DKC – Chapter 411

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Chapter 411 – Secret collection room (7)

Nangong Liuyun had one hand on Su Luo’s shoulder, with an ingratiating smile that was devilishly charming, he raised an eyebrow: “No need to be that troublesome, Luo girl is already this king’s people.”

Beichen Ying and them all curled their lips in disdain and turned their faces away. This guy was really shameless, obviously he hadn’t achieved it, yet he still said it.

Sure enough, Su Luo crossly glared at him: “You can eat indiscriminately but you shouldn’t make irresponsible remarks.”

Nangong Liuyun accused with a hidden bitterness: “You won’t take responsibility!”

Su Luo held her hand to her forehead, did this guy’s head get screwed up again?

Su Luo pushed him away: “Also, not looking at where we are at now. Always behaving in this indecent manner. After another few hours, the Amethyst Fish Palace will disappear, we had better increase our speed.”

If Su Luo hadn’t mentioned it, then all’s good, once she mentioned it, everyone remembered the current situation.

They still hadn’t found the secret collection room!

As a result, everyone increased their speed and walked onwards. Nangong Liuyun, with a faintly complaining expression, tugged at the hem of Su Luo’s clothing, like a young wife having been subjected to some grievance. He used that pair of accusing eyes to continuously stare at her.

Su Luo walked in front and Nangong Liuyun merely pitifully tugged at her clothing.

Now, the two of them seemed like Su Luo was the experienced cow walking ahead, while Nangong Liuyun was the plow following behind the experienced cow.

Su Luo walked, Nangong Liuyun walked.

Su Luo stopped, Nangong Liuyun stopped.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed, speechlessly looking to the sky, she paused her footsteps to glare back at him.

When Su Luo glared at him, his mood was still very good and his mouth split open into a smile towards her. That smile exposed his snow-white teeth and looked somewhat foolish.

Su Luo did not feel like paying him any attention and turned around to walk off on her own. Once again, he reverted to his old ways, starting to accuse her with secret grudges and of having mistreated him as he glared at her. He held on to her clothing and followed behind, blindly and slavishly.

Su Luo, with regards towards him, was simply speechless to the extreme.

Could this man be any more childish! Even a five-year-old child was more sensible than him, okay? He was insisting on having all of her attention on him before he was good, alright?

Su Luo was completely defeated by him.

It was useless to employ the hard stuff on him. It was simply like punching into cotton, he absolutely would pretend to be feeble for her to see.

Therefore, Su Luo could only choose to use the soft method to deal with him.

With no other way, Su Luo tore away from him who was holding on to her clothing. Her fine, pale, delicate hand then grabbed hold of his hand, and with large strides, walked forward.

Nangong Liuyun, this childish kid, was extremely happy. The corner of his mouth pointed up into an arc and he was smiling from the corner of his eyes to the tip of his brow. He smiled until he appeared dim-witted.

“What are you smiling about? Smile once more and I’ll cut off your mouth!” Su Luo harshly roared at him.

This guy was used to getting a mile when he was given an inch. Give him sunlight and he would glitter brilliantly. Give him a little color and he would dare to open a dye workshop. Therefore, Su Luo definitely could not let him be so smug.

Nangong Liuyun’s mood was extremely good, with an air of complacency, he said: “It was you who took the initiative to hold this king’s hand.”

“Then, again, so what?” Su Luo peevishly responded.

“Since you already grabbed hold, then don’t even think about letting go again. You must take responsibility till the end.” Nangong Liuyun arrogantly and in a spoiled manner, lifted his chin, with a smug manner of having gotten away with a crafty scheme.

“Take responsibly for what? Take responsibility of you eating and pooping for a lifetime?” Su Luo snorted twice.

“A lifetime? Good, then it’s agreed upon like this.” Nangong Liuyun embraced Su Luo and left an imprint on her lips. Just like this, he passed judgement on her life and put the lid on the coffin.

Nangong Liuyun’s speed was as fast as lightning, after he affixed the seal on her lips, Su Luo finally managed to react.

Su Luo immediately became dumbfounded, she foolishly looked at Nangong Liuyun.

What did she say just now? Why was it that all of a sudden that was stamped and sealed?

A little self-satisfaction flashed through the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s eyes, his gaze wandered without pause, looking around in all directions, only, he wouldn’t look at Su Luo. But he merely mouthed: “Words that have been spoken and sealed with a mark on the lips, is something you can not renege on.”

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