DKC – Chapter 1789

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Chapter 1789 – Yun Luo Red Lotus (4)

How could this kind of flame be delicious? If the little divine dragon was still here it will have a lot of common subject with the little sable. Because both of these little guys really like to swallow fantastical and odd things. Recalling the little divine dragon, Su Luo’s heart couldn’t help but be sad. She had been separated from the little divine dragon for a period of time, don’t know if he was doing alright.

“Ao, ao, ao!”

Suddenly the little sable gave excited howling sounds. Su Luo’s head turned back and what she saw made her face turned pale.

The little sable was excited but Su Luo really couldn’t feel any excitement.

At this moment one only saw countless number of flames rushed over from all directions.

These flames were orange colored, blue colored, purple colored there was even a black colored flame. Densely packed, bold and fierce like moths that flies into flames. Moreover it gave mournful and strange sounds.

Su Luo’s heart become nervous in an instant.

“Howl——” This bundles of will-o’-the-wisp arrived with whistling sounds.

Originally the little sable was excited now it’s little face also start to become nervous. With a whoosh sound it ran into Su Luo’s arms. It’s two little paws clenched tightly to Su Luo’s clothes with a death grip.

Su Luo knew, now even the little sable was powerless.

Right now in all directions was wide open fields. With no way to retreat Su Luo could only think of a way by herself. She had no time to think and quickly throw herself to the ground. At the same time she hurriedly formed the Nothingness of Space, tightly enveloping her and the little sable’s body.

Above her head was a dense mass of will-o’-the-wisp giving off blood curdling screams that was mournful and contained endless injustice. The sharp sounds could almost pierce a person’s eardrum.

Su Luo laid on the ground, firmly covered her ears. Turning a blind eye to the terrible scene above her head.

But even so she still received a strong attack. Already serious injured she only felt a burst of qi and blood boiling as if she was in danger of fainting at any moment.

She could still endure the pain on her body, what made Su Luo collapse was those strong mournful cries.

This will-o’-the-wisp immediately disappeared after seeing they couldn’t injure Su Luo. Their speed was extremely fast as they disappeared without a trace as if they had never appeared before.

Su Luo was able to feel relief after they left and suck in large mouthfuls of air.

At this moment her forehead was covered with cold sweat, her complexion was frightening pale.

“These will-o’-the-wisps are all burning souls.” Before Su Luo could ask the question in her heart the little stone had already answered her.

“Souls?” Su Luo cried out in surprise.

“That’s right every will-o’-the-wisp is a soul. Cruel souls that suffered injustice and full of resentment.” The little stone’s tone carried a trace of deep melancholy. “And these souls were imprisoned here at that time, now they are on the verge of exploding.”

Hearing this explanation Su Luo’s heart sunk again.

The little stone started to talk again. “Can you see clearly? These will-o’-the-wisps souls seem freetful and restless, twitching non-stop. Their mind are close to zombie like?”

“Could it be?” Su Luo had always been intelligent, having the little stone point this out, she immediately felt the excitement of pushing aside a dense fog and seeing the truth.

“There is an abnormal shift among this.” The little stone nodded slightly. “If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be something happened to the Yun Luo Red Lotus. And the most probable is that it should be waking up.”

“What will happen when it wakes up?” Su Luo immediately asked.

“If it wakes up…all living things will die out, not bones would be left from being set on fire!” The little stone looked at Su Luo with sympathy. His gaze was very serious. “Within this very short period before the Yun Luo Red Lotus wakes up, it’s the safest and the best opportunity to acquire it.”

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    There is a resume of the first book (up to almost chapter 3xx0) in the project page you can find it.

    The Chinese philosophy of life and magical believing of earth, demons and gods is the hook of this long history.

    Su Luo belongs to the gods realm, but there was a war in the heavens. So some Lords took her as a born existance and dropped her in the Su manor in the mainland, the earth level, with none cultivations, but she has the nature of the Lords. So she has to go, with her beloved NLiuyun thru all the levels up back to meet her parents. She’ll cultivate to dozens of levels, all the pharmacists levels and all the elements. Until she takes back the emperor throne of heavens.

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        Book 1 finished when both, as a unmarried couple abandons the earth to enter the spiritual world.
        After about 5000 or more chapters, married, they are separated any NGL entera the Gods world. After some conditions are met, SL lefts the spirit world and follows up the gods. There finishes the 2nd book or so.
        By entering into the gods’ realm, she has so many struggles and her improvement soars more than ever before …facing life and death threatenings and many transformations to hide the identity of the Lord princess. And so…

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