DKC – Chapter 1428

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Chapter 1428 – Roaming Dragon List (26)

Since her reputation was already rotten to this degree, why not let it continue to be bad like this. Then, she’d ruthlessly profit from it again.

Because the next round, it was impossible for her to run into Xuanyuan Lin, this kind of seventh-ranked martial artist.

Among the top thirteen, the worst was at the eighth rank ah.

So what Su Luo must do was to put away her own trump cards, the less she exposed, the greater her chances of winning in the next round.

As a result, Su Luo’s original one hundred percent strength, she withdrew seventy percent of it.

Using thirty percent of her strength to attack Xuanyuan Lin, hitting his figure and making him sway.

“Didn’t expect you were hiding this move. However, this trump card of yours, to me, is useless.” Xuanyuan Lin coldly smiled, the corner of his lips curving up, “Receive this move!”

Xuanyuan Lin exploded out all of his spirit strength in one split second. A strike that attacked violently with bold and fierce power.

Under his intense attack, Su Luo seemed to be somewhat at a loss, not knowing what to do. She continuously dodged and escaped, whereas Xuanyuan Lin repeatedly pursued behind her and attacked.

Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo playing so enthusiastically, and he stroked his chin. The corner of his mouth bloomed into a shallow tender smile. His family’s Luo girl was extremely amusing. While on one hand, she felt indignant and wanted to rise up, on the other hand, she deliberately let herself be chased until it seemed as if she was running around in disorder.

Under the stage, Beichen Ying and the others had all finished their fights. Together, they sat to watch this fight that would allow Su Luo to flip over the rumors.

“Hey, what is Luo Luo doing? That Xuanyuan Lin is merely a seventh rank ah.” Lan Xuan sprayed out a laugh.

“Could it be that she, having been chased to be killed by people, got addicted to being chased?” Beichen Ying asked while laughing.

“How could Luo Luo be like you guys, she is being strategic okay?” Zi Yan despisingly looked at them.

Anye Ming also thought this was correct: “Looks like she really listened to Zi Yan’s words.”

Once Anye Ming said this, everyone quieted down.

That black-dressed miss glared at Su Luo like a tiger watching its prey. It was put out that the new young master of Jade Lake’s Li family wanted to personally kill Su Luo. There was also Luo Haoming, Mo Xiaoxun, these people all had come with this mission from their family. If they could, in passing, get rid of Su Luo, how could they not go for it?

Su Luo had so many people as enemies, if her trump card was revealed earlier, with regards to her, it was like personally handing her life over to other people.

“Could Luo Luo be born with the fate of always fleeing for her life?” Even Beichen Ying couldn’t understand, how could she incite so many people’s hatred to her? Was this another kind of skill?

“Li Aochen, Luo Haoming, Mo Xiaoxun…As long as Su Luo encounters anyone among them, it would be tragic.” Anye Ming’s eyes flickered with light, “As for that miss dressed in black, her strength is absolutely above ninth rank.”

“What did you say?!” Everyone was all shocked.

That miss dressed in black’s strength was above ninth rank? Even more awesome than them? How was it possible!

Beichen Ying was the first not to believe it.

Lan Xuan also didn’t believe it.

Zi Yan was even more unconvinced: “I just got promoted to eighth rank, I was taught personally by my master, step by step. Who is that Miss? At her age, she can reach ninth rank?”

“You guys look.” Anye Ming pointed at the place where Nangong Liuyun was, then, he pointed to the place where the miss dressed in black was sitting. “The place where Nangong Liuyun is, is exactly one hundred meters’ distance from that miss dressed in black. And that miss dressed in black is fifty meters away from the battle stage.”

“A ninth-ranked expert’s long distance attack just so happens to be fifty meters….”

“Yes.” Anye Ming’s tone had a trace of heavy atmosphere, “Second Brother isn’t guarding against Xuanyuan Lin on the stage, but rather, that miss dressed in black below the stage.”

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