DKC – Chapter 1510

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Chapter 1510 – Become famous with one battle (6)

Li Aotian, Li Aoqiong, Li Yaoyao…there was also Li Aochen!

He, Li Yaoyuan, only had four children, and all actually lost in Su Luo’s hands!

“Su Luo!” Li Yaoyuan fumed between gritted teeth, grinding this out from the seams of his teeth, clearly, he already hated Su Luo to the extreme.

If Su Luo was to appear in front of him now, he would pounce on her like a wolf and tear her into pieces.

However, when it rains, it pours, just when Li Yaoyuan was furious to the point of being delirious, an indifferent voice sounded.

“Oh, Older Brother Li, are you okay?” A handsome middle-aged person that looked like Beichen Ying glanced over.

Li Yaoyuan took a deep breath, strongly suppressed the anger in his chest, and indifferently nodded with meaning towards Beichen Jing.

Beichen Jing was Beichen Ying’s dad. This person ah, his temper was exactly the same as Beichen Ying, really loved to create trouble.

“Older Brother Li ah, I heard yesterday that your Jade Lake’s Li family carried a lot of boxes of crystal stones to the betting house?” Beichen Jing winked, the upwards curve at the corner of his lips couldn’t hide his cheerful look.

“Humph!” Li Yaoyuan stood up, tossed his sleeves and left.

Li Aochen, a stately tenth rank, lost to Su Luo, that ninth rank, he already lost a lot of face. If the matter of losing crystal stones were disclosed, how could Jade Lake’s Li family not be embarrassed?

Li Yaoyuan turned and wanted to leave, but on the contrary, Beichen Jing didn’t want him to leave.

“Hey, hey, Older Brother Li, why are you leaving? I heard yesterday that you guys bet Li Aochen would win and bet a full one hundred thousand green-colored crystal stones, really willing ah? Older Brother Li, Older Brother Li, don’t go ah!”

It couldn’t help but be said that Beichen Ying and his dad’s temper were really too similar, both were models of wishing the whole world would be in chaos.

Beichen Jing, this completely unconcealed voice, shouted out such that everyone at the scene could hear it clearly.

Not only Jade Lake’s Li family’s people lost, they also lost crystal stones. And it was still a full hundred thousand green crystal stones ah! Oh heavens!

Momentarily, everyone present was stupefied.

Under countless complicated gazes that watched, how could Li Aochen still stand on the stage? He very fiercely shot a glare at Su Luo, then turned around and quickly left.

Very quickly, he turned into a black dot, gradually getting further and further apart.

Su Luo, in a relaxed manner and full of satisfaction, stepped off the stage.

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan quickly rushed over, Zi Yan directly give Su Luo a bear hug.

“How about it? Did you get injured?” Zi Yan asked with deep concern.

“Did you guys see Li Aochen injury me?” Su Luo proudly winked.

“No, it seemed as if he couldn’t even touch the edge of your clothes.” Zi Yan said seriously.

Beichen Ying’s face was full of doubt: “In the end, what’s going on? Li Aochen, in your hands, was like a bird trapped in a cage, couldn’t completely use his powers right?”

Not only was Beichen Ying bewildered, everyone else was also bewildered.

Su Luo crossed her hands over her chest, raising an eyebrow with a ghost of a smile: “Unable to understand?”

“Unable to understand.” Beichen Ying nodded in puzzlement. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t understand.

“Want to know?” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up.

“Want to know!” Really want to know! Just like wanting to know Su Luo’s background, extremely curious.

Su Luo extended a slender as jade hand, and patted Beichen Ying’s shoulder. She leaned close to him and tossed down a sentence: “The more curious, the more I won’t tell you.”

Afterwards, with a smile at the corner of Su Luo’s face, she swaggered off in Nangong Liuyun’s direction.

In fact, this matter was really simple ah. Before, she fought with Li Aochen on the simulated battle stage for no less than one thousand times. With one frown from Li Aochen, she would know the pattern of his next move. Moreover, after she released Nothingness of Space, Li Aochen’s hands and feet were tied even more tightly.

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