DKC – Chapter 1509

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Chapter 1509 – Become famous with one battle (5)

As Li Aochen was fighting with the little divine dragon, Su Luo once again noiselessly slipped behind to Li Aochen’s back and cut at his neck again!

This cut was extremely sharp.

It cut on the previous cut and a red scar appeared once again!

Everyone’s eyes under the stage almost fell out from seeing this.

This was too unimaginable!

Su Luo could slip behind Li Aochen again and again to repeatedly cut at his neck!

If it was not for the instinctive strong defense of a tenth-ranked expert, Li Aochen would have already died twice by now okay?

But the problem was!

Su Luo actually had this kind of strength!

At this moment, Li Aochen was so angry that he yelled continuously.

Although his strength was strong, the wound on his neck wasn’t completely harmless.

The soaking wet blood rushed out, saturating the entire wound, but very fortunately, it wasn’t a fatal wound. But even if it wasn’t, it still scared Li Aochen until his whole head was covered in cold sweat.

While Li Aochen was avoiding being harassed by the two spirit pets, he also had to avoid Su Luo’s attack. At the same time, he discovered that his speed had decreased by a lot!

Meeting Su Luo’s strange gaze on the other side, Li Aochen’s heart trembled. Suddenly, he had an ominous premonition.

Soundlessly, Su Luo once again slipped behind his back.

“I concede!”

Just before Su Luo’s dagger sliced down, Li Aochen madly howled!

Su Luo couldn’t help but to secretly curse in her heart.

Just now, this cut, she had Little Stone’s assistance, it had the strength to directly break through Li Aochen’s defense.

If this cut landed Li Aochen would shut up forever. But his perception was too sharp and he was even able to lower his face, as the stately tenth rank, he was able to concede to her a ninth rank in front of so many people.

Following the sound of Li Aochen conceding, the entire audience became silent.

Everyone held their breath and watched the battle stage with rapt attention.

Li Aochen lost.

Li Aochen personally conceded.

Li Aochen personally conceded to Su Luo.

This thought circled in everyone’s thoughts like lightning striking from clear sky. It hacked them until all of them stared blankly.

It was after quite a while before everyone returned to their senses.

“Li Aochen actually lost? Then what about this daddy’s money!”

“Hateful, Li Aochen, how could he lose like this!”

“Su Luo is simply too awesome. Using the strength of a ninth rank, she was able to defeat a tenth-ranked expert!”

“It’s all because she relied on her spirit pets!”

“Spirit pets are also a part of her strength, whoever has the strength, they would also go subdue one ah.”

“That’s right, on the battle stage, there is no prohibition for spirit pets to participate in the fight.”

“Su Luo really is very lucky, actually having two very strong spirit pets to accompany her.”

“There is still a plant spirit pet.”

Everyone under the stage was discussing this spiritedly.

On the VIP seats, Jade Lake’s Li family.

Li Yaoyuan’s expression right now, could use ‘pitch-black as ink’ to describe it. His pair of eyes was bloodshot, so malevolent as if he was about to eat someone!

Hateful! Li Yaoyuan clenched his fists tightly, his fingernails inserting into his flesh, and was completely unaware of this.

Li Aochen actually lost…lost….lost….

Li Yaoyuan simply couldn’t imagine it. The Li Aochen he was always optimistic about actually lost.

He could have lost to anyone else, but actually lost to Su Luo!

At this moment, Li Yaoyuan was so regretful that his intestines almost turned green.

At that time when he heard of Su Luo, this loathsome girl’s, name, she was merely a fifth rank. Her existence was like an ant, just stretch out a finger and he could crush her. But how long had it been? In merely two years’ time, Jade Lake’s Li family’s younger generation all lost to her.

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