DKC – Chapter 440

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Chapter 440 – A new lease on life (12)

Su Luo suddenly felt powerless.

This man would seriously want a mile when given an inch, ah.

In the end, whose body was injured ah, and still asking for conditions left and right..

But she also couldn’t speak to berate him. If she reprimanded him, he would absolutely have the ability to swiftly accuse her with his hidden bitterness.

“You say it and we’ll see.” Su Luo had one hand on her waist as she helplessly glanced at him.

Nangong Liuyun happily patted the carving on the large yellow rosewood bed: “Accompany this king tonight to sleep together.”

Su Luo refused to acknowledge him, carrying the Celestial Spirit Water, she sat on the edge of the bed and asked: “If I don’t promise?”

Nangong Liuyun very unhappily ‘humph, humph’: “Then this king refuses to be treated!”

“That is your body, why is it that you don’t care a bit about it?” Su Luo rolled her eyes at him.

“With you being concerned, it is enough.” Nangong Liuyun continued and added smoothly. .

This was putting the blame on her head? Su Luo suddenly felt at a loss for words as she cast sidelong glances at him: “Are you putting the blame on me?”

Nangong Liuyun even nodded very seriously, and with a deadly earnest tone, said: “This king is a sick person, a sick person is the most important!”

Su Luo was simply completely defeated by him.

She really wanted to take a picture of his now fuming appearance and distribute it throughout the entire nation. Thus allowing everyone to see the distinctly cold, noble and insufferably arrogant His Highness Prince Jin that was in their hearts, after all, had what kind of childish conduct in private.

Su Luo slanted a cold glance at him, “Don’t be too excessive, or else I will abandon you without a care.”

“This king’s Luo girl wouldn’t do it!” Nangong Liuyun playfully and arrogantly raised an eyebrow.

“Who said I won’t? Now, I will disappear for you to see.” Su Luo placed the Celestial Spirit Water in his hand, then turned around and walked out.

Nangong Liuyun watched Su Luo’s back as she left, momentarily, his eyes drooped with a lonely expression……

Su Luo was not really angry with Nangong Liuyun, rather, she had recalled, that if it were scraping away the flesh to heal, she must first refine the blood-clotting pill.

The necessary herbal ingredients for the blood-clotting pill were not difficult to find. Su Luo wandered around the mountain in a circle, and in less than an hour, she had returned after finding all of them.

Su Luo also didn’t need to refine it herself, she put all those medical herbs in her space, letting her spirit enter to refine it was just fine.

As a result, the Su Luo-shaped spirit inside her space was occupied with refining the medicinal pill, while the Su Luo outside her space was also not idle, occupied with searching for food.

The herbal ingredients were not difficult to find, but, as for food, it truly stumped her.

This uninhibited island didn’t even have a single magical beast. At first, she even thought to look for a magical beast to butcher for barbecue, to make a large and sumptuous meal.

Su Luo searched around and only found a few wild fruit trees, there weren’t that many fruits on the trees, only a scarce, several tens of them.

Su Luo picked a few and tasted the berries, and she discovered that the taste could be considered not bad. Then, she picked all the berries in one breath and placed it in her space, even if it was a larger amount, she was also not worried about them not fitting.

With this kind of thinking, space was simply essential for leaving home to travel, it was something that people would kill for.

Still, only having wild fruit would be unable to appease one’s hunger.

There weren’t any magical beasts, but the sea must have seafood, right.

Su Luo eagerly ran to the seashore again. Her luck could also be considered excellent, on the beach, some oysters were sporadically scattered about.

An oyster was also commonly referred to as the live oyster. In the modern world, it was good stuff. With diced, fragrant garlic placed on top, then baking it on a fire, it would certainly be extremely appetizing. .

Su Luo collected all of it, filling half a small bucket with live oysters.

Nangong Liuyun was injured, so she ought to stew some fish soup to nourish him.

Su Luo was just thinking of going to capture some, but then she suddenly recalled——

Previously, the Amethyst Thorned fish she had hooked, she had practically moved a small portion of it into her own space. She had several hundreds of fishes, after a rough count…… She had actually forgotten about this.

Su Luo slapped her head, thinking that this elm tree-like head of hers had certainly been frozen silly by the ice.

Such a good treasure, unexpectedly, she hadn’t thought of it before.

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  1. dysry says:

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