DKC – Chapter 437

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Chapter 437 – A new lease on life (9)

“In the end, how do you feel? Do you need to drink water?”

A kiss was just a kiss, it was not like she hadn’t been kissed before, why would her reaction be so huge? Moreover, Nangong Liuyun was already wounded so heavily…

Su Luo’s heart was extremely regretful.

As a result, she was even more eagerly attentive around him, staying by his side and pampering him.

Anyway, Nangong Liuyun was a typical case of giving-sunshine-and-he-would-shine type. The more Su Luo hovered around and pressed him, the more he would actually climb all over her.

He still refused to answer her.

When Su Luo was on the left side, his head would slant to the right.

Su Luo then ran to the right side, and his face again inclined to the left.

Indeed a child’s bad disposition, how could it be this awkwardly difficult?

Su Luo could only reduce her anger. She pulled at his sleeves and apologized to him in a low voice: “Okay, okay, I was wrong. I should not have pushed you. Stop being angry, okay?”

Only now did Nangong Liuyun turn around to glare at her and severely remind her: “This king is injured!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Su Luo acted well-behaved, like a waiter in a shop.

“This king is a sick patient!” Nangong Liuyun complained once more.

“I know, I know.” Su Luo parroted in haste.

From her previous world to this world, killing a person, to her, was as simple as eating a meal, but she really didn’t have a lot of experience dealing with a brat. Forget it, she would just start from Nangong Liuyun, this bastard, alright.

Finished complaining, Nangong Liuyun was still rather unhappy. One could see him covering his chest, fuming and glaring at Su Luo: “Since you know, why do you still not know what to do?”

“How to do it?” Su Luo, with a signboard that said ‘obedient’, suspiciously shot him a glance.

Nangong Liuyun arrogantly and in a spoiled manner, lifted his chin. He cast a meaningful glance at her: “Don’t you know to make it up to me?”

“How to make it up to you? Speak clearly.” Couldn’t he say a complete sentence? If it was not for the fact that he was wounded, she would have already walked away after an explosion.

Seeing Su Luo’s somewhat impatient manner, Nangong Liuyun immediately acted like he had been wronged. That pair of peach blossom-like eyes cast a glance at Su Luo with a faint blaming expression: “Injured someone, and don’t even know to kiss it as compensation…”

This appearance was simply as pitiful as a young wife who had been subjected to bullying.

My dear Highness Prince Jin…You just happen to be His Highness Prince Jin ah. Don’t adopt the expression of a young wife having been bullied alright? Seeing this made her feel as though she was simply guilty of terrible crimes, don’t you think?

Su Luo immediately became irascible, but…coming into contact with that pair of huge eyes that could clearly distinguish between right or wrong, and also that about-to-collapse pale face…

Su Luo. Admitted. She. Lost!

Truly defeated by him!

Su Luo moved closer towards his cheeks, sweeping past a kiss that was like a dragonfly lightly touching the water.

Afterwards, she helplessly asked: “This time it should be all right!”

Who would have thought that this bastard was still dissatisfied and this picky: “It’s not that place.”

“Looking to be spanked right?” Su Luo feigned anger to glare at him.

Su Luo at last fumbled out rules to his behavior. When dealing with a brat, she shouldn’t have given him face, so as to avoid him taking advantage of her weakness.

Nangong Liuyun, this bastard, was equivalent to a brat, so she must give him the same treatment as a brat.

Nangong Liuyun felt aggrieved as he looked at her, accusing her, and with a hand covering his chest, he refused to get up.

It was early morning, she hadn’t eaten any boiled rice for a few days, she was already starving to the point of collapse, and this bastard was still stirring up trouble. Immediately, Su Luo’s face darkened, as she reached out a hand to pull him up: “Stop whining, I know you are alright. Quickly get up so we can continue the journey.”

However, Nangong Liuyun continued to cover his chest, not even taking any notice of Su Luo.

“What else are you unsatisfied with?” Su Luo impatiently and helplessly crouched in front of him: “What’s wrong with your chest? Don’t tell me you really are wounded?”

While speaking, Su Luo reached out with her hand to lift open his embroidered robe.

“Don’t ——”Nangong Liuyun pulled at her hand, stopping her, swaying and shaking as he was about to stand up.

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