DKC – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Acquired too easily

Su Luo quietly got to the third floor.

Throughout the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, there were only three floors. If it was not here, then she did not know what else she could do

The space on the third floor was much smaller than the two floors below.

Also, the shelves were crowded with books. This gave Su Luo much more work to do.

When Su Luo took a closer and more careful look, she realized that they were not martial art secrets, but some general history of the continent and as well as some of the principles and practice of the six major elements.

How strange, these were common books, why treasure them enough to put it on the third floor?

Logically, wouldn’t the third floor have the most precious treasures?

Su Luo was a bit confused.

Eh?—— As Su Luo’s eyes fell off the shelves, her body suddenly paused and her eyes flashed with a trace of excitement.

With her carefully honed killer instinct, she noticed that the books in the front of the shelf seemed amiss.

This collection was placed in a purple wooden box, a total of nine were standing vertically on the shelf.

The reason why it was so strange, was because the other books were covered in dust. But these books…

They seemed to be touched often by somebody; the surface of the book was smooth and clean.

It was also possible that the owner cherished it a lot and would wipe it often

Su Luo’s mouth dropped into a sly smile.

This was it.

Su Luo’s hand played around with the box. However, there was not the slightest reaction.

How come?

Su Luo slightly wrinkled her eyebrows as she thought about it, and then decided to take the books out one by one.

She would move one book out, stop, then carefully listen if anything happened.

When she got to the sixth book, she suddenly felt the book was stuck. But no matter what she did, she couldn’t get it out.

When she took another careful look over the book, she suddenly laughed. As expected, this book was the most important.

Suddenly, the book she was holding had been abruptly taken out.

“Wooosh——” A small sound suddenly resounded in the dark, Su Luo discovered that the sound came from below her feet.

Su Luo faced the direction the sound came from and took a look.

At this time, one meter in front of her, the floor slowly opened, revealing a small black hole about the size of ten square centimeters; something that you wouldn’t see if you weren’t looking carefully.

Su Luo went over, crouched down, and was surprised to see a small palm-sized box.

The small box was made of rosewood, surrounded by a faint rosewood fragrance.

The small box was not locked, so Su Luo could easily open it.

Inside the box was a small jade bottle.

Su Luo looked at it carefully. It was a flawlessly white jade bottle, with no labels on its surface; just from its exterior, it was fundamentally impossible to see anything.

Su Luo slowly opened the bottle and sniffed it. Suddenly, an unknown fragrance spread out.

It was fresh and elegant; this smell made people relax.

This kind of fragrance was exactly the same as what Nangong Liuyun had described.

Turns out this was Celestial spirit water.

It was really acquired too easily.

But this was also thanks to Su Luo’s professionalism from the past. If she wasn’t so careful in all aspects, even if she searched the entire Hidden Treasure Pavilion, it would’ve been impossible to find.

Su Luo took the small bottle of water together with the box into her arms.

It was not because she liked the rosewood box, but because she had another use for it. Not only that, it would be very useful too.

Now that she had already gotten what she wanted, it was natural to quickly leave.

But before withdrawing, that purple fish jade pendant shall be of great use.

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