DKC – Chapter 1461

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Chapter 1461 – Behind-the-scenes person (4)

But now, he was hit until blood kept rushing forth madly. Not a single piece of exposed skin on his body was good.

Lan Xuan wanted to concede, but he opened his mouth several times and were all interrupted by Li Aochen’s attack.

Su Luo suddenly stood up with an ice-cold expression, saying: “It doesn’t matter if you lose, just don’t toss your life away!”

Nangong Liuyun’s brows were also tightly puckered up.

If Lan Xuan continued to be hit like this, then his lifeline would not be able to endure it.

At this moment, the master of Green Jade Palace who was the head of Lan family’s expression was already very ugly.

Compared to Lan family’s master, Jade Lake’s Li family’s master Li Yaoyuan felt very relaxed, as if being bathed in the wind of spring.

These days, Li Yaoyuan was thwarted at every place, but now, Li Aochen’s strength gave him a feeling of raised eyebrows and exhaling in pleasure.

What’s so great about Green Jade Palace? They still couldn’t defeat Jade Lake’s Li family’s Li Aochen right?

So, Li Yaoyuan clearly knew Li Aochen’s attacks were excessively brutal but it didn’t seem as if he had the slightest intent to prevent it. Rather, he stood there, perfectly composed.

“Lan Xuan is in a lot of danger!” Zi Yan said in a low voice, “Li Aochen has fused the water and fire element, his attack power has risen up by several folds. The injuries Lan Xuan received is also several folds more serious. If I didn’t guess wrong, Li Aochen still hadn’t used his finishing blow.”

If Li Aochen used his finishing blow, Lan Xuan would be finished.

“But during the fight, it can’t be interrupted, only if the head judge undertakes the task to intervene!” Beichen Ying’s fist smashed onto the chair in frustration.

“I’ll go find my master!” Su Luo stood up and was about to go.

“If Grandmaster Rong Yun wanted to undertake the task to intervene, then he would have already moved. Since he didn’t make a move, then it represents that he won’t make a move.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes glittered like frost and snow.

Su Luo also thought this might be so, Master always handled matters appropriately. He might make a move at the last second.

But now, Lan Xuan had been hit until he looked like a pig’s head. In any case, he lost for certain, so if he continued to get hit, maybe he would have a critical internal injury. It would become a hindrance to his cultivation in the future.

Suddenly, Su Luo’s eyes lit up.

“Wanting Master to undertake the task to intervene is not out of the question.”

“What do you mean?” Everyone asked together.

Su Luo’s hand turned over, and a sleepy, hazy-eyed little thing appeared in the center of her palm.

The little divine dragon rubbed his drowsy, still sleepy eyes, looking at Su Luo with a bewildered expression. Then, it continued to close both eyes, its body just about to fall sideways.

Ever since the last time he was seriously wounded by Elder Ancestor Mo’s hit, the little divine dragon’s habit had changed into sleeping. Don’t know why, but everyday, he was drowsy as if he couldn’t sleep enough to wake up.

Su Luo had worriedly run over to Grandmaster Rong Yun’s place while carrying the little divine dragon. But Grandmaster Rong Yun just rubbed the little divine dragon’s head. He calmly tossed out one sentence, “This is the sign that he is about to advance.”

Apart from this, he wouldn’t say anything else.

Su Luo’s heart was overjoyed, happily carrying the little divine dragon back. Afterwards, she guarded him everyday, and watched him everyday. But besides sleeping, the little divine dragon slept some more, almost never having a time when he was awake.

Now, Su Luo had a request, she didn’t have time to worry about other matters. She pinched the little divine dragons’s little ears: “Be good, just go do a little thing, after you come back, you can continue to sleep oh.”

Finished speaking this sentence, Su Luo cast a glance at the head judge’s seat. Then, she directly tossed the curled into a little ball-shaped little divine dragon onto the fighting stage.

The little divine dragon flew in a parabola shape, and shot towards the stage.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a complacent smile.

In Master’s eyes, the life and death of these children from influential families had nothing to do with him. But he had always favored the little dragon and spoiled him to no end. How could he let the little divine dragon be in danger of getting injured?

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