DKC – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163 – The final craziness (5)

He quietly found his way into the inner courtyard. He accurately walked towards the room where Su Luo was sleeping.

If nobody had secretly told him, how could he in a short time distinguish which room was Su Luo’s?

Who was he?

Coming over in the dead of the night, what did he want to do?

Inside of the room, Su Luo, who was in deep slumber, suddenly opened her eyes. In the dark, a pair of beautiful eyes glistened brightly, with ruthless rays of light.

In her previous life, Su Luo was a top gold medal assassin. Having resided in the dark underworld for a long time, she had an instinct for danger residing in her body and vigilance.

Even though the martial arts of the black-clothed person at the door was a lot higher than hers, however, she was still awakened by her instincts. .

The black-clothed person was probably warned by someone, therefore his actions were unusually cautious. He did not take Su Luo to be someone without a bit of martial arts, a good-for-nothing.

One could only see him wordlessly poke a hole in the paper part of the window and very carefully, blow sleeping gas into the bedroom.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into a cruel and bloodthirsty sneer.

Sleeping gas! Unexpectedly, he had used sleeping gas worth a hundred gold coins against her. They really thought she was worth it.

Sleeping gas could only be refined by Apothecaries. People who inhaled the gas would go limp from head to toe. In addition, the sleeping gas was composed of a strong hallucinogen and an aphrodisiac. After breathing it in, the body would be seeped in an extremely fierce desire. To get rid of this drug, the affected person must have sex.

Su Luo faintly smiled, she slowly, little by little, approached that small pipe

Fixated on that small tube, Su Luo leaned close, and with all her force, blowed into it.

“Cough, cough, cough——”

How could the black-clothed person ever imagine that inside the room, Su Luo would be awake, moreover, she would blow the sleeping gas in the small pipe back towards him? Temporarily, he didn’t discover it and inhaled a mouthful, immediately choked and started to cough violently.

Fortunately, when he entered, he had already knocked Lu Luo out. Therefore, the servant girl was not awakened by the coughing sound. So she couldn’t shriek loudly and raised an alarm.

Taking advantage that he didn’t take her life! This opportunity only knocked once!

Su Luo also did not open the door. She took out a small incense-length pipe from her space. She quickly used this small pipe to poke through the paper part of the window and suddenly blew towards the black-clothed man.

The black-clothed person’s sleeping gas was refined by a mere Elementary Apothecary. However, Su Luo’s sleeping gas was something she roped Apothecary Leng into personally refining for her. It was colorless, odorless and the effect was wonderfully strong!

Su Luo used her martial arts to inhale, aimed at the small pipe, and blew three mouthfuls of air in a row!

“Cough, cough, cough….cough, cough, cough….” The black-clothed man was choked by the suddenly rise of smoke that covered his mouth and nose. He repeatedly coughed, as if he was about to cough his lungs out.

Su Luo sinisterly and coldly smiled. Only at this time did she open the door. She kicked her foot out and sent the black-clothed man to the ground.

Su Luo crouched down and nimbly pulled off the black-clothed man’s face mask.

Right now his complexion was flushed, both eyes were red, and in its darkness hid a strange radiance.

It was quite obvious that he was infected by the sleeping gas and its poisonous effects.

This face was unfamiliar, and also very average. Such an average look among a crowd of people would be hard to pick out. It was indeed a face perfectly suited for a hitman.

Unfortunately, if it was the Su Luo before, perhaps he had a chance to win. However, the current Su Luo was almost at the second rank, plus all of her previous life’s fighting skills. The black-clothed man in front of her would only be suppressed.

Su Luo’s expression was deep and frightening. It emitted a threatening and deadly aura.

She smiled sinisterly: “Speak, who sent you here?”

Coming to her room in the dead of the night, what were they trying to do?

The black-clothed man’s face was malevolent. His entire body emitted a green light. His palm striked towards Su Luo.

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