DKC – Chapter 450

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Chapter 450 – Meeting one’s foe (2)

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of burning eyes stared fixedly at Li Aotian’s body, before his body weakly swayed a little.

Su Luo immediately went up to support him, and impatiently asked: “How are you? Still okay?”

Just now, in order to scare Li Aotian away, Nangong Liuyun had continuously hardened his body to appear as if he was never injured.

But Su Luo who stood by his side could clearly see, that under that cold and solemn expression, what kind of pain there was .

Nangong Liuyun faintly said a sentence: “Still able to hold up, let’s go in and talk.”

Su Luo nodded her head. It couldn’t be said for sure if Li Aotian was hidden in the surroundings.

She supported Nangong Liuyun to slowly enter the cave.

For a moment, neither spoke, the atmosphere around them was somewhat heavy.

Only after a long time did Su Luo force a smile to say: “How was it that Li Aotian was not blown dead by the spirit pinball?”

Nangong Liuyun had a forced smile as he looked at her, reaching out to rub her head.

“Forgot to tell you, when using the spirit pinball, actually, there is a little problem with the aftermath. For instance, there is a one in ten thousand possibility that it will allow the opponent to absorb the spirit force in the spirit pinball.”

Nangong Liuyun spread out his hands, and helplessly said: “That one in ten thousand chance was actually encountered by him.”

“Then, it can be said that Li Aotian had absorbed the spirit power in the spirit pinball?”

“It should be so. His strength is a little better than before, now, he should be seventh rank.” Nangong Liuyun said with a bitter smile.

“Seventh rank?” Su Luo could only feel the space between her eyebrows twitch.

What kind of evil had she attracted?

Before, she had wanted to take advantage of the situation to kill Li Aotian, but who would have thought that she would actually send him off into the clear sky, allowing him to break straight through the sixth rank barrier to reach the seventh rank in a whirlwind.

Now, on this uninhabited island, her own strength was lacking, and Nangong Liuyun was seriously wounded. At this point of time, it was quite obvious that Li Aotian’s martial arts was currently the most formidable.

He was not a fool. Before, Nangong Liuyun was able to scare him away, but it was hard to say whether he wouldn’t think about it and realize the truth before coming again.

Su Luo, somewhat depressed, patted her head.

The first time she used a spirit pinball, and she smashed it at a person who then absorbed the spirit power. Should it be said that her luck was extremely good or her luck was super, unequivocally bad?

“Should we still live here?” If they were to still live here as before, then it was tantamount to waiting for Li Aotian to think it through and to afterwards bring the fight to their doorway.

“If we leave here immediately, even if his head was stupid, then he would understand.” Nangong Liuyun smiled a little like the light wind and the soft earth, “Now, we can only gamble, betting that he wouldn’t realize within seven days.”

Difficult…Su Luo rested her chin on both hands and slowly shook her head.

Three days in a row passed dully without a ripple.

Finally, the fourth day.

Su Luo quietly secured Nangong Liuyun to sit down cross-legged, with both eyes closed tightly, he was immersed in restoration state. A dignified expression flashed through his eyes.

The exterior wounds on Nangong Liuyun’s body had already more or less healed completely. His internal injuries were also being methodically restored.

These last few days were the most critical time, if he was disturbed by anyone, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Li Aotian’s figure appeared in Su Luo’s mind.

Since he appeared a few days ago, afterwards, this person seemed to have completely disappeared.

Normally, it could be said that Su Luo should be happy, however in her heart, there was a faint. not-so-good premonition.

Her premonition had always been accurate.

Or perhaps, it could be said that her perception for danger was much stronger than the overwhelming majority of people.

Just when Su Luo was a touch concerned, the heavy sound of footsteps could be heard coming from outside.

Li Aotian!

The hands at Su Luo’s side clenched tightly, a worried expression flashed across her face as her gaze landed on Nangong Liuyun’s body.

At this moment, there was a faint mist hovering over his body, he was wholeheartedly immersed in cultivation and was totally unaware of the disturbance in the outside world.

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