DKC – Chapter 430

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Chapter 430 – A new lease on life (2)

Very quickly, on the sea surface, lightning and thunder mixed together and a huge gale erupted. It was like a ferocious beast producing thunderous roars, making the people who heard it tremble with fear.

The originally drowsy Su Luo was immediately startled awake.

Just at this moment, lightning streaked past, following right after was a scorched smell then the thunder overhead directly smashed down!

However, the peal of thunder left no time for her to prepare nor cover her ears.

With an imposing and majestic manner, it directly struck on the ice sculpture of Su Luo.

Fortunately, she was concealed away within a very thick layer of ice, otherwise, a person would swiftly be hacked into a charred mess.

But even so, it still scared Su Luo enough.

One could only hear the surface layer of her ice sculpture issuing sizzling sounds of ‘sss’ that lingered on.

Yet, this was merely the beginning. In this pitch-black night, Su Luo, who was floating on the sea surface, really, truly experienced what was called a hair-raising, violent tempest.

She, who was frozen within the ice sculpture, could see through the layer of ice, the flashing lightning and rolling thunder with torrents of rain.

She saw the lightning dancing in the horizon like a dragon serpent, bellowing and snarling.

She saw the torrential rain pouring down in buckets and beating upon the sea surface, each and every one of them forming a deep hole.

And her ice block was like a small skiff, slapped by the waves, rocking about and swaying, sliding to the east then falling to the west.

When the huge wave swept her up, it was the same as being on a roller coaster. She was rolled up and lifted up high, nearly several tens of meters above the sea surface.

When the huge wave rolled down, she was again heavily thrown down without the least bit of sympathy.

Despite being hidden in the ice layer, Su Luo was still thrown about until she was dizzy and confused while being light-headed.

Su Luo felt that she had been forced to suffer extreme bitterness.

At this moment, she was being slapped around and rammed until she simply didn’t know her own orientation. She could only hope that she didn’t get swept into the waterspout region, otherwise, if she was sucked into the waterspout, then she really would be done for.

This night, Su Luo could only helplessly allow the huge waves and the gale to ravage her. But she had no other alternative, so she could only try to find joy in the sorrow and think that this was a free-of-charge roller coaster in the ancient times.

Fortunately though, she was now frozen in a layer of ice, her entire body was protected. The force of impact from the waves did not injury her, if not, this night would seriously be extremely difficult.

Gradually, Su Luo started to feel the meaning of being trapped.

The tide with the howling winds and torrential rain gradually settled down. Her psyche unwittingly relaxed, and her eyes started to close as she fell asleep.

The she that had fallen asleep, was completely unaware that a person was calling for her throughout this journey.

When she opened her eyes once more, it was because she had been woken up by the burning sun.

Su Luo opened her eyes to glance at the environment in her surroundings, immediately, excitement flashed through her eyes.

She actually caught sight of a black dot up ahead, since she was separated from it by a large distance, she couldn’t see it clearly.

But to be able to see a black dot on the ocean’s surface, it was either a vessel or an island. It was still much better when compared to just drifting aimlessly on the ocean.

Su Luo used her two fingers and stroked forward with all her strength.

Last night was filled with high wind and pressing waves, her two fingers could not be used, but now, the waves on the sea surface were not that big.

Su Luo continued to row ah, row forward with all her effort…

With great difficulty, she rowed about ten meters forward. Then, a wave came at her in a head-on collision.

The pitiful Su Luo was immediately rolled backwards by about twenty meters by the wave.

Su Luo’s heart silently flowed with two noodle-like, broad strips of tears. But very quickly, she pulled herself together and spared no effort to move forward by row ah, row…

Afterwards, another wave hit her head-on and pushed her back even further.

Su Luo simply wanted to look up to the sky and hiss for a long time!

What kind of toying with her was taking shape! Even using a swing, was not played with this kind of method!

Was it because before, she had overdrawn her good luck, so now she needed to use misfortune to settle the debt. It was simply…. too much! Su Luo angrily stuck up her middle finger at the Heavens.

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