DKC – Chapter 1440

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Chapter 1440 – The life or death battle that was delayed (5)

A lot of people also felt the same as Su Luo, but taking into consideration of Dongfang Xuan’s tyrannical abuse, no one dare to utter a word of ridicule.

Before Li Yaoyao left, she suddenly stood firm and turned her head. Her gaze separated by a sea of people stopped on Su Luo’s body.

Pleased with herself, she cast Su Luo a provocative glance. Afterwards, she strutted down the fighting stage.

Eldest Senior Brother appearing, he definitely brought many benefits to Li Yaoyao!

Not only for Su Luo’s side, there was also Jade Lake’s Li family’s side. With Dongfang Xuan as a supporter, Li Yaoyao’s position in Jade Lake’s Li family suddenly returned to her original place as the little princess.

Not mentioning Li Yaoyao who walked down the stage in high spirits, just talking about the people on the stage right now.

A lot of people automatically took a step back and maintained a certain distance from the two sides.

After all, when immortals fight, it would bring disaster to mortals. These two were both kings and the strongest among the younger generation. When the two fire met, the consequences would be how bitter?

Behind Nangong Liuyun, stood Su Luo and Beichen Ying’s group. Zi Yan also stood firmly on Nangong Liuyun’s side.

“Zi Yan, come over here.” Dongfang Xuan waved his hand towards Zi Yan.

Although Zi Yan was somewhat afraid in her heart, however, she pretended to be calm on the surface: “Eldest Senior Brother, me standing here will be fine.”

Dongfang Xuan’s complexion was puzzled: “Could it be that Eldest Senior Brother didn’t treat you well?”

“Eldest Senior Brother treats Li Yaoyao the best, Zi Yan doesn’t dare to pull oneself so high up.” Zi Yan smiled faintly.

Dongfang Xuan’s complexion became increasingly ugly and only left one ruthless sentence. “Nangong Liuyun, you really want to be my enemy?”

The ends of Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix eyes slightly hooked up, in a taunting tone, he said: “If you were smart enough, now, immediately depart from here.”

Now, Master was not in the mainland, so he didn’t know Luo girl’s matter. Wait until he returned and found out Dongfang Xuan wanted to kill Su Luo…Nangong Liuyun could completely imagine the scene at that time.

“Pfft.” Dongfang Xuan seemed to have encountered the funniest joke in this lifetime, all at once, he laughed out loud, “For what reason?”

For what reason did Nangong Liuyun’s face show that he was certain to lose? They hadn’t even competed.

Dongfang Xuan simply didn’t know Su Luo’s mother’s relationship with Purgatory City’s master. So, he completely did not think in that direction.

“Just based on your ignorance and stupidity.” Nangong Liuyun laughed demonically. His laugh was crafty and secretive.

Dongfang Xuan immediately became angry!

Actually dared to curse him as ignorant and stupid.

In an instant, Dongfang Xuan’s wanting-to-vent rage became threatening, in his eyes, he wanted to show off his ability: “You are courting death!”

Just at this moment when daggers were drawn, all of a sudden, a gentle wind blew over.

This wind was like strands of silk, a breeze that would give rise to gentle ripples on the water. But it pressured Dongfang Xuan to retreat three steps in a row before he could stand firm.

Dongfang Xuan’s eyes were lit like raging infernos, he coldly stared in the direction of the platform.

In that place, Grandmaster Rong Yun calmly sat in the centermost imperial tutor chair. Both of his eyes was slightly closed, as if he had no interest in the clamor around him.

“Consider that you have worshipped a good master!” Dongfang Xuan lifted up his chin arrogantly and in an ice-cold manner, disdainfully casting Su Luo a glance. Afterwards, he turned around and floated far away.

He got the empty place, he simply did not need to participate in this round’s fights.

Seeing him leave, a lot of people slowly released a breath in relief. Just now, that daggers drawn atmosphere simply scared everyone until their hearts almost jumped out. Fortunately, Grandmaster Rong Yun stepped in.

Nangong Liuyun patted Su Luo’s head. “What’s wrong? Scared silly?”

Su Luo faintly smiled: “Aren’t you here?”

She had no choice but to admit, Dongfang Xuan’s cultivation was very high, not someone the current Su Luo could deal with. But, who could guarantee in the future that she couldn’t personally kill him?

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