra day!”

Leaving this sentence behind, Li Aotian, in a flash, became a white line and then a black dot, immediately fading away in the air.

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