DKC – Chapter 1462

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Chapter 1462 – Behind-the-scenes person (5)

Moreover, other people’s spirit pets that ran up the stage would be guilty of a crime and would be flogged.

This move of Su Luo’s was clearly holding the lord hostage to control his vassals. It gave Grandmaster Rong Yun no choice but to intervene.

With regards to Grandmaster Rong Yun, this was merely a matter of waving of his sleeves, however, Su Luo’ group was helpless. Therefore, Su Luo had no choice but think of this method.

In any case, with Master present, no matter what, the little divine dragon wouldn’t eat a loss. Because she was certain of this, so Su Luo was able to make this kind of decision.

At this time, Lan Xuan was sent flying from a hit!

He fell heavily onto the stage, with mouth full of blood, vomiting it out non-stop.

He lay down on the battle stage without any strength, he didn’t even have the strength to stretch out a finger.

But at this time, Li Aochen revealed a sinister sneer. He stretched out his hand and suddenly grabbed Lan Xuan in his hand. He ruthlessly sneered: “You guys, the so-called younger generation from influential families. Each and every one of you are idiots that deserve to die! Stupid waste material!”

Both of Li Aochen’s eyes exploded out, reeking of blood, his eyes full of hatred. As if he had entered some kind of hatred he himself had constructed. His mind seemed to be somewhat lost and unfocused.


Lan Xuan’s breath was feeble, disjointedly wanting to say that he wanted to admit defeat. But Li Aochen simply wouldn’t give him this chance. He raised his fist and was just about to smash it onto Lan Xuan’s head.

This move, he used all his strength!

If he was smashed by it, Lan Xuan would have died on the spot!

“Stop!” Several voices came from under the stage.

There was Beichen Ying on this side, there was also Green Jade Palace family’s.

But because Grandmaster Rong Yun had placed a restriction on the battle stage, no one else could intervene and enter.

Just at this most critical moment, the little divine dragon, flying in a parabola shape, smashed towards the stage….

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s temples wrinkled slightly.

He gracefully placed a hand over his temple: that girl really calculated pretty accurately that he would intervene.

As Su Luo expected, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s hand made a small movement in the air, and just now, the agitated, berserk, and lunatic Li Aochen suddenly woke up as if having been enlightened.

He held his head, and his body swayed.

“Bang——” A sound echoed and Lan Xuan smashed to the ground.

Although it hurt like hell, when Li Aochen was about to strike again, Lan Xuan still held back a breath, quickly and fluently spitting out three words: “I admit defeat!”

The people on Su Luo’s side all released a breath of relief.

Really was too dangerous!

“Luo Luo, well-smashed!” Beichen Ying slapped Su Luo’s shoulder.

Su Luo was just about to raise an eyebrow and smile when, at this time, two gazes landed on Su Luo’s body in unison.

One was Grandmaster Rong Yun’s gaze, the other was like a poisonous viper, concealed in the dark. Su Luo couldn’t detect who it was, but if it wasn’t outside of expectations, then it ought to be from the master of Jade Lake’s Li family.

Grandmaster cast a faint glance at Su Luo, smiling noncommittally.

Su Luo knew she was wrong, so she stuck out her tongue at her master.

Grandmaster Rong Yun, in an icily-arrogant manner, turned his face away, too lazy to look at her again.

But Su Luo released a breath in relief.

Everytime Master adopted this ‘does not feel like paying her any attention’ expression, Su Luo knew she had passed. If Master didn’t say a word, just tossed his sleeves and left, then that certainly meant it’s dead serious.

Under everyone’s eyes, Su Luo ran up the stage, making loud stepping sounds. She hurriedly picked up the little divine dragon that was lying on the stage, snoring away and sleeping very soundly.

At the same time, she used her fastest speed to stuff a Spirit Restoration Pill into Lan Xuan’s mouth. Then, a Rebirth of Flesh Pill, and also a pill that cured internal injuries——Spirit Blood Pill. Then, she matched the pills with a small bottle of High Grade Celestial Spirit Water.

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