DKC – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – Hidden treasure map fragment appears (1)

“What is this?” Su Zian silently endured the pain as he tossed that purple fish jade pendant to him.

“Purple fish jade pendant?”

“Isn’t this yours?” Su Zian’s overcast eyes surveyed him. He continuously sneered as he watched Su Jingyu’s pair of trembling legs.

“It indeed belongs to this son, but this son had carelessly lost it three days ago.”

“Lost it? Now you’re saying that you lost it?” Su Zian repeatedly sneered and drew closer, step by step.

“Lock him up and thoroughly interrogate him! Even if that thief is not him, the thief can not be unrelated to him.” Su Bowu picked up the now warm purple fish pendant as his eyes flashed with viciousness.

Su Manor’s small remote courtyard.

The entire Su Manor was brightly light up and was incomparably noisy. Only this remote small courtyard was as silent as the depths of the night.

After Nangong Liuyun got rid of the people tailing him, he grinning happily as he ran off to find Su Luo.

At this time, he had already changed out of the night clothes covering his body.

He was dressed entirely in a fast flowing soft gorgeous robe made of golden silk. The soft golden silk robe was embroidered with fragments of gold that glittered with the luster of gems. The luxurious soft robe’s hem was like a warm cloud spread out in an arc, layer upon layer, it flowed with light that restrained the shadows.

The soft breeze brushed by, and the wind-borne light tassels under his jade belt willfully danced about.

Both of his hands encircled in his arms. He was laid-back, confident and at ease while reclining under a very tall and straight Chinese snowball viburnum tree.

April was overflowing with the beginning of spring; this great big cherry tree proudly stood upright in the courtyard. Sections of captivating red snowball viburnum flowers fluttered about. The sweet fragrance overflowed in four directions and the dense mist was mesmerizing.

The him at this moment, was as handsome as the main male character walking out of a painting. His silhouette was like a sculpture from ancient Greece; sharp, and distinct. It was gentle and languid.  His enchanting light smile held such devilish charm.

“How was it? This king’s performance wasn’t that bad right?” Nangong Liuyun reclined under the Chinese snowball tree. His slender hands encircled in his arms and he lightly smiled as he enchantingly stared at Su Luo.

“Barely passable.” Su Luo sat on the stone chair in the courtyard. A pot of clear tea was placed on the stone table in front of her. Tea fragrance curled upwards and lingered into a dense mist.

This time, she was dressed in a pure white bright robe with a butterfly playing on daffodils. Her jet black hair was held back with a light purple ribbon and a few silken strands of beautiful hair mischievously hung down from both shoulders, revealing a sparkling and translucent gloss. The garment lining blew by teasingly, touching the delicate beautiful skin that seemed to be made of porcelain.

Facing her neither warm nor cold attitude, Nangong Liuyun not only did not mind, but instead raised his face and leaned in. He leaned in to the closest distance possible. Hot air fluttered to her ears with a deep and affectionate voice: “ Good girl, did you get the Celestial Spirit Water?”

“Of course, didn’t you see who set out on this campaign?” Any missions Su Luo went on, never had a record of failure. Even if it was now the olden times and the difficulty had been increased numerous times, it was still not too difficult for her.

She handed him the Celestial Spirit Water. The expression in her eyes seem pleased with herself, “I actually thought it would be heavily guarded, but it’s only like this.”

Nangong Liuyun indulgently pampered her and used his long and smooth slim fingers to poke her forehead: “Keep bragging. If not for this king having drawn away that old man, do you really think it would have been this simple?”

“Oh right, what kind of map is this? Have you seen it before?” Su Luo sulkily rolled her eyes. Then, she handed that inundated yellow piece of paper to Nangong Liuyun.

She had no idea what the crooked weird words on it meant.

Nangong Liuyun took it and carefully looked at it.

His expression originally held a hint of crooked smile, but after a quarter of an hour, his expression began to slightly change.

Something that can change the expression on Prince Jin’s face was presumably not a simple thing.

Su Luo curiously blinked her beautiful vividly touching eyes: “What? Could it be a real hidden treasure map?”

“Where did you get this?” Nangong Liuyun asked in a rare and serious tone of voice.

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