DKC – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – When meeting face to face on a narrow path, the brave will be victorious.

The corner of Su Luo’s lips turned into a nefarious and charming sneer.

Su Jingyu, wasn’t it you who wrongly accused me? Framed me? Then I’ll let you experience what it’s really like to be wrongly accused and to be framed!

Giving him a taste of his own medicine; Su Luo was very familiar with this type of thing.

Looking at that tiny black hole, Su Luo’s mouth tilted into a smirk, and then ruthlessly tossed the jade fish pendant into the hole. Moreover, she did not even bother to close the mechanism and immediately prepared to leave.

But at this time, suddenly from outside the sound of hubbub could be heard.

Faintly, torch light could be seen coming closer.

Su Luo moved close to the window and looked out, her heart tensed.

What bad luck. Su Zian really did bring people over.

Looks like he was not that stupid. He finally thought to check on the Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

Originally, if she did not find the Celestial Spirit water in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, Su Luo planned to conceal herself in the hidden corners on the third floor.

Humans had innate habits. If Su Zian saw the disorder on the third floor, his first reaction was to check on the most precious treasure in his collection and look to see if it was stolen. This way, Su Luo who was hiding in a dark corner could clearly see the place where he stashed the treasure.

But now, since she had already obtained the Celestial Spirit water from the box, she did not have to waste more effort.

But Su Luo could totally imagine it. When her cheap father walked up to the third floor and sees the disordered scene in front of him, it was very likely that he would be so furious that he might even die from anger.

Just thinking about this made Su Luo’s mood especially happy.

Seeing that the pursuing force was about to arrive, Su Luo did not panic then. Many years as an assassin had trained her to possess formidable courage and wisdom.

She did not go downstairs. Rather, she nimbly climbed out the window, and with a leopard cat grace and quickness, quietly slid down the pillar.

With an effort that lasted a blink of an eye, she now stood at the foot of the wall.

At this time, she did not flee in the direction of her distant courtyard, but towards Su Jingyu’s courtyard.

On the pathway not far from Su Jingyu’s courtyard, Su Luo unfortunately came across a person. This person was none other than the person Su Luo ruthlessly kicked into the wall three days ago, until she fainted dead away, Nanny Gui.

Nanny Gui had just regained consciousness today. She struggled to get up because she want to go to Madam’s courtyard, tattletale to the Madam about who severely wounded her, and also had to tell Madam to carefully guard against that Fourth Miss.

So at this time, Nanny Gui, with the support of a maid, slowly walked toward Madam’s courtyard step by step.

Madam’s courtyard was very close to Su Jingyu’s courtyard. This narrow cobblestoned path was the only route, so she and Su Luo met face to face on this narrow path.

As a result, when Su Luo violently charged out of the side path, she saw Nanny Gui at first glance.

“AHH——” When the little maid saw the masked person in black cloth, she subconsciously shouted out loud.

Nanny Gui originally could resist for a while, but who told her not to heal first from her serious wounds? Her head was knocked until it was confused and dizzy; her butt ached to the point that it felt as if it would cracked wide open. Thus, she did not have the strength or time to put up any resistance. Su Luo chopped towards her with a knife in hand and immediately killed off Nanny Gui.

Originally, Su Luo did not wish to kill Nanny Gui, but she could see at a glance that Nanny Gui was unsettled and this old witch was currently heading toward Madam’s courtyard; she was going there to tattletale.

The current Su Luo did not have the slightest spirit strength, so on this continent, she didn’t even have the strength to protect herself. Consequently, she had keep a low-profile at the moment. She had to conceal her strength and bide her time.

If Madam knew of her talent and shrewdness, it would perhaps not be as convenient when conducting such clandestine actions in the future.

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