DKC – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Arrogant brazen thieves (3)

Su Bowu frigidly glanced at Su Jingyu, he said coldly, “Go in and search!”

“Honorable father!” Su Jingyu had a lost expression; he didn’t know what he did wrong. What Celestial Spirit Water, what hidden treasure map, he really didn’t understand, alright?

“Guards, tie up Su Jingyu!” Su Bowu’s expression is livid, without any mercy.

“Honorable father!” Su Jingyu’s eyes flashed with alarm.

Su Zian coldly glanced once at Su Jingyu and bitterly said, “A real article can not be faked, a fake can not be real. If you are proven to be innocent, then nobody can wrongly accuse you.”

After he finished speaking, he waved his hands, expression full of dignity: “Go in and search!”

At the sound of the order, a troop of over twenty guards immediately flocked in and quickly dispersed to search each of the rooms in the Heaven and Earth courtyard.

Su Zian and Su Bowu were also not idle; the two’s gazes swept over the courtyard like lightning, afraid of missing any information.

After searching the outer courtyard rooms, Su Zian followed the guards and stepped into the inner bedroom.

They searched once but nothing was found.

Su Zian’s eyes held a complex expression. He was grateful since this matter had nothing to do with his son, but was depressed because he couldn’t find any clues.

But right at this moment, a guard suddenly shouted out loud: “What is that?”

His finger pointed towards under the bed. There was a faint black shadow there; it was faintly discernable under the gloomy lamp light.

“Take it out and let’s have a look!” At this time, Su Zian’s expression became ashen.

That guard obeyed the command and quickly laid on the ground. He stretched out his hand and pulled the thing out.

“This is…” Su Zian saw the bundle of black clothing and his facial expression become as dark as the black clothing; so black that his original color could not be seen.

At this time, his mind echoed with a buzzing sound, as he crumbled even faster than a lost battle would make him.

He never would have thought, that this search actually found something…

His line of sight lowered, and he actually saw a familiar small wooden box.

Suddenly, Su Zian and Su Bowu’s facial expression’s instantly turned pale.

Because both of them recognized it; this little box was the box that the Celestial Spirit Water was stored in.

But now the box was completely empty. Not even mentioning the Celestial Spirit Water, even the hidden treasure map that was tucked underneath disappeared without a trace.

Su Zian’s eyes fixated on Su Jingyu like a viper. In a single move, he clutched his throat and loudly shouted with anger: “Unfilial son! Quickly speak, where did the Celestial Spirit Water go? Also, where is the hidden treasure map? Quickly speak!!”

At this time, all the evidence and all the coincidences pointed to Su Jingyu. Even if he had a hundred mouths to argue, it was beyond his ability to deny.

Su Jingyu was extremely innocent, and was also very much at a loss: “Father, what are you guys talking about? What Celestial Spirit Water? What hidden treasure map?” How could he recognize every word when apart, but did not understand when they were put together?

“You’re still pretending to be innocent in front of this daddy, speak! Where is the Celestial Spirit Water? Was it not you who drank it? Quick speak, if not, your daddy here will choke you to death!” At this time, Su Zian was truly infuriated.

That Celestial Spirit Water was a treasure that could promote a cultivator’s rank, his old father wanted to use it to break through to the seventh step, but kept saving it. And now, it had actually been stolen by another!

If his old father could break through to the seventh step rank, then their Su Manor would jump up to become Eastern Ling Empire’s number one family.

But right now it was gone… Everything was gone. He wasn’t sure if his old father, after coming out from closed door practice, would be angry enough to spit blood.

“Father… I really don’t know. I really didn’t steal it!” Su Jingyu’s mouth continued to shout that he had been wronged.

In fact, he really was innocent. But who told him to offend the spiteful Su Luo?

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