DKC – Chapter 448

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Chapter 448 – Softly fragrant and romantic (5)

The seven days Nangong Liuyun said, starting from the first day, there was constant catastrophe.

It was not the type of natural disaster like being blown by wind and rained upon, rather, it was what would be considered a catastrophe.

Just barely managed to make Nangong Liuyun clean, Su Luo mopped up the wet patches on the ground. Su Luo got the person in the tub out and picked up the rest to toss it outside.

Unexpectedly, pouring out the water from the tub actually attracted a person over.

Seeing that malevolent and frightening face in front of her, Su Luo detected a sense of familiarity.

This face was densely covered in scars, full of pot-holes, and one of the eyes had been blown away; he was horrible to look at.

The other party’s sole remaining eye seemed to be tempered with venom, as it unwaveringly stared at Su Luo and was unblinkingly fixed on her.

Stunned, nicely surprised, hatred, bitter resentment…All these came together within that single eyes suffused with dark green radiance.

“Li…Aotian?” It took Su Luo a long time to recognize him.

This ugly person was actually Li Aotian? It was simply too unfathomable.

She remembering the Li Aotian from a few days ago, who was covered from head to toe in a dark green embroidered robe. His appearance was clearly smart with handsome facial features. Although he fell just short of Nangong Liuyun’s looks, his appearance was still extremely outstanding.

But the him right now was so ugly as to frighten even the deity of ghosts to tears. If you glued him to the door, his looks could ward off evil spirits. If you hung him on the headboard of a bed, he could act as a type of contraception.

Li Aotian stared fixedly at Su Luo, fuming with rage between gritted teeth: “Loathsome girl! The heavens didn’t want me to die! I finally found you!”

Li Aotian’s hands were like the claws of an eagle, fast as electricity it reached for Su Luo’s shoulder!

From an extremely handsome appearance to an utterly, unbearably ugly one. All of his loss was conferred on him by the loathsome girl in front of him!

The hatred of being disfigured was like the enmity of having one’s father killed, absolutely irreconcilable. If he didn’t kill this loathsome girl today, how could he, Li Aotian, still have the face to live on this earth?

Li Aotian’s style of action was like a storm, with speed fast as lightning. There wasn’t enough time for Su Luo to dodge, she slipped on the spot, and was thus able to avoid this grab of his.

At the same time, Su Luo’s heart was very shocked!

In the end, what was going on? Li Aotian wasn’t blown dead by the spirit ball, then fine, but his martial arts cultivation had actually advanced! Moreover, it didn’t just advance a little bit!

Just when Li Aotian was about to attack Su Luo once more in rage, the light shadow of a person noiselessly appeared at the cave entrance: “Stay your hand.”

“Nangong Liuyun?” Li Aotian’s hand immediately stopped in the blink of an eye, as he stared in astonishment at Nangong Liuyun.

His mind momentarily could not return to his senses.

Wasn’t he locked in the Joyous Conjugal Room with Yaoyao? How could he have appeared here by himself? Could it be that Yaoyao was also here?

Nangong Liuyun placed his hands behind his back as he stood up, his body appeared straight and tall, as well as relaxed. His expression was unkindly cool and indifferent, with his icy eyes coldly sweeping a glance at Li Aotian: “What are you doing?”

Having been swept by his meaningful gaze, Li Aotian instinctively cowered.

Before, for many years, Li Aotian had always lived underneath Nangong Liuyun’s prestige, so he had an instinctive reverence and deferment towards Nangong Liuyun.

Therefore, Nangong Liuyun didn’t have to take action. Him merely standing there indifferently was able to make Li Aotian’s heart grow cautious, afraid he would not be able to stop his killing move.

“How is it that you are here? What about Yaoyao? What did you do to her?” Li Aotian’s gaze was cold and strict, as he shouted with deep worry and hatred.

“What did this king do to her?” Nangong Liuyun calmly stood with his hands behind his back, smiling faintly with a raised eyebrow as he cast a sidelong glance at Li Aotian, “Why don’t you ask, what she did to this king?”

Suddenly, Li Aotian’s chest become obstructed, an unnatural expression flashing through his eyes.

He had already known earlier about the matter of the Joyous Conjugal Room, and had also advised against it. A man was not like a woman, even if a relationship had taken place, it would also be unable to tie him down. However, Yaoyao had insisted on using this method to force him to marry her, as her older brother, what could he have done?

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