DKC – Chapter 1427

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Chapter 1427 – Roaming Dragon List (25)

“Those women are crazy because of you. You really aren’t a bit interested?” Su Luo’s finger pointed in the direction of those crazed women.

“Why should I be interested?” Nangong Liuyun blinked his eyes that were full of innocence and at a loss.

“You ah.” Looking at his pair of monochrome, sharp and clear eyes, Su Luo’s heart suddenly softened into a lump. That kind of person with tens of thousands of eyes focused on him, would rather stay by her side to look after her in all kinds of ways. Sometimes, even Su Luo didn’t believe why Nangong Liuyun would be so good to her.

“It’s your turn.” Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo by the hand and personally sent her up the fighting stage.

“Okay.” Su Luo smiled lightly and left a kiss on Nangong Liuyun’s dark red lips, “Wait for me to return victorious.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes flashed with a tender light. This was a tenderness that he had only towards Su Luo. Apart from her, no other person would get this kind of treatment.

Although it was known that the opponent was only a seventh rank, Nangong Liuyun still acted like a parent sending his own kid to kindergarten for the first time. Didn’t feel reassured about anything. So, he simply didn’t leave, rather, he cast sidelong glances at the pillars on the stage. This way, he could conveniently control the news on the stage.

Facing Su Luo was that seventh rank with good luck bursting from the seams.

Aside from Su Luo, this person’s luck would be considered the best.

However, his good luck was about to end at this moment.

Originally, he was full of confidence, because according to rumor, Su Luo was merely at the fifth rank. She relied completely on dirty tricks to enter the top twenty-five strongest. Then, if he didn’t voluntarily forfeit, naturally, he could win steadily.

A pity that his imagination was well-developed but reality was extremely thin. Because he actually caught sight of His Highness Prince Jin with the legendary nature-defying strength. He just leaned against the pillar with both arms crossed before his chest and a constipated expression. His phoenix pupils swept towards him from the corner of his eyes.

Just this glance scared him witless. He wished he could hurriedly leave behind everything and escape.

However, he forced himself to be calm and cupped his hand out of respect to Su Luo: “This person is Xuanyuan Lin.”

“This person is Su Luo.” Su Luo smiled faintly.

Finally able to fight a battle, fair and aboveboard. This feeling, even thinking about it made her feel invigorated.

Su Luo’s heart was happy to the extent she didn’t even see that Nangong Liuyun was not far away, protecting her.

In fact, it seemed to Su Luo that even if she had her eyes closed, she could still win against Xuanyuan Lin.

Because Su Luo’s real strength was at eighth rank and Xuanyuan Lin was at most a seventh rank.

Xuanyuan Lin, seeing Nangong Liuyun’s pressure, in the beginning, he launched his fiercest attack. Wishing to resolve the fight in the shortest amount of time possible. He wasn’t hoping to kill Su Luo, because if he killed Su Luo, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

Xuanyuan Lin was an expert in fire attacks.

An endless number of fireballs, column of flames, and fire rockets shot towards Su Luo. Almost going to drown Su Luo in a sea of fire.

But what Xuanyuan Lin didn’t know was, Su Luo was also an expert in fire attacks.

If Su Luo wanted to show off her power, she could have just jumped up, and with one palm, send Xuanyuan Lin flying.

But just at this moment, each and every one of the groups under the stage’s emotion was excited. Waving their fists, shouting: “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

“Attack Su Luo, attack her!”

“Quickly kick her off the battle stage!”

“Su Luo has no qualifications to stand on the battle stage!”

Among the crowds of spectators, various influential powers criss-crossed. Nobody knew who started it first, whether this person had evil intentions or not. In short, all of them used words to attack Su Luo.

Su Luo originally wanted to drop Xuanyuan Lin in one move. But after she heard these words, she suddenly changed her plans.

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