DKC – Chapter 1602

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Chapter 1602 – Crisis was lifted (2)

This black-clothed female, because of excitement, her breathing became a bit rushed. But just this bit let her suffer the calamity of death.

“Finished the interrogation?” Nangong Liuyun frowned and looked at that female on the ground in a bad mood.

“Yes, interrogated out a bit of information.” Su Luo’s jet-black eyes gave off a shallow light like obsidian. Flashing with light as she looked at Nangong Liuyun, her eyes bubbling forth with affection and being emotionally moved. Right now, she was still immersed in the ‘being touched’ feeling from just now.

“Since it’s already interrogated out, then it’s not necessary for her to exist.” Nangong Liuyun waved his hand, a thread of fear flashed through this black- clothed female’s eyes. Soon after, she silently closed her eyes to sleep for eternity.

With regards to people who assassinated Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun would never be lenient.

Moreover, don’t think he didn’t know. Before, this black-clothed female’s eyes flashed through with a ‘rejoicing in others’ misfortune’ expression.

At this moment, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan, lifting the other people, returned.

Unfortunately for the other two guys.

One had all his four limbs cut off, everything was cut off below the abdomen. The whole person was cut into halves, on the ground, doing his final death struggle.

On his side stood Beichen Ying, whose whole body was splashed with blood.

The other black-clothed person wasn’t much better off. Although his limbs were not cut off, his face was completely destroyed. The blood flowing out of both eyes couldn’t be stopped. The entire face was badly mangled, it looked really disgusting and terrifying.

These two were commander rank experts, now, they were prisoners of people of lower strength, to be trampled on like ants.

After comparing the information they interrogated out, they found the information of them being from Gui Ci organization wasn’t fake, after all, the three were separately interrogated. Whether it was true or false was obvious. So, they weren’t lying when answering this question.

After dispatching these two people, all of them sunk into deep contemplation. Everyone present all used an overcast and pitying expression to steal glances at Su Luo.

The dead leaves quietly floated down, the atmosphere was desolate and sad.

“Don’t look at me with such a sympathetic gaze, I haven’t died yet okay?” Su Luo had no choice but to sigh.

“Being targeted by Gui Ci, isn’t that certain death?” Beichen Ying stuck out his tongue.

Nangong Liuyun’s expression was cold. His gaze was like an ice sword as it slanted across Beichen Ying.

“Oh…” Beichen Ying subconsciously used both hands to cover his crow’s mouth. Both eyes looked pitiful, a very stupid and cute expression.

Zi Yan sent an extremely helpless glance at Beichen Ying, silently turning her face away. This stupid, cute youth, she really didn’t know….

“Words are coarse, but not coarse. Being targeted by Gui Ci, indeed….” The always calm and indifferent as water Grandmaster Rong Yun that always used a beautiful to look at everyone, this was the first time, a trace of worry appeared on his thick swordlike brows.

“Master….” Su Luo recalled what the black-clothed female said of the situation within the organization of Gui Ci. She had no confidence from the bottom of her heart.

Based on the black-clothed female’s strength at the commander rank, in Gui Ci, she was only ranked at one hundred and fifty-seven. But this kind of black-clothed female coming out to kill her was simply no effort at all. Even if Little Stone came to help, he could only fight to a draw with her.

She and their organization’s strength….the difference was very far apart.

“More than ten years of worry, still was discovered.” Grandmaster Rong Yun had his hands behind his back, the bright moonlight spilling on his white robe, blurring his beauty.

“Master, at that time…. It wasn’t that old witch Yan Xiao you were worried about?” Su Luo’s heart suddenly jumped, an inspiration quickly flashing through her mind.

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