DKC – Chapter 436

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Chapter 436 – A new lease on life (8)

Nangong Liuyun was causing trouble for her, forcing her to build up mental preparation for a long time. Afraid that with one short careless sentence from her, it would injure his overly sensitive heart.

Now, this bastard actually was still striking a pose over there.

Su Luo crossly glared at him: “Stop keeping me in suspense, quickly explain, quickly speak.”

The fiercer and more solemn Su Luo’s tone was when interrogating, the bigger Nangong Liuyun’s smiling expression became. With his hand behind his back, he raised an eyebrow, and said with an air of complacency: “Really want to know?”

“Of course I want to know.” Even a buddha (1) would also have a curious heart okay?

“Why do you want to know?” Nangong Liuyun said it very lightly, still carrying some of that smiling expression, and leisurely asked.

Su Luo saw that he had a calm and composed appearance. Her heart was indignant and she snorted twice: “Are you going to say it or not, in the end? So long-winded.”

Nangong Liuyun merely cast her an unhurried glance, leaning close to her ear, he teasingly said: “In fact, what you really wanted to ask is whether this king finally lost his virginity, right?”

This person, was still really…so hardcore, brazenly thick-skinned, able to shock a person to death from his endless speech.

But to put it bluntly——

Wasn’t this what she wanted to ask?

Certainly, if she was to admit it, wouldn’t it be her covertly admitting that she cared about his purity? Wasn’t this tantamount to her covertly admitting she had an interest in him?

As if she would let him be smug.

Su Luo turned her face away: “Why would I be concerned about this thing of yours? Why should I care if you had lost your virginity or not, what I am concerned about is, how did you find me?”

This issue was also very crucial.

After all, she was completely swept away by the wind and battered by the rain, in addition, last night’s rising waves were high and rapid. Under this kind of being adrift among the waves, he unexpectedly could find her. She couldn’t help but say this was miraculous.

Suddenly, Nangong Liuyun’s expression darkened, although he was smiling happily just a moment ago. His hand which held hers gripped so tightly that Su Luo grimaced in pain.

Su Luo glared at him with a wrathful expression: Was this person really heavily injured? How could his strength be this great.

Nangong Liuyun leaned close to her ear, whispering like the twittering of a bird. His manner was tender, but gave a person a kind of terrible feeling: “Luo girl, the sentence you just said, this king does not like.”

His heated breath lingered on her sensitive ear, Su Luo instinctively shifted to the side, but Nangong Liuyun used his strength to give a tug, pulling her into his embrace.

The tip of Su Luo’s nose bumped into his chest very heavily. The bump made her nose very sore, so painful as to make the rim of her eyes all red.

Without waiting for her to cover her nose, one of Nangong Liuyun’s bony fingers tipped up her pure white, tapered chin, and he bent over quickly to kiss her lips.

His kiss was overbearing and intense, possessing a franticness as he plundered and besieged her lips.

Su Luo was immediately distracted from her original thought. She only tasted the sweet scent in her mouth, a kind of limp and numbing feeling filling her whole body.

She was distracted like this for a split second, then she immediately returned to her senses. At once, instinctively, she pushed him away energetically!

She didn’t expect that this time, she was able to push Nangong Liuyun away so easily.

Moreover, it wasn’t limited to just pushing him away, her push made Nangong Liuyun reel about, swaying and shaking until he fell against an ancient tree at the side. With a ‘bump’ sound, the back of his head knocked against the trunk of the ancient tree. Momentarily, it hurt so much that he grimaced in pain.

“Hiss——” He inhaled a breath of cold air and covered his chest while he glared at Su Luo: “Damned girl, you want to kill your own husband?”

“Who told you to indiscriminately and lightly hug other people.” Su Luo aggressively returned his glare with her own. However, seeing him collapse and hanging onto the tree while panting bluntly, in the end, her endurance was defeated. She moved closer to him due to having a guilty conscience and softly asked: “That is…are you alright?”

Nangong Liuyun gave two snorts and turned his head away, refusing to acknowledge her.

Could it be he wouldn’t even speak to her? A feeling of remorse flashed through Su Luo’s heart, her heart becoming increasingly regretful.



1) Even a buddha: The Chinese here literally translates to Daoist/Taoist immortal, but the English meaning is more like saying ‘even a saint’. So I used buddha as the equivalent to Western saints.

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