DKC – Chapter 1620

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Chapter 1620 – Hidden-eyed Purple Spider (2)

Su Luo coldly smiled, and her figure suddenly rushed up, fast as lightning.

One after another, flames danced out of her palm, the flames filling the whole sky.

“Whoosh, whoosh——”

With an intense whizzing sound, the flames arrived, carried by the wind. This flame was formed from a countless number of flames. Its strength was incomparably strong. One only saw a countless number of Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders being enveloped, swallowed by the powerful flame.

The Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders’ mouth gave off sharp mournful screams, rolling about on the ground in pain.

After they were burned until nothing was left, Su Luo waved her hand and those little stones became objects in her purse.

The Hidden-eyed Purple Spider, seeing its own children and grandchildren crying bitterly, a thread of rage flashed through its eyes.

One only saw it burst out a world-shaking scream!

“This sound….” Su Luo’s expression changed slightly, suddenly having a bad premonition.

Nangong Liuyun’s brows also rose up slightly. His perceptions had always been very accurate. Suddenly, his head lifted up to look at a place not far away. At that place, dust rose up like smoke.

“What is that?” Beichen Ying suddenly felt all the hair on his body stand on end from fear.

“Seems to also be a Hidden-eyed Purple Spider…” Zi Yan said, with some uncertainty.

Very quickly, everyone knew the answer.

That tidelike things rushing towards them were also Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders. Moreover, their size was bigger and much stronger in strength.

Luo Haoming’s expression sunk: “These Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders are all at ninth rank. Wanting to win over them won’t be easy. Moreover, after the battle just now, our spirit force have been used up until almost nothing is left. To continue like this isn’t a good method.”

Su Luo heard Luo Haoming’s meaning being that able to retreat was best and to quickly run. But——Su Luo’s gaze turned to the ground, those densely-packed Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders were very attractive to her.

No way, if she was to leave like this, she wouldn’t be able to get those little stones. Although she didn’t know what use were those little stones, however, her sixth sense told her it definitely had a big usefulness.

Su Luo thought a bit, then took out a bottle from her chest pocket.

Momentarily, everyone’s gaze concentrated on this bottle Su Luo took out.

“This is Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pill, just one pill and all the spirit strength will be restored in your body.” Su Luo’s smiling gaze swept over everyone’s body.

Her bottle of Spirit Restoration Pills weren’t just one or two pills, but a countless number oh!

“Hiss——” Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, how could Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pills be of so little value? Fish out and it was a huge bottle? In their impression, a tiny bottle was enough to make them envious and make their hearts jump to start a battle to the death.

But Su Luo!

She casually could take out Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pills, moreover, it was a huge bottle. At this moment, Dongfang Xuan and the other two all stared at Su Luo with envy, jealousy and hate.

“Come, everyone get one per person. If it’s gone, I guarantee you’ll have enough.” Like dividing candy, Su Luo gave each of them one.

Luo Haoming had one in hand, his fingertips trembled unnoticeably.

Grandmaster level pills, just got it so easily? This simply was too unbelievable.

Li Aochen accepted the pill, his eyes flashed, profoundly mysterious, don’t know what he was thinking.

When time to split one for Dongfang Xuan, Su Luo noticed his repeatedly flashing eyes, and couldn’t help but secretly smiled. But on the surface, her expression remained calm as she broke the pill into two then gave half of it to Dongfang Xuan.

“What are you doing?!” Dongfang Xuan said in a towering rage! Why did everyone get a whole pill and only he got half a pill, this was unfair! As a result, Dongfang Xuan, panting in rage, protested.

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