DKC – Chapter 1441

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Chapter 1441 – The life or death battle that was delayed (6)

“Dongfang Xuan ah? Give me three years’ time.” Watching Dongfang Xuan’s gradually departing back view, Su Luo’s eyes half-narrowed and glittering with light.

“Okay, I’ll leave him for you.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice sounded behind Su Luo.

“Scoff——” A sneering sound came from a place not far away.

Su Luo looked towards that direction.

The woman wearing the black-screened hat.

“Want to kill Dongfang Xuan? Su Luo, why don’t you scatter some pee and use it as a mirror? Just based on your rotten strength and still want to kill Dongfang Xuan?” The black-screened hat woman’s tone had undisguised mockery and sarcasm.

In the wake of her voice, a lot of people on the stage let out a laugh.

An insignificant fifth rank actually dared to boast shamelessly to say that after three years, she’ll kill Dongfang Xuan. Wasn’t this a joke that would make everyone under the heavens slip down? Is there even a more ridiculous thing than this? His Highness Prince Jin actually even nodded his head? This spoiling a woman, who would spoil a woman like this?

“A person that lost to me could say such brave words.” Su Luo’s complexion was apathetic, calm as the wind, “Su Qing, you say, am I right?”

Su Qing?

When Su Luo said these two words, the people on Su Luo’s side were all dumbfounded.

“Su Qing?” Beichen Ying picked his ear in disbelief, “Can’t be that Su Qing who got cold feet in the life or death battle from back then right?”

Lan Xuan scowled: “Can’t be this coincidental right?”

Anye Ming’s brows wrinkled: “Originally, I suspected this with eighty percent certainty. Now, I’m one hundred percent convinced.”

To say it like this, this person certainly is Su Qing, without a doubt.

Since she was already recognized by people, Su Qing didn’t need to try and cover it up. One could only see her slim finger grip the screened hat, and a light sound echoed. The screened hat had already landed on the ground.

That was a face everyone was familiar with.

After seeing this face, clearly, the spectators under the stage flared up.

“Su Qing! Actually really is Su Qing!”

“Which Su Qing ah? Is she famous?” There were spectators who came from far away and were not clear about the truth who asked.

“It’s Su Manor’s Su Qing ah! Two years ago, she and Su Luo had a life and death battle right here. But at that time, Su Qing was forced into a desperate situation by Su Luo. Then afterwards, she was saved by someone and taken away.”

“Two years ago she couldn’t beat Su Luo ah?”

“That’s right, that’s right. But now, two years has passed and Su Qing became really strong! The champion of the list outside of the Roaming Dragon list. No matter what, she must have the strength of a ninth rank!”

“Oh heavens! This is too outrageous! Now, Su Luo is only a fifth rank!”

“The Su Qing from two years ago was also fifth rank ah! So, to say, she is the absolute top talent. As for that Su Luo, snort, snort, up until now, she is still fifth rank. She is simply an idiot.”

“Su Qing! Su Qing! Su Qing! Su Qing!”

The spectators under the stage in hissing voices loudly screamed this. They were completely shocked intensely to a stop by Su Qing’s being promoted four ranks in two years.

“Oh that’s right. At that time, why did Su Qing battle with Su Luo? No matter how you say it, they are still sisters ah.” The masses that didn’t know the facts asked.

“I heard it was because Su Luo stole Su Qing’s future husband. And that person just so happens to be His Highness Prince Jin!”

“This Su Luo is too hateful ah! Clearly, only Su Qing, this kind of absolute top talent, is worthy of being with His Highness Prince Jin. What does that Su Luo count as ah!”

“That’s right ah. This time, I hope the heavens have eyes, let Su Luo draw Su Qing! Let Su Qing ruthlessly oppress Su Luo!”

The spirited discussion under the stage became bigger and bigger. It was noisy and chaotic.

“Sister-in-law, how bad is your character ah.” Lan Xuan simply could not continue to listen to this. In a ridiculing manner, he winked towards Su Luo.

Su Luo unhappily gared at him: “Quickly draw the lots.”

This time, seven will advance out of thirteen. Their side simply couldn’t all advance, there always would be people that lost. Don’t know who would be out of luck.

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