DKC – Chapter 410

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Chapter 410- Secret collection room (6)

Okay, this was absolutely a little traitor.

Su Luo, half-believing and half-doubting, took out a cup of Celestial Spirit Water from her own space.

Without waiting for her to hold it steadily, the huge foolish tiger, in an instant, rushed towards her. Its huge body directly threw itself at her, Su Luo stumbled back a step, and Nangong Liuyun easily grabbed hold of her hand, stabilizing her.

The cup in her hand swayed back and forth. Without waiting for the Celestial Spirit Water to be poured out, the huge foolish tiger had already swallowed whole the water along with the cup!

It didn’t even bother to chew, with one mouthful, it swallowed everything cleanly and neatly.

Without waiting for Su Luo to return to her senses, the huge foolish tiger once again enthusiastically threw itself at Su Luo. It extended its long and thick tongue to lick towards Su Luo’s face.

Without any doubt, this was absolutely the huge foolish tiger’s way of showing its enthusiasm towards humans.

However, Su Luo was really unable to bear this kind of enthusiastic manner. She raised her hands in surrender and took out another cup of water to pour into its wide open mouth, to block its affectionate manner towards her.

It was not because Su Luo was unwilling to part with some Celestial Spirit Water, it was really because this huge foolish tiger was not easy to wait upon.

If she directly gave it a wooden bucket of Celestial Spirit Water, then it absolutely would still be unsatisfied. When the time came, she still wouldn’t be able to leave.

Therefore, from the beginning, the basic amount must be small, this way, it would not be difficult for her to increase it.

Sure enough, the huge foolish tiger once again drank the cup of Celestial Spirit Water very blissfully. Then, it once again pretended to be pitiful as it looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo spread out both hands: “Don’t have anymore!”

“Awoo——” The huge foolish tiger was unreconciled and once again rushed over to show Su Luo various kinds of enthusiasm. Su Luo helplessly closed her eyes and held her breath, suffering various kinds of ravages from it.

If it demanded the water, and she give it, this certainly meant that she had a lot of Celestial Spirit Water, then today, she absolutely wouldn’t be able to leave. Therefore, Su Luo decided not to indulge its little temper.

As expected, no matter how enthusiastic it was, Su Luo merely frowned with her eyes closed and did not respond. After quite a while, the huge foolish tiger finally released Su Luo. It walked to the side with a pitiful expression, squatted down in the corner, and occasionally would cast Su Luo a glance of feeling wronged.

Nangong Liuyun once again started on the job of washing her clean. He tidied up Su Luo until she was completely clean and neat, then he finally sighed, saying: “Such a strong taste.”

Su Luo snorted twice: “Otherwise, how about switching to you instead?”

Su Luo’s brain conjured the image of Nangong Liuyun being affectionately kissed by the huge foolish tiger, and suddenly, she uttered a ‘pfft’ laughing sound.

Seeing that Amethyst Crystal Fish still being held in the huge foolish tiger’s paw, Su Luo thought about it, then she took out a very small wooden bucket. She carried the wooden bucket to arrive in front of the huge foolish tiger, indicating to exchange this bucket full of Celestial Spirit Water for the Amethyst Crystal Fish.

The huge foolish tiger looked at the Amethyst Crystal Fish, and then looked again at the wooden bucket. It somewhat stupidly scratched its head, having a really hard time choosing.

The two-faced, deceitful Su Luo was well-versed in the ways of haggling over price. She pulled at Nangong Liuyun, pretending to walk away, and the huge foolish tiger that had merely grown a large head, was suddenly taken in by this deceit. It dashed towards her while roaring ‘awoo, awoo’. It handed over the Amethyst Crystal Fish to Su Luo, and with a huge claw, clasped the little wooden bucket to place it in front of Su Luo.

A smiling expression of having prevailed flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. With the raise of a hand, a stream of water shot out like an arrow. In a short time, it filled the little wooden bucket completely.

Seeing the leaving backs of Su Luo and her people, the huge foolish tiger somewhat stupidly scratched its head.

Only after they left that section did Beichen Ying finally slowly exhale a breath of heavy air. He simply worshipped Su Luo to death, and with a pair of beautiful eyes that was as bright as the full moon, he looked at her: “Sister-in-law! This team is really no good without you! From now on, you should be our little number five!”

Lan Xuan immediately followed after with a more rowdy agreement: “That’s right, that’s right, if it weren’t for sister-in-law taking action today, we absolutely wouldn’t be able to escape from within the palms of that huge foolish tiger. Certainly, this is not the most important point. The key is that sister-in-law didn’t even need to fight to cause the surrender of the opponent (1), with the military force not even seeing blood. Not a single soldier was wasted in this final move, this was truly the greatest action in existence!”

Anye Ming enigmatically nodded his head: “I second that notion.”



1) Didn’t even need to fight to cause the surrender of the opponent: Is a strategy from the ancient Chinese text called the Art of War by Sun Wu, an ancient Chinese military strategist. If there is a better English translation for this strategy please let me know…I loosely translated it almost word by word.

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  1. Nat says:

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    She could probably also put dangerous things in her space if it wouldn’t be dangerous to set them lose on her treasure & make them stronger…haha, she could probably put Nangong in her space too if she trusted him a bit more…which would be very helpful if he was being a bit too indecent XD

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