DKC – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – The long awaited day

At that moment, Su Xi quickly entered into the courtyard from the doorway. Her face brimmed with joy.

She was wearing a wide crimson sleeved flowing fairy top with a loose grass green pleated skirt decorated with misty flowers. Wrapped around her waist was a golden silk belt that blinds the eyes. She was like a freshly blooming lotus; youthfully delicate, lovable and charming.

Everything was beautiful except for one small glaring mistake; there were too many gold and silver jewelries on her body. It seemed as if she was wearing all the beautiful jewelry from the jewelry box; it was flamboyant, vulgar and tacky.

Today was the day Su Xi looked forward to for a long time.

Early in the morning, she was excitedly sitting in the main hall, shifted from left to right, but Su Luo still had not arrived. She finally couldn’t wait any longer and personally went looking for Su Luo.

She was just about to ridicule Su Luo, when she saw Nanny Gui laying on the floor, uncertain if she was dead or alive. An alarmed feeling flashed through her heart; her wide eyes glared at Su Luo and angrily said. “Nanny Gui kindly come to invite you, what exactly did you do to her?”

Su Luo innocently spread her hands. “ I didn’t touch her at all.” But I did kick her with my feet.

Su Xi didn’t hear the deception in Su Luo’s words. She wrinkled her eyebrows in displeasure.

“Then how could she have ended up this way without reason?” Su Xi angrily asked.

In her eyes, her mom’s right hand Nanny Gui was obviously more important than this Fourth Elder Sister Su Luo.

Su Luo’s innocent face, containing an expression of ‘you ask me who am I to ask’, gently moved her lips. She thought about it and hesitantly said. “Just when Nanny Gui was walking she accidentally hit the wall. After that, she fainted. It was really weird.”

“How is that possible! Fourth sister, when you lie, don’t you even write a rough draft?” Su Xi sneered again as her shady eyes stared at Su Luo.

Su Luo helplessly replied: “Who really knows? Even if you don’t believe me, there is nothing I can do. But recently a lot of unlucky things happening in the manor is real. This morning, I heard the servants outside saying that a ghost came out of the lotus pond. They say that the ghost, looks ferocious, with a wide bloody mouth….”

Lotus pond being haunted…. These words stabbed at Su Xi’s heart. Because if it was really haunted, than that ghost was her, Su Xi.

“Shut up!” As Su Xi thought about yesterday’s embarrassment, her face start to color with anger. She quickly change the subject. “Okay, since Nanny Gui wants to faint, then let her faint. Quickly. ome with me to the main hall to greet the crown prince.”

Su Xi did consider the possibility that Su Luo did the deed, but not even a single trace of battle was in the room. Also Su Luo was a good-for-nothing, how can she possibly be a match for Nanny Gui, who was a second step Warrior? So she directly ruled out the possibility that Su Luo was the attacker.

SInce it couldn’t be explained clearly, then she’ll just ignore it and drop it.

Su Xi allowed no explanation and dragged Su Luo out with her. She was afraid that Su Luo would run away if she let go. If that happened, then the person who would suffer a loss would be her, Su Xi.

Because breaking off this engagement required Su Luo to be physically present; it required her to hear the imperial decree with her own ears to complete the ceremony.

Su Luo coldly turned her head and glanced at Nanny Gui.

She originally worked hard for Su Xi, but in the end, didn’t she just get casually discarded? She wondered how Nanny Gui would feel after waking up and finding out about how Su Xi easily abandoning her.

Su Manor Main Hall.

The main hall was extremely large. The floor was covered in red carpet. There were two rows of eight seats on each side, each was made from the precious Purple Fir Wood and gave off a natural gorgeous, luxurious and expensive air.

The reason why the Purple Fir Wood was expensive, was because it only grew in the Dark Forest, where many magical beasts roamed. Thus, the transportation cost for the wood was prohibitively expensive.

Only similarly powerful and wealth families like the Su Manor could extravagantly afford to make furniture out of the wood.

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