DKC – Chapter 162

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Chapter 162 – The final craziness (4)

A gift from the Venerable divine dragon was naturally not an ordinary item. Although it was a very short volume, moreover, it was only the beginner’s introduction part. However, this volume of the great 《Dimensional Imprint》 had astonishing might, the results were remarkable.

The great Dimensional Imprint, as the name implied, was divided into three stages: Width, Virtual and Space.

Width, referred to the imprint getting larger and larger, until it became limitless.

Virtual, referred to a virtual shadow. After the second stage boundary, the imprint would became a virtual shadow, a formless way to injury people.

Space, referred to the gravity in a certain space. Once the third boundary had been reached, the imprint of the virtual shadow would change into an area where the space had gravity. In this area of space, she was the master!

And right now Su Luo….

Within her space, Su Luo watched her own successfully condensed imprint in her palms. Three black lines formed on her forehead and she was rendered speechless.

Because that so-called imprint was only the size of a tadpole.

Yes, that’s right, it really was only the size of a tadpole…

However, compared to a few days ago, this was already considered pretty good. Now she had already condensed out something, a few days ago, she couldn’t even see a shadow of an imprint.

Furthermore, this method of cultivation was effortless. At any time or anywhere, and even when sleeping, her spirit could enter her space to practice. Therefore, compared to other people, in terms of time and place, she would have the absolute advantage.

It was also because her innate talent and mental power were both super strong. Thus when she started to cultivate, she had to put in half the effort to get twice the result.

What Su Luo did not know was that the great Dimensional Imprint’s most difficult part was to enter the door of this cultivation.

An outstanding aptitude like Su Luo’s actually entered the threshold of this cultivation in less than seven days. She was able to condense an imprint in the palm of her hand, although small, it had still actually appeared.

A slow-witted person’s aptitude, even if granted seven months or seven years, they still wouldn’t be able to condense out an imprint the size of a melon seed.

Deep, dark night.

Not a sound could be heard all around.

The night sky appeared to be covered by a thin, cotton-like layer of dust. In the middle of the lonely sky hanged a few remnant stars. The clear and cold moonlight was bleak, devoid of any brightness.

Su Luo laid on the bed sleeping soundly. However, her spirit had already entered her space to practice the great Dimensional Imprint.

Since that day when she was able to condense out the tiny tadpole-sized dimensional imprint, afterwards, Su Luo had a gut feeling. She felt as if she had already set foot onto the first rank of a martial artist. Moreover, her distance to the second rank didn’t seem all that far away.

This discovery immediately made her ecstatic.

These few days, what she did the most was to lie on her bed and sleep.

Lu Luo had the mistaken impression that her own Miss was tired out from going out this time. Therefore she was sleeping a lot to recuperate her body.

How could she ever even imagine that there was a fortunate person who could self-cultivate in their sleep.

She was perfectly content with Su Luo obediently staying in the courtyard and not attempting to go out. As a result, she did not bother to urge her to get up, making Su Luo happy, relaxed and at ease.

This evening, Su Luo, just like before, had already finished washing her face, rinsing her mouth and climbed onto her bed to sleep.

Early in the morning, around three o’clock, the darkness before the dawn.

This short period of time was very special, it was the darkest time of the day. It was also the time when tired people’s sleep was the deepest. It was usually the most difficult time to wake people up with noise.

In the darkness of the night, a strong and energetic figure, quick as a ravenous wolf, quietly approached Su Luo’s courtyard.

He stood at the entrance of the courtyard, speechlessly curling his lips.

There was such a broken down house in the great General Su’s Manor?

The wall was worn-out and broken as if a gentle blow from the wind would collapse it. The most marvelous thing was that there was no door. He didn’t even need to climb over the wall, he could just directly enter.

Was this really the fourth Miss Su’s home?

A touch of puzzlement flashed across the eyes of the black-clothed person. However what does it have to do with me? As long as he finished this task, he would pick up one thousand pieces of gold coins.

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