DKC – Chapter 1526

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Chapter 1526 – The last battle (6)

Maybe Jade Lake’s fairy’s body really was like this ah…A lot of vulgar men rubbed their chins, full of interest, having a sexual fantasy in their minds.

Southern Mountain.

Su Luo woke up from sleep. The sunlight passed through the window and poured down in torrents.

The entire room was bathed in sunlight.

Su Luo lazily stretched her waist, recalling the scene from last night, she couldn’t help but smile and shake her head.

In fact. the matter with the beggar last night. In fact, it was really necessary.

First was to ruin Li Yaoyao’s self-confidence, let her live in the abyss of suffering. This way, Su Luo and Zi Yan both felt they had gotten their revenge.

Second, based on them going over last night and according to Li Yaoyao’s inclination, she certainly would tell on them to Dongfang Xuan. But after the matter with the beggar, that night’s matter had become the most painful nightmare to Li Yaoyao, so she wouldn’t want to mention it. Therefore her, Zi Yan and Elder Ancestor Mo’s matter would be masked.

Thus, Su Luo felt that although the matter with the beggar seemed somewhat cruel, but who told Li Yaoyao to bring trouble through her own actions? Who could she blame ah? It’s not as if Zi Yan and her deliberately planned it.

Su Luo hadn’t gotten up from bed when with a ‘bang’, the door was knocked open.

She lifted her head and it turned out to be Zi Yan.

“So early in the morning to be so happy, did you find some money?” Su Luo unhurriedly tidied up her dress while finding the time to glance at her.

“Hahaha, dying from laughter, insane from laughing!” Zi Yan held her belly and rolled around on Su Luo’s bed.

“Little lunatic.” Su Luo unhapply patted her head, “Quickly speak, what happened to Li Yaoyao after last night?”

“How is it that you can guess it’s about her?”

“Besides her, who else would you care so much about?” Su Luo patted the chair, “Come over, sit on the chair properly. Rolling on the bed makes you look like a little lunatic.”

As a result, Zi Yan obediently went over and sat properly and told Su Luo what happened this morning in great detail.

“Can’t be, right…” Su Luo was also shocked and her eyes opened wide, “To lay there until morning and be encircled and watched by the masses?”

“Yes, yes, at that time, everyone present was male, at least over a hundred. Moreover, Dongfang Xuan also stood there by chance. A pity that person is blind, simply didn’t know that the person lying on the ground was his little Yao’er.” Now, Zi Yan didn’t even call him Senior Brother.

“Li Yaoyao really is….too unlucky.” Su Luo rubbed her nose, “You just said the rumor had spread among the masses? Regarding that person being Li Yaoyao?”

“But very quickly it was put out, because no one believed it.” Zi Yan helplessly spread out her hands.

Clearly, it was the fact, but the masses refused to believe it. Really made people feel helpless. If they believed it, then how interesting would that be ah?

Su Luo rubbed her chin and sunk into deep contemplation.

“What are you thinking about?” Zi Yan saw Su Luo’s eyes suddenly flash, a crafty expression flitting by, and immediately, she became excited.

Everytime Su Luo had that expression, it meant that someone one was about to be out of luck. Now, this victim was certainly Li Yaoyao.

Su Luo leaned near Zi Yan’s ear and muttered something in a whisper.

“Pff!” Zi Yan immediately laughed out loud, unable to restrain her laughter, “Really do it like this? Wouldn’t it be too….at that time…. Certainly….”

“Yes, first, must spread out the bedsheet and prepare, just in case.” Su Luo calmly waved her hand, “I’ll hand over Li Yaoyao’s matter for you to do.”

“Okay!” Zi Yan seriously nodded, “Can’t be that everytime. she makes a move and we passively defend. This time, let Li Yaoyao receive a move properly.”

Zi Yan recalled Su Luo’s instructions and she was all smiles.

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