DKC – Chapter 439

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Chapter 439 – A new lease on life (11)

The cave was concealed by the Wisteria tree and thorny undergrowth. If you didn’t carefully survey it, you certainly wouldn’t be able to see it.

Su Luo lifted up the grassy vine and exposed a narrow cave entrance that would barely allow two people to enter side by side.

Su Luo lit a torch, holding it high, she carefully and cautiously moved forward.

At this moment, she had an unsurpassed wish and hope that the little divine dragon would wake up. She was accustomed to his existence, not having him at her side was really inconvenient.

She walked about twenty meters in the winding cave, up ahead, all of a sudden, it opened up into a wide clearing.

This rock formation was approximately twenty square meters of level ground, completely empty with nothing around. However, the atmosphere was dry without any unusual smell.

It was already pretty good that they could find a place that could block the wind and protect them from the rain. Also, Su Luo didn’t have expectations that were too high, so she immediately took the opportunity to tidy up the surrounding environment once through.

Afterwards, she began to inspect the things in her space.

She remembered that she had laid out a yellow rosewood bed in her space, as well as an entire set of bedding. After a look, sure enough, it was there, and immediately, Su Luo became happy.

She took out the yellow rosewood bed and arranged it against the wall with the mattress, pillows etc. and everything available that was needed.

Owing to her previous world’s experiences, her adaptability to new environments was very high, so living here would not be a big deal to her. But Nangong Liuyun right now was wounded very seriously, if she was able to make him more comfortable, then Su Luo was naturally willing to do so.

She tidied it up once and saw that this place already had the flavor of a little home. Su Luo satisfiedly nodded her head then went out to look for Nangong Liuyun.

When she came out, she didn’t see Nangong Liuyun, and immediately became somewhat anxious.

Yet, before she could shout out for him, Nangong Liuyun then slowly walked out from behind the tree, looking at her with a smile.

“Didn’t take a rest properly and still arbitrarily walking everywhere?” Su Luo very naturally reached out her hands to help him. Nangong Liuyun immediately went into a state of collapse. Hugging her tightly, and walking with lame and staggering steps, he followed her into the cave.

Three black lines was immediately erected on top of Su Luo’s forehead.

Could the change in his face be even quicker?

Su Luo supported him as they walked inside, while walking, she curiously asked him: “A moment ago, where did you go?”

Nangong Liuyun unhappily glanced at her, ultimately, he merely smiled: “Looking for medicinal herbs.”

Su Luo saw his completely empty hands and just knew he definitely did not find it.

While conversing, they finally arrived inside.

When Nangong Liuyun saw the comfortable and warm arrangement inside, immediately, he became happy, and a beaming light flashed through his eyes: “Is this meant to be entering the bridal chamber for the wedding festivities?”

“Why are you indulging in flights of fancy!” Su Luo pushed him onto the soft spongy bed while she sternly commanded: “Take off your clothes.”

Nangong Liuyun nervously grabbed the front of his clothing, like a young lady being threatened by a bandit. With some alarm, he raised his head to look at her: “You…what are you going to do!”

He really loved to act ah, he managed to make it seem as if she was about to rape him.

Su Luo, who was forced to play the role of a bandit, had both hands at her hips, quite speechlessly, she looked to the sky: “Could your imagination still be even a little more abundant? Do you still want medicine to be applied or not?”

“Apply medicine?” Nangong Liuyun suspiciously shot a glance at Su Luo.

“Yeah.” Su Luo held out a cup of Celestial Spirit Water from her space: “It’s more accurate to say washing your wound. Sit up properly, don’t move.”

Nangong Liuyun sat by the headboard and adorably let Su Luo help him untie his belt.

Seeing the ghastly sight of his wound, Su Luo once again felt her nose going sour, and with a strong nasal sound, she said: “The wound that had been soaked by seawater is rotting. The best way is to cut away the rotting flesh, otherwise, it would be very difficult to heal.”

Nangong Liuyun raised an eyebrow and smiled, unhurriedly saying: “It would be very painful.”


“However, if Luo girl agrees to one of this king’s conditions, then I may consider it.” Nangong Liuyun leisurely said.

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