DKC – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Give you the position of concubine (1)

At this time, a few people were already sitting in the main hall.

Sitting at the most honored position was none other than the crown prince Su Luo had encountered yesterday —— Nangong Liujue.

He seem to like the color yellow. Today he was dressed in a yellow brocade robe, patterned with six golden dragons that ferociously bared their fangs and brandished their claws.

The crown prince was wearing a flat rectangular crown with nine tassels. Each tassel was composed of a golden string threaded through with small silver pearls. The light from the tasseled crown revealed a wild, frivolous and tyrannical face.

His lips were puckered as if sucking on something sour, and his nose was hooked like an eagle’s beak. His seemingly calm gaze hid a sharp eagle like deadly edge.

From the beginning, his pair of matchless indifferent eyes never glanced at Su Luo. It was as if just glancing at Su Luo, would dirty his honorable eyes.

Holding a cup of fragrant tea, his posture was elegant and noble. Perfectly composed, he coolly sipped the fragrant tea with a lofty attitude and indifferent demeanor.

Sitting beside him at a lower seating was Great General Su, Su Zian.

This was the first time Su Luo saw the father of her body’s original owner.

She only saw a forty year or so person covered in an ink colored robe who had a cold and frigid expression. This person gave off a piercing imposing and detached aura; especially his stern eyes that contained an endless harsh chilliness.

He turned his severe imposing face and shouted at Su Luo. “How can you be so lacking in manners? Why aren’t you saluting the crown prince?”

At this time, Su Xi had already sweetly given the proper ceremonial salute to the crown prince. She had already intimately walked to the crown prince’s side, affectionately and sweetly saying crown prince brother this and crown prince that.

The crown prince lifted his eyes, a dismissing glance landed on Su Luo’s face. He indifferently asked. “ You are Su Luo?”

To be honest, the girl standing in front of him didn’t look too bad.

Clothed in a white butterfly muslin gown that swept the floor, which showed off her shapely figure; ink black hair tied with a light purple ribbon, and a few strands of escaped hair playfully draped across her shoulder. Her face devote of cosmetics, was so fresh that it was even moving.

Su Luo softly replied. “ Yes.” Her clear voice was calm and collected, cold and agile, with not a single superfluous word.

She bravely held the crown prince’s gaze with her dark iris that looked like dotted ink.

The crown prince slightly frowned, because Su Luo’s eyes were too pure and too bright. The gaze that was as pure as water, seemed to be like a blinding light that could instantly see through all the secrets hidden in his heart.

The crown prince sulked, silently taking her measure, and tightly wrinkled his forehead. As his hands held the teacup, his mouth hooked up into a nefarious sneer. “Because of you, this king has been ridiculed for more than ten years. Tell me, what sort of punishment do you deserve?”

She never thought that this crown prince would be so unscrupulous and shameless. He was ridiculed by others for more than ten years, but what did that have to do with her? He even threw all the blame onto her.

If it was the past weak and powerless Su Luo, then this matter would have been dropped. But would the current Su Luo suffer such a loss? Obviously not.

Su Luo coldly smiled. “Then may I ask the crown prince, back then was it Su Manor who pushed for this engagement?”

Obviously it was your dear Queen mother who saw Su Manor’s Fourth Miss’s good omen and hastily decided on the engagement. For fear that Su Luo would be stolen by others. If you want to find a culprit to blame than you should go look for the Queen, why are you looking for me?

This is like picking up soft persimmons and nitpicking it for being soft. Did he really believe that she would not rebel?

“Su Luo!” The color on Su Zian’s face begin to change as he violently shouted.

What’s wrong with this girl? She didn’t have such courage before and every time she saw the crown prince, she would be submissive and could barely breath. Now she even dared to talk back to the crown prince? Who give her this right?

The crown prince’s mouth curved into a cold smile as a pair of beautiful piercing eyes held a deep iciness and austerity. “Shrewish sharp mouth, a crafty and skillfully argued speech, and every word spoken is vulgar and rude.”

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